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  1. one of my tb's was missing from action for a year. It turned out that the cacher went down to help with katrina victoms and when he returned he put it back out and I was able to get it back to Pa.and it is now in my possession. You just never know why it has been held.

  2. I recently attendeda "666" breakfast in N.J. and they challenged cachers to submit a cache to be voted "most unusual". I got 2nd prize with a very well camo'd rather large container but was beaten by a micro which I would have voted for if I had not voted for myself. A 14 year old boy had put togeter a "micro" which was an acorn that the top unscrewed with a log inside but it was on a pine tree branch. How clever is that?

  3. I like to log my dnf's because it keeps me humble. I got credit for a six stage multi because I found 5 only to realize that owner had archived the cache and removed the ammo box before I arrived. When I posted dnf the owner gave me a find. I also spend a lot of time and effort into hiding some pretty difficult caches and like to see if they are as hard as I think they are.

  4. I have a couple of puzzle caches which have proved difficult for other cachers, of course to me they are easy but I know the answers. On the other hand I have found many that I have no clue where to start. Just have fun and don't let it frustrate you. Remember you always seem to find them in the last place you look

  5. I have one that was discussed in a forum "is my cache too hard?". Most people wanted it to stay without a hint. To date only one cacher has been successful without my help. Keep it hard but make the level of difficulty high. My cache is (gcqw5r) check it out.

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