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  1. Thanks for all the replies I ended up rating my cache as a small one.
  2. You can dropp off coins / TB's and you can pick up or just discover coins / TB's in caches that you own.
  3. When I don't find a cache I read the log to see if I can get any help there. I also go to google earth or google map to see if that can help me. Many times I've found the cache after looking at google earth for some hint.
  4. You take a picture of it with any camera phone. Several readers are discussed in the duplicate thread I linked to above, and more info can be found at http://qrcodenewspress.com/ Well they mean actually with any smartphone that can read a QR code. Most iphone, droid and Blackberries can. Thanks for the reply to you both
  5. I'm working on my first hide. I have a 0,8 L lock n lock box that I'm going to hide in a large camouflaged container. Should I set the cache size to small (which is the lock n lock box) or to regular (which is the box you'll find first when searching) on the cache page?
  6. If you find a QR code in the field on a multi cache how do you get the image on your phone to solve it?
  7. I started geocaching this summer. I will contiune during the winter. I look for the attribute for snow when I look for caches to find. It's not many hours of a little light outside now. So I often find myself "nightcaching" in the middle of the day
  8. I do it so I have something fun to do on the weekends and it's a way to get out of the house.
  9. This one is in Oregon it's a Utility or fuse box attached to a pole in front of the CO's house! Pretty cute & clever! The CO has it fixed up like a little TB Resort, with palm trees, hot tub, etc! That's a great cache. I would like to see one like this near where I live
  10. This coin look great. I would realy like to buy one
  11. I print it out from Google Earth.
  12. I always plan what caches I want to find. I read the cache page and logs before I go out caching. I also put the coords in Google Earth to get a better idea of what it looks like where the cache is.
  13. Signed up: 10-12-02 Received Name: Sent Package: Received Package:
  14. A DNF log is fine. It's good to mention how thoroughly you searched, or how you looked where the clue says (certainly if it's very specific). But I often resist suggesting the container is gone (and I re-read my log to be sure it can't be mistaken for insisting it's missing), even if other logs say so. But I do mention how mystified I am . Thank you for a good explanation
  15. I find it hard deciding when the cache is actually missing and when it's just me who's bad searching for the cache. Should I log the cache as a DNF in both cases?
  16. I'm trying to learn to build a cartridge. What program do I need to use to unzip the GWC file so I can find the LUA file and open it in URWIGO?
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