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  1. I tried to make it a puzzle cache but the programer changed it. The cacher who was upset did not log a dnf, he e-mailed me. the 12 dnf were a club who I did a geo presentation for and they loved it even though they spent 45 min. searching and did not find the answer, that is like 8 hours of searching. I showed them the solution and they applauded. I plan on rotating TB's and will not keep them locked up for long. hndlbr

  2. I made my cache a level 4 difficulty, it is a bird house that is nailed,screwed,bolted,chained,pad locked and the keys are hidden and hard to access. I made it difficult on purpose but one cacher told me,"caching is supposed to be fun and I had no fun this week". the cache is "my/house/is/locked" and I have warned cachers that it is difficult. (gcqw5r) I would appreciate comments. hndlbr

  3. my first cache I gave the hint "nothing" but had asked three questions to be answered then totaled and added or subtracted from the cords. The answers were nothing or zero. So what looked like a dumb hint was actually the answer. the questions were ,what is greater than god....what is more evil than the devil and ...what if you eat only it you will die.

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