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  1. Who is planning on camping while in the area for this years Berkshire Geobash? We have camped the last 2 years and now have a trailer and are ready to camp for the whole week.
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    Glad I found this builder. I have started and given up building a Wherigo cartridge several times. With the Ranger Fox kit I was able to create a working cartridge. I have enjoyed playing a number of cartridges and wanted to bring one to my area. With the ability to do Wherigos with a phone, I hope to see an increase in cool cartridges.
  3. I love the Oregon. I bought the 300 and use the topo maps that I already owned. The ability to paperless cache is awsome. I used to carry a pda, but something would always end screwing up and I would be without the info. I have big fingers and I solved that by putting a screen protector on the unit and use a stylis.
  4. I have had the Oregon 300 for about a month now and I love it. I was a little hesitant buying it at first due lots of negative screen comments. But once I started using it I quickly adapted to the difference between the 60 and the Oregon. I really only use it for caching, and I have found it to be as accurate, and have had no problems finding caches. The paperless advantage is awesome and makes up for any issues with the screen. In the car I use a Nuvi to navigate to parking points and trailheads. So I can't comment on the Oregon as a street navigator.
  5. I was at Best Buy yesterday and the had 2 Colorado 400t units for sale at a marked down price of $349. The box did have a note saying they were either a floor demo or reconditioned units. I almost snagged one, but was a little weary.
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    No caching today. Tied to work on things last night and it was a no go. Thought it would be fine this morning, again a no go. Takes 4 minutes to load a page. Maybe it is a sign to work around the house on all of the projects that I have been saving for a rainy day.
  7. Did this cache: Obelsik Puzzle Cache a while back. It took about 240 miles of driving over several days. Had the chance to visit quite a few interesting spots. Waypoints will always be there. Final location was well worth it. Wishing for more more creative caches like this one. ps: Just over 2 years old and just 19 finders. Read some of the logs. Many of them contain hours spent and miles driven.
  8. I received one in the mail today. It is "East Fork Pistol River (OR)", a long ways from MA. I actually delivered one to a customer on my mail route on Monday. I checked the mailbox each day when I got home, and had just about given up, and then there it was . Looking forward to finding a new home for it soon.
  9. Silver Bells wants to ban puzzle caches?? If you don't like them, then why did you have one published. Like I say, if you dont's like a specific type of cache, then don't do them
  10. Hey Matt: Will be doing a little snow-shoe caching in eastern MA this sunday. Just need to pick some that look snow friendly.
  11. Love hiking and exploring through the woods. Have visited many places that I have driven by many times, but never thought of exploring. Also would never go for a walk longer than a mile or so, but have often taken 6 or 7 mile hikes while doing a cache series.
  12. I have the Milestone Marker. The Milestone Marker TB. Grabbed it at an event and will be moving it along to a TB Hotel soon. It is definitely not an easy one to move around. I was going to be a little evil and move it to a slightly remote spot, but do not want to be responsible for any injuries.
  13. Not sure if it is a true event, but Field Day is the previous weekend. It is always the third full weekend of June.
  14. Got my first dose of PI this year on April 1st. After a week of trying to ride it out, I ended going for some treatment. Had it twice last year, even while being very careful. For the rest of the spring/summer I am going to be on PI alert.
  15. Guilty of this!! Also: You know you are in trouble when you say you are going to the store, but are really going out to get a FTF in the dark. Spend most of your time at work thinking of potential cache placements.
  16. Waded through a waste deep river, 50 feet wide to get a cache 300 feet away. Thus avoided having to park elsewhere and the long hike. Know all of the potential caches within 20 miles of all your friends and relatives houses (also know zipcodes for their towns).
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