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  1. Just a quick note. On the exported Delorme File, it picks the icon as "GeocacheFound", and the actual icon name was "Geocache Found" (with a space). I manually edited the text file, but I just wanted to point it out. Also, with older versions of Street Atlas you have to download the symbol update for it to even have the geocache icon. :0
  2. The idea of the attributes is great. As mentioned, it's on hold until people can get all their entries updated. In the meantime, and even afterwards, there will be those that are non-tagged. How about the ability to include keywords in your PQ? That way, if there is a good description, you can still find some of the things you are looking for. I'd like to be able to search for All Night Caches in NJ, but I can't fine tune it like that currently on the PQ, and the caches may take a long time to get updated otherwise. Plus, this would allow for searching on things which *aren't* necessarily a registered attribute.
  3. How about a way to send a bookmark list directly to the map?
  4. While you guys are talking about how to plan a route automatically based on waypoints, I wanted to suggest that there is a way to map selected caches based on a manual approach. Right now, if I zoom in and/or identify on a GC map, I see all the caches in the area. What I'd like to do, is after previewing my PQ, use the checkboxes to select which caches I want to go for. Rather than choosing the download as gpx button, I'd like to be able to 'map selected caches'. This way the resulting map ONLY has those points I want on it, rather than everything in the radius. Speaking of maps, is there a way to have a printer friendly printout page? This is probably the wrong forum for it, but it's related (in a way) to the route discussion. Based on the HTML layout, things get cut off on the right side of the page, without changing the orientation. You'll notice alot of mapping sites have a "print" function that converts the printout to a simpler layout, excluding sidebars, headers, etc so that it's easier to print on one page.
  5. What I wound up doing was to create a filter which only has active caches on it, and marked my other non-GC waypoints as not available. So then I switch to the active filter before sending. Is that the right way?
  6. While I understand that GSAK is tradionally used for geocaching, it also grabs non-GC Waypoints that I have in my Garmin. So my question is, is there a way to mark a 'cache' so that it won't be sent to the unit? It looks like you can specify the range you want to send, but it would be nice to be able to flag particular caches as 'Do Not Send'. That way you could continue to have them there and just not have them sent. Why would I want a non-GC in GSAK? Because then I can use other tools likes points of reference, etc. My Home coordinates are listed as a Waypoint, but everytime I send, it creates a new one called Home1 with a different icon etc. Am I missing something obvious? -D
  7. Yes. There is no (current) way to do this. It is, however, planned. Is it possible to simply have the bookmark list display the same way as the Hide/Seek cache? I read through this thread, and I *think* you said something about them being in different locations and that was part of the problem. Possibly as a "summary list" or "detailed list". This would give folks a similar view of things (such as the strikeout) See, the thing is, I'd like to bulk map items on my bookmark list, without having to go back a select them all from the main Cache search.
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