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  1. the jeeps are owned by crysler and are intended to remain in circulation.
  2. if I wasn't 976 miles away I would try to find just for the challenge. I try to make my hides interesting and still have long periods of 0 activity.
  3. one of my tb's was missing from action for a year. It turned out that the cacher went down to help with katrina victoms and when he returned he put it back out and I was able to get it back to Pa.and it is now in my possession. You just never know why it has been held.
  4. I recently attendeda "666" breakfast in N.J. and they challenged cachers to submit a cache to be voted "most unusual". I got 2nd prize with a very well camo'd rather large container but was beaten by a micro which I would have voted for if I had not voted for myself. A 14 year old boy had put togeter a "micro" which was an acorn that the top unscrewed with a log inside but it was on a pine tree branch. How clever is that?
  5. I like to log my dnf's because it keeps me humble. I got credit for a six stage multi because I found 5 only to realize that owner had archived the cache and removed the ammo box before I arrived. When I posted dnf the owner gave me a find. I also spend a lot of time and effort into hiding some pretty difficult caches and like to see if they are as hard as I think they are.
  6. I have 4 TB's out there but only one is being held prisner, too bad.
  7. I had an ammo can with a stout lock but they just muggled it. too bad
  8. I was doing a six stage cache and had found the 1st 5 but could not find #6. while looking for same was stung 4 times by hornets. I gave up and in signing dnf discovered owner had disabled the cache 2 hours befre I arrived. He was kind enough to allow a find.
  9. I have a locked cache that cachers need to find the key. The key fell out and was found and rehid by next cacher. I had to then find the key myself and it took me a long time but still do not feel I should log it myself.
  10. I have one that is a spider theme but it has a warning posted so only the brave will open.
  11. I have a couple of puzzle caches which have proved difficult for other cachers, of course to me they are easy but I know the answers. On the other hand I have found many that I have no clue where to start. Just have fun and don't let it frustrate you. Remember you always seem to find them in the last place you look
  12. I'm 67 and still go after 4 stars but check the topo 1st. I hid one that I made a 5 but that is difficulty of the find not terrain. Almost 68 and am hoping for many more years.
  13. had the same problem so I got permission from the parks commision to place a bird house then put a lock and bolt on same and hid the keys. it has been a hoot.
  14. f2lc (forgot to log car),had to walk an extra mile.
  15. I have one that was discussed in a forum "is my cache too hard?". Most people wanted it to stay without a hint. To date only one cacher has been successful without my help. Keep it hard but make the level of difficulty high. My cache is (gcqw5r) check it out.
  16. why not use fed ex and leave the worry to them?
  17. still trying for 1st 100. congrats. why do you always find the cache in the last place you look?
  18. I try to make my caches interesting and a challange but have gotten some negative feedback, I do list them as difficult. I am best at picking up trash. Always cito.
  19. I have had a handlebar mustache for over 40 years (before r.fingers of baseball fame). It also makes me recognizable if you should meet me in the outback one day. It's silly but I can't see it. Why is it that you always find the cache in the last place you look?
  20. I would not encourage cachers to go at night knowing that they could be approaching a bad situation. I would not like to come upon this at night and I am 6'2" and 230 lbs.
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