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  1. A bit of both really - it depends on what the goal of the day is. If we are going caching just to get our figures up, then traditional or virtual are the preference. On the other hand, we spent a very pleasant afternoon today doing two multi's which took us to places we would never have otherwise visited. Most people will have their own preferences, but if you think someone would enjoy walking in an area chosen by you - go for it either way! Bob
  2. Thank you for all the messages. Our achievement for us is a pretty good one, but it all pales into insignificance when there are all those true devotees who are doing 400, 500 & even 700 caches!! I think we'll be 80 years old by that time & whizzing around in our electric wheelchairs! Personally, all the caches I have done are memorable - I've not managed to do all of them with Bob & the kids due to work commitments, but the most memorable one is the 1st I ever did - in January, freezing cold, driving rain & a very muddy field - the Great White in Dorset, and a travel Bug at the end. I was well & truly hooked! Sarah xx
  3. Oh No! All good intentions went out of the window due to my sister doing too good a job of playing hostess! We just ate & drank & yelled at the kids & ate & drank & yelled at the dogs & ate & drank & by that time it was too late to drag the kids out! So we planned on going today, but after eating & drinking a little more we realised we'd forgotten our raincoats & the food & the drink were too tempting to go out in such atrocious weather so we stayed in & finally managed to roll home.(literally ) So are we dedicated enough? Not where treats are concerned!!! So we'll just stay fat & yes, we will definitely be doing the 100th tomorrow!!! Sarah xx
  4. Nobody seems to have wanted to post this topic yet so thought that I would start seeing as tho we are so close! Here's to a very Merry Christmas & a Caching New Year for you all from Sarah, Bob, Beckie, George & Maggie. Eat, drink & get very merry! (I sure will be!)
  5. OK - Ignore me. Sussed it. LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU ALL! Cross check your figures BEFORE making a fool of yourself. We HAVE done 99. The logs are ALL ok. I'm stupid. Lets just leave it at that. Bob
  6. We were planning on doing our 100th cache on Christmas day, and have been caching heavily (well, for us anyway!) for the last couple of weeks to catch up. As you know, when you log a cache, a summary on the log states how many caches have been done. This is the figure we have been working from. However, from our 'cache' page on GC.com the following information is reported: Summary states that I have 122 logs - there are 123. Not including notes and archives, there are 100 cache logs. None of the cache visits have been duplicated None of our own caches have been logged as finds Short of going through every one of our logs, is there a simple explanation as to why this is. Have we done 99 or 100? Help! Bob
  7. Well - the dredger company are paying for the repairs & at the last look - today - the hole has now been filled & I assume that they are now putting the finishing touches to the pier in time for the New Year as the ferry's temporary home won't be available then. So I would think that Soton Water small will be available again in the near future and we get our ferry back in the proper place. Well, I do enjoy going on the little train!!! Sarah x
  8. A gun near an ammo box........ So following the controlled explosion will we be able to visit the cache? Sarah x
  9. Merman - I have your night cache - do you want it back to place elsewhere? Sarah x
  10. M&Ms have been in touch to let us know Jaffa Man was passed onto another Geocacher for a trip to Perth, Australia. I have sent an E-Mail to them and eagerly await their response. Best regards, Bob Tate
  11. I suppose we could publish the new co-ordinates as our garage & then make it a multi! Into the freezer, over the lawnmower, around the bikes....... Sarah x
  12. I think that I should log them all as finds - mmm- would add another 17 to our list! Sarah x
  13. Haven't a clue how the ranger found the night cache, but it was among the caches that I retrieved from them and is currently sitting in my garage! Incidently, all the caches that were found were located without the use of a GPS, but then I'm sure all the rangers have excellent map reading & conversion skills - would take me all day to do that! The New Forest by-laws do state that there is no parking or overnight stays in any of the car parks and no parking in areas that are not designated car parks. They do patrol & if caught, moved on - not sure about any fines. As part of the agreement with the GAGB and the FC, it was agreed that night caching would not be permitted within the New Forest. This will all be confirmed when we have the final agreement in our hands, and then we will be free to start caching around the NF, hopefully early in the New Year, but not at night!!! Sarah x
  14. ....is currently sitting in my garage after being retrieved from the Forestry Commission! I think that doing any cache in the dark can be quite challenging - we have one in a graveyard & one in a place that daytime cachers have found creepy, but if you are looking for specific night caches then, yes, over to Dan & Pid!! Sarah xx
  15. I get in from work & what do I find!!! He hasnt stopped me from taking the dog out to the field next to the church in our village in the dark! I quite like peering over the hedge to see if anything is creeping around yet he admitted he wont go anywhere near it! Especially after seeing a shadow of a figure that disappeared with nowhere for anyone to go! he gets creeped out doing the night caches whilst I just stroll along! As long as the dog gets a walk!! She wouldn't be much help either - would probably lick an attacker til they couldn't take anymore! Saying all this, I am very careful & wouldn't go anywhere that I wasn't comfortable with even during the daytime. Sarah x
  16. In this day and age, it is difficult to find anywhere that is completely safe - even walking down a crowded High street during the evening it is possible to see someone getting into a fight or causing trouble. Like with all these things, it is a case of not making yourself a target. As with the High Street, if you see trouble you would cross to the other side or summon for assitance if someone is hurt. In the same way, I would never expect Sarah to walk into the middle of nowhere (or even anywhere north of Watford - JOKE!) unaccompanied, even if she insisted that it was not a problem. Maybe I'm overprotective - but I love my wife! My recommendation: If in doubt, don't do it. Bob
  17. I would rather find a nice choice of Mctoys in a cache than some of the contents I have come across over the last couple of years... A singing 'Finding Nemo' fish is ten times better than a hairgrip! Well, it is to George (7)! Bob
  18. One thing that is important to remember when goods are priced, is that pricing is usually based on the marketplace and the competition. I once worked for a company that supplied software used to log telephone calls. The pricing for the software that could monitor 10 telephone systems was exactly the same as the software used for monitoring 1 telephone system, however the cost for 10 systems was significantly higher - the only difference was what was unlocked within the software on installation. When I questions my sales director about this, his answer was that people expected to pay more to monitor more systems, so that his what he charged! Fair enough or not, he had a point. What Garmin have done here is very clever. It must be remembered that they have not included the Geocaching functionality because we asked for it - it is because they knew that by introducing such a feature, people would buy it if there is nothing else on the market that can offer similar functionality. Unlike a TV or video recorder, there are not that many GPS manufactuers that have as big a commercial market as the like of Garmin or Magellan (OK, I know there ARE more - but their market is by no means as big as these two). If we all get excited and go out and buy this new offering - Garmin have won! They can charged what they l;ike for the new unit knowing that someone will buy it! What we should be doing is putting presssure (commercially of course) onto the likes of Magellan, Navtrack, Trimble, etc. to produce something that is a viable but comparable alternative. My personal preference would be to invest the best part of £500 in a PDA, CF GPS and some good mapping software. With the PDA, it would be relatively easy to produce a piece of software that could do everything the Garmin system offers - also with the ability to work on-line (to download cache data) and log vists whilst 'in the field'. Just my thoughts - I just don't think I'm ready for a £500 investment just yet! Bob PS - Just in case you are wondering - I use a Garmin Etrex, so I'm not anti-Garmin, and don't have a shed load of money!
  19. I didn't expect this much debate over something so trivial. I will admit that I am not a big user of the G:UK website, and I did not know you could download 0V2 files. I do now! No problem for me - the zip file took the best part of an hour to create (a completely manual process), so it is nice to know I can get these now at the click of a button. The main reason why I created the files was so that I could see at a glance on my TomTom map (alerted using a POI alert system) if I was in the vicinty of any caches as I was driving along. I did not intend to start off any debates as to the best way to present these files and who should 'own' the ability to create them, or the format they should take. I just thought other users might find them useful. Enough said by me (but I'm sure someone out there will want the last word). Call my cynical if you will, but now I can understand why so many people no longer read these forums. Bob
  20. I am pleased to announce that TomTom users can now download caches as Points of Interest for use in their Navigator 2 application. Please click on our webpage to download the 4Kb zip file. Enjoy!
  21. What gets me is that the main thing us Geocaching folk need with this new device, is the Geocaching specific funtionality. Ok, It's a new gadget, and the colour screen looks very pretty. But at the end of the day, we all have managed perfectly well up until now without one! The main thing of interest to me is the Geocaching software. Why can't Garmin offer this as a new feature on a future release of firmware for their existing GPS models? I would gladly give up the 'Jumpmaster' feature (I can't remember the last time I met someone with a GPS that had jumped out of a plane) on my Etrex Vista for it! Waddaya reckon? Bob
  22. One thing you have not mentioned is the type of GPSr you use. Some units will accept an external antenna directly, and others require a re-radiating antenna like the one suggested by Hornet. I used to have a Garmin GPS 38 which did not work too well in my old Peugeot 405. With the help of a colleague, I built a re-rad antenna for the component cost of about 75p (plus the antenna of course!). With regard to more modern Peugeot's, I had a 605 hire car over last Christmas, and did a series of tests under the windscreen. Basically, what Peugeot do now is fit anti-glare windscreens, which have a very thin metal fiilm in them to reduce glare from sunlight. With at least seven SV's visible whilst holding the GPSr outside the vehicle, not one could be picked up whilst on the dashboard. The re-rad antenna I built was very useful for use with my more up to date Etrex Vista! Although this is a blatent plug (and I understand if a moderator wants to remove this link), check out our homepage if you want to purchase an antenna of your own! Click here for the website. Bob
  23. We hope to be there too. Will have a couple of things with us that may be a nice surprise for some......news of this to follow Sarah xx
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