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  1. What is the Texas Challenge and how do I enter?
  2. How can I find the state park caches (on the challenge) on the internet?
  3. US Army,1962-1965(drafted) Ft.Benning "Doughboys" My father served in combat wwI:his brother (my uncle)KIA. My father had 5 boys:2 in the marines(one lost a leg on Iwo Jima),one navy,2 army.I have a nephew who was a marine in Mogadishu,Somalia.
  4. As I was gcing,I noticed a police car in the parking lot ,just setting there.Upon finishing,I decided to go to him and explain,as I was sure he was observing me.He was surprised by my visit,and had never heard of gc.He was also very young,like a high school age kid.As we were talking ,another car drove up to us,and a pretty young lady got out,about his age.They both seemed a bit impatient,but very cordial.They also were looking at each other.I could feel the heat,and dismissed myself asap.I don't think they even saw me leave.
  5. Scott, We live 30 miles south of SA.Contact me through GC.com,name "vidivici".However we are going to be out of touch until July,except through the website.But we will be back to help if you still want.I am fairly new to gc,51 finds.
  6. Ever since I saw Humphrey Bogart and Tyrone Power in The Treasure of the Sierra Madres about 60 years ago I've wanted to hunt for treasure.
  7. Welcome !I have been doing this for just a few months,and it has been great.Gook luck!!
  8. I tried to find a cache Sunday about 4:00,my gpsr went bonkers. Another geocacher joined me and hers wouldn't work either.At the time I was unaware that there was a solar storm.I left that site,drove about 1/2 mile to another site and it worked fine.
  9. I'll make my contribution:I was drafted into the Army and served -willingly-from 1962 to 1964.
  10. I'm a binge cacher---cache until I drop,then hole up somewhre until i heal , then the addiction takes over and i strt again.
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