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  1. So, I've been checking around and haven't found a local group of geocachers. Whent to the link for the granite state geocachers and there's nothing there. If there's a group locally I must be missing it or something.


    Same thing, I'd also love to know of a local group. I'm in SE NH. I've been away for 5 or so years, would love to talk with locals about favorite caches. :)


    Dang. Thought I had followed up on this sooner. Sadly, the web site faded out. The Granite State Geocachers do live on though. We are on facebook and have a very active crowd on there. http://www.facebook.com/groups/GraniteStateGeocachers/


    If you want the BIG area, we also interact with our surrounding state neighbors in New England Geocaching Community: http://www.facebook.com/groups/401127463248952/


    Please, don't be shy. Join in!

  2. I have the GS II as well and while I do cache with it sometimes, it isn't my primary device. If I do carry a second handheld, it's my Garmin Oregon 450. Yeah, given the accuracy of the phone's GPS, I can see where a better receiver would help with the live searching/caching.

  3. Aside from greater accuracy, not entirely sure what this product's appeal is. I wouldn't want more devices on me if I could avoid it. If I could configure it as my 'black box' to track my kayaking/biking/snowboarding, that would be nice. But then it doesn't report me in unless I connect it to another device with USB or BT. And how many pairings can it use at a given time? Just one?

  4. The only Linux software that I would require is the communicator plugin for firefox.

    Actually, the garmin plugin by Andreas Diesner works fine for me:




    PS: openSUSE version: http://download.open...e:/garminplugin


    SuSE user here too! Thanks for this link! Here is some support for it that it needs: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Application:/Geo/openSUSE_12.1/

  5. An update (primarily to give the thread a bump): I've updated to Open SuSE 11.3 Teal (from 10.3) for a while now.




    What a nice logo from just around the corner (although I prefer the 'Fuchs' ;-)


    After some trials with early Linux in 1992/1993 (that was on a pre 1.0 kernel) i put it aside, but in 1999 i moved completely to openSUSE, and still run it on various laptops, desktops and rootservers. Altough I'm neither a hard tekkie nor a programmer ;-)


    Since I found the Linux-plugin for garmin and made it running on openSUSE (together with the author) I'm quite happy with the status :-)


    Another SuSE user here - got a repo for that plugin?

  6. I'm interested in getting the Geocaching app on my smartphone. However I'm a bit at a loss to know whether it'll work on my phone before I buy it. I have an HTC Touchpro 2 running windows 6.5 professional.


    Does anyone know if this phone will support the app?


    Touch Pro 2 user here too. I wasn't aware that Groundspeak has a version for our phones. I have been using GCzII for about a year now. Recently, the geocaching site made some changes that breaks the app's ability to login. Unfortunately, the dev hasn't updated the app yet and it really kills your ability to go hunting on the fly. I've read a little that if you preload it with PQs for the area you are in, you can still make finds, but the app's ability to do live, location-based queries is gone for now.


    Hopefully, the app's dev resurfaces and updates it.

  7. Kinda thought that was the case. Log was a notebook and it has years of visits. Hoped that it was live at one point and archived. Kayak trip was great! Got my NV badge and was hoping to make some finds on the AZ side too.


    Here's the cache. Our guide tells us that the ammo can got swiped and the contents were dumped here. :(



    And here is our way back down. A cliff jump into the water. It was pretty sweet.


  8. This is what I am trying to do right now too. I found a cache along the Colorado Rver in AZ that I am guessing is archived. I have been looking at nearby finds to see if I can guess who the CO may be or if any locals may have found this unknown one. Not having much luck. :(


    Around the Laughlin area?? I may have logged it if it was


    edit to add how about some coords :)


    It was just above Willow Beach. A tiny little cubby hole above Emerald Cave. Here's the spot on the kayaking trip we did: http://g.co/maps/vufe4


    Coordinates are 35.89181,-114.686752


    Wish I could attach the picture.

  9. I kayaked down the Colorado River recently and our guide pointed me in the direction of an Arizona cache in Black Canyon called Emerald Cave. It had been muggled and the CO likely archived it, but the cache is still there (minus the ammo can). We found it and signed the log, but can't look it up on the site. Is there any way to search archived caches to find it and contact the CO?



  10. I am travelling and had horrible performance with 4.47 last night. Was caching during my road trip and the routing was lagging worse and worse until it became unusable while I was driving around in Philly. Got so bad I gave up early and just went back on the highway southbound.

    Just instlled the new 4.49 and hope this stays solid all day.

  11. Thanks for the help! I have a HTC Touch plus 2 and would like a good app for caching but dont want to be a beta tester.


    If you mean the HTC Touch Pro2, that is a Windows Mobile 6 based device (not Android), and will NEVER see an official Groundspeak application for it (Windows Mobile is now a defunct mobile platform, replaced by Windows Phone 7)

    The best app for the Windows Mobile platform is GCzII, which can be used with Pocket Queries (and thus not violating the TOU). Hopefully a third party developer will develop one for Windows Mobile once the API is opened up in the spring.


    Have a Touch Pro 2 as well and installed GCzII this morning. Liking it so far!

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