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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm still trying to clarify: can I use higher-resolution images for tablets and smart phones? Edmondo appears to have found an answer in the Earwigo tutorial, but I seem to have missed it there. I'd like to maximize the ability of smart phones, which is how so many more of us are able to play Wherigo than even a couple years ago.
  2. Thanks! I don't have any iOs devices; I just read about it. Still wondering about media options - anyone?
  3. Hi all, I am a first-time cartridge builder. I have the cartridge roughly written and I'm working on fine-tuning. Pardon if I'm asking questions for which there are already answers; I did try to find them. I am using the groudspeak builder but have access to Earwigo and Urwigo as well. I have found several references to media options, but I'm still a little confused. I have downsized all my graphics to 230 pixels as seems recommended, but then I play this on our Android tablet (or even my cell phone) and it looks horrible. I believe I can have multiple options by using *_garmin.jpg and *_ppc.jpg? I believe I am using the ppc option for smart phones/tablets - what resolution can/should I use? Is there any benefit to adding icons? I doubt there are any pocket PC's left in actual use, but will this be of benefit for smart phones? Second - I have found a couple mentions of Garmin incompatibilities. I know to keep message boxes <850 characters, allowing several characters for any carriage returns. I don't have any onClick events; all my scripts are zones or inputs. I have chained message boxes with button scripts in order to keep events in order, sometimes a lot of them (up to a dozen; my cartridge is plot-heavy). Nevertheless, I don't have access to any of these devices for testing, so I'm guessing. Third - do I need to know anything special about piGo (the iOs app)? I have an Android phone (Motorolla Droid 2) and Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Plus) and WhereYouGo (Android app) is my only access to cartridges. I may be able to con a friend into field testing an iPhone but I'd like to avoid any pitfalls first. Thanks for your time!
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    I have been trying to get registered...have sent 2 messages from geocaching and at least 4 emails...sorry to post this here, but I cannot get through...your email server thinks I am spam. twin_57103
  5. Thanks for the fix! I am running Windows 7 64-bit and had the same error. It would be nice to see Groundspeak update since this software doesn't work on a large portions of the computer market, or at least put a disclaimer on it (yes, I realize they state it runs Win 2K and XP, without specifying newer OS's, but I'd like to see it explicitly rather than fumbling through errors).
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