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  1. A micro or a nano cache hidden in a place where you could easly hide a large cache
  2. The right place to start is asking the cache owner for a hint.
  3. Here Groundspeak tells you how they want it Ratings for Difficulty and Terrain
  4. What date in 2012 is this mega event planed to take place?
  5. Geocaching is not a cheap activity. You have to have a GPS or a phone with GPS (not that cheap) Traveling around isn't cheap unless you use a bike or walk. My point is that in the long run $30 isn't a lot of money. Most geocachers will use a lot more money to find a geocache. But we need a free trial so people can find out if geocaching is something they would like to do.
  6. Yes I have that problem. That's why I'm verry happy that the old maps is back and working
  7. I don't like the idea that it's buried. Geocacher should not be digging after geocaches.
  8. I have Oregon 550 and I don't have any GPS for geocaching on my wish list at the moment.
  9. I have http://www.geocaching.com/my bookedmarked. On the righthand side down a little you have Search Option. There you can choose to search for nearest geocaches from your home location or you can choose to go for filter out finds. If you click on filter out finds you'll get the result with out all the caches near home that you have found.
  10. maristua


    I have the same problem
  11. Thank you for many great ideas
  12. Thanks for all your replies
  13. Thanks for the reply It's not easy searching for words when you only have an image to go after
  14. Thank you for great tips I will try to use them and hopefully I will be able to solve more puzzles
  15. Thank you for the reply. I tend to run in to trouble (not understanding how to solve the puzzle) when I can't find any help in the HTML code and the exif information gives me nothing.
  16. When there is no hint in the cache description on what the type of puzzle is called. How do you search the internet for help on solving the puzzle?
  17. I have the same problem. Geocaches that has been marked as found on my Oregon 550 for weeks suddenly last week shows up on my GPS as not found.
  18. Signed up: 10.December 2010 Received Name: 30.December 2010 Sent Package: 05.Januar 2011 Received Package: 15.Januar 2011 I would like to thank Team Yanagi and aspecially Lars for a great package
  19. I have travled MANY places, but I only descovered geocaching last summer. So I haven't been geocaching in many countries yet. I live in North Norway and I've cached in Norway, Sweden, Finnland and Spain. I'm going to France in March and will be geocaching then
  20. The Blue Black/Nickel cat is lovely. I would love to have these
  21. Signed up: 10.December 2010 Received Name: 30.December 2010 Sent Package: Received Package: Updated
  22. I can't edit my own post I received name: 30.December 2010
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