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  1. I think that it is safe to assume, that the map (as horrible as it is in my opinion) is here to stay. It's been over a week for some kind of a response from the "powers that be" and so far nothing of substance. There might be a few minor tweaks to it - but it is what it is. Us "old dogs" that use a GPS unit are still going to be able to play their game, but they have (again in my opinion) come closer to making their map as close to MUNZEE (sorry if I offend any MUNZEE players) as possible. I'm now waiting to see how they can merge it with Pokemongo.

  2. I've got the problem solved (at least for me). I'll archive all my caches - hence no more notifications. Then, I'll remove all the new cache listing notifications. When I want to cache, I'll just enter the coordinates where I am and look for caches I haven't found. Problem solved.


    It seems like all the little froggies in the lily pond don't have anything better to do than create a more unusable product.


    Just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

  3. Okay, I did that and I have the map back again, but now the Groundspeak site don't recognize my GPS anymore.

    It says download the plugin, and if I want to download the plugin again, it says: You already have the latest plugin.

    So it doesn't work for 100% yet!!



    You have to bring up the cache page and download from there - not the icon itself. One extra step

  4. Okay, so we are now able to view the maps by removing Geocaching.com from the compatibility mode. However, here's the dilemma - we had a previous issue with being able to download a single cache directly to the GPS and the solution was to ADD Geocaching.com to compatibility mode.


    Will there be a solution so we don't have to keep adding/removing Geocaching.com from compatibility mode? It is awkward and inefficient.





    As of now, keep the compatibility enabled. You can see the map and download a single cache. The bubble doesn't work, but if you click on the cache and go to the cache page, you can download it. Just one extra step, but it works.

  5. Bigbee43, can you explain a bit further? Are you saying you can't download a cache now from the maps?


    At the time of posting, No - I couldn't download a cache from the maps. Sorry for the delay in replying, but of all things, I was out seeking caches. Now, I can download a cache from the map by clicking on the cache name and downloading from there, but not from the bubble. Better than nothing and I'll get used to it.

  6. Well, the good news is that we can see the maps, the bad news is that we can't download a cache from them. I know that this is a roundabout way, but I used the maps and sent GPX files to GSAK and downloaded all of them at one time. Not ideal, but until a fix is figured out - that's how I'll have to do it. :blink:

  7. Thanks for the "heads up" on turning off the compatibility view settings. Got the maps back. Now, just have to wait and see what else might happen. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


    Didn't have to wait long. Yes, I get the maps back, but then my GPS is not recognized. Add geocaching.com back to compatibility settings and the map is blank, but the GPS is recognized. Oh well.

  8. I'm not able to get the larger map page either. Just the blank screen with the geocaching.ccom in the upper left and my name in the upper right. Frustrating to say the least. Any help on this?? Using Windows7 and IE9..



    I am: WEB11 You are:

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