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  1. If there is someone going to the Mega that is also caching in the Southern Suburbs in the next few mornings/evenings, and willing to carry some TBs to the Mega, please send me a PM.
  2. i suggest including contact information for those Parks officials of other areas, with whom good relationships have already been established. i imagine peer review is at least as much an issue within the Sanparks membership.
  3. the one practical response that occurs to me is that COs make a commitment to reconcile cache logs and page logs on a regular basis. obviously, there are costs and hazards. cache finders may also assist with this.
  4. 8pm and still getting that php error at http://www.geocheck.org/. Glad to hear it's probably an upgrade, thanks.
  5. Both ticks are from me btw... Wanted to look at geochecker again on site. Anyway... If you think you know where it is, then it's probably there... Play with the east on your answer. As for Article 360... based on the conversation you were having with others on Facebook, I'd say you have all the information required to solve it. And Magnum... Well now that seems to be the big stickler in the Cape. Haven't seen a cache go unlogged on the peninsula for that long... ever. My brain is worn out I think and I guess I will have to wait for Cownchicken to solve this one and then tag along with them like I have done before Same for Article 360 and Magnum! Well done to those that have this figured out and to zen for obscuring the puzzle that has to be solved - I say again I see no puzzle - I have followed what I believed to be clues but nothing jumps out at me! I'll get my own back as I mentioned in the first post in this thread Trev
  6. ok - no success yet, so adding a geochecker shortly.
  7. I'll consider adding hints after the FTF.... B}
  8. Am I right, that you answered your own question? B]
  9. I'd like to add that we currently have: 1 for Tanzania (TB27VGJ) 1 for London, UK
  10. It occurs to me that coins & TBs are not getting optimal opportunity to move toward their goals under the current scheme, and that community notification may be helpful. Feel free to add to this as you will.
  11. Thanks for the reference and review. I'll consider that option.
  12. Tried that, but didn't get past the page formatting. Certain cells have multiple data, graphic only, etc. (I'll assume it's intended to be like that.) I just wanted to set up a spreadsheet to examine trends in basic info, such as appears in the table...
  13. As a basic member you are pretty limited to what you can do. ... - its really a long way around when compared to the "My Finds" PQ you can get every three days if you have a Premiuim Membership. Thanks, Techno - I'll give that a go.
  14. As a basic member, I can't see a way to record simple personal stats without Ctrl-c each table cell. Could a PM assist me with obtaining our Finds & Hides data [ that which appears on Profile ]in a spreadsheet format?
  15. As far as I can recall, in previous TB races, if the TB was lost, a replacement equivalent could be created using the duplicate TB tag as supplied. It would have to restarted from the last known position. If that then went missing, the TB just went onto the MIA list. As for coins, there is no replacement / duplicate so I would imagine you would have to use that number on a replacement tag. I think Geoswag will issue a TB with a trackable number you supply. I think the rule would also apply that you would have to restart it at the last known position and only one restart chance. I trust that this clarifies your question. I am open to other suggestions, though. Thanks - Good to know there's an opportunity for that. Our racer appears to have been taken out by zombie cachers.
  16. Bruce, a question regarding racer maintainance: If a racer is lost, would it be feasible to enter a replacement, and if so, where & when could it be placed?
  17. I think it's a pity to lose that... Would be nice to give some recognition for good logs.
  18. Thanks for the welcomes. 27 is my winning number, so it looks like you're in for a testing race! ;}
  19. Welcome on board - look forward to seeing you during the race Thanks. See you 'on the course'.
  20. Our mini racer 'In My Brmmm Brmmm Car' just entered the line-up at the Fine Wine 3 event. thanks to JustinDett for the help getting race-ready! Brmmm!
  21. Great. Didn't want to be locked in, so confirmation welcome.
  22. good to know. http://www.geocaching.com/track/travelbugfaq.aspx
  23. I wonder if someone here knows the answer that I could not find in the FAQ.
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