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  1. I like it much better without the blue highways. Question though...Is this gonna be dull metal, with shiny raised highways? I think it's been suggested before, and I think that would look really nice!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Rick. Pokagon State Park is about 20 miles NE of the MWGB location. That covers the ones Paws mentioned. THe others: Pop Goes The Bluegill 11.8 miles E. Purdue Wildlife Practicum 25.5 miles NE.
  3. And all of the Pokagon ones are just a few miles from the Purdue Wildlife Practicum cache! Once we get a good list going, I will make it into a public bookmark, so it is easier to access them all!
  4. I have gotten several emails from those traveling to MWGB this year, asking what I would recommend for local "must do" caches. Thought it might be a good idea to have a thread for us locals to post our favorite nearby caches. When you post, please include a short note explaining what made you pick this cache/why you like it. I'll start with this one: Purdue Wildlife Practicum This is a nice hike, a little under 2 miles round trip, near several ponds. Some beautiful birds here, and other critters are often spotted. Cache is a LARGE ammo can, and very well stocked. Make sure you bring bug spray, and research this one before you leave the house, as you need internet access to find the location. There are PLENTY of other caches in the area too, so it could make for a good run. I would also recommend this one: Pop Goes The Bluegill A cache dedicated to a local legend. Fun stages to this one, nice locations! I really don't intend this thread to become a battle of opinions. Please do not turn this into an argument thread about which ones are better. Remember, everyone's opinions as to what makes a good cache is different, and please respect that.
  5. What is to keep those "arm chair loggers" from just sharing that code amongst themselves though? There would be no way to verify the finds. While I agree that sometimes on micro runs, the logging can get a bit tedious, I don't complain, I just use the opportunity to remind myself that this is the reason I am out here! If it is gonna be a high numbers day, we usually just print out stickers. It takes the logging from 3.2 seconds per cache, down to about 2.2 seconds. Think of all the time we are saving!
  6. Oh, boy, can't wait for Brad to wake up in the a.m. and see that one. He's gonna LOVE it!
  7. Any container guarded by one of these: or ANY of it's relatives!
  8. Only if it's a wooden nickel! I'll make the wooden nickel. You can pay for it, but it's a lease!
  9. I really like the looks of that! It's ready for primetime in my opinion! This one gets my vote! Oh, wait, we aren't voting yet.
  10. edited: OOPS, I see dougsmilies first one is EXACTLY what I had in mind! Though I think it looks better upright. I like the idea of the year, "cacheroads of america" and "trackable at" on the side with the torch. I would remove all the text from the "highway" side of the coin, except the "Indiana's First" cache, and maybe add the highway names.
  11. Could someone with some talent try making the reverse side into our state flag? I really would like to see it, but have ZERO ability to do that kind of thing.
  12. Just want to take this moment to thank ALL of the veterans out there for your service to our country! We, as citizens owe our freedom to you, and there is just no way to pay that back.
  13. I have to say, I like this image MUCH better the other way. For some reason, it's just messing with my eyes being reversed like that. As far as the back side, it looks like if you turned the coin, it could be the outline of a waving flag. That may be a neat thing to put there. Hopefully someone with talent can figure out what I am saying!
  14. Locked before he could come clean? For pete's sake, start an apology thread! And, if for some reason he was givin a "time out" email someone and ask THEM to post it for you. He isn't trying, in any way whatsoever, to come clean!
  15. If it were accurate I'd be interested. Starlings are cavity nesters, they do not build stick/grass nests!
  16. Of course Cow Tipping is a sport. The state finals are next weekend at the Brickyard! I've BEEN to your neck of the woods, I just assumed it was held near you. After all, there isn't anything else to do there.
  17. This could be GREAT publicity for me!
  18. Ok, call it cheesy, I know you will...but, as a play on words...if you DO the one with the interstates on it, then you could change the state motto to "Cacheroads of America!" p.s. I originally liked the idea of honoring the Colts, but remembered some people were NOT into the idea of including ANYTHING Indianapolis 500 related on the coin. So, maybe it best to leave sports out. Unless cow tipping is a sport.
  19. How to get rid of an Michigan cacher who crosses the border Wolverine Warriors found Liquidambar styraciflua stectum (Traditional Cache) at 5/26/2007 Log Date: 5/26/2007 I'm making a formal request that this caches name be changed to "MYOTIS LUCIFUGUS" which means Little Brown Bat. Which would be the creature that decided my husband isn't getting enough affection. We spent a rather long time looking for this cache in the on again, off again rain. We made a few phone calls where we learned that our GPS was taking us to the wrong side. While on the phone with the cache owner we FINALLY found the cache. Now the previous finder placed the cache in there rather snuggly (which seemed to be a theme for the rest of the evening) So Mr. WW grabbed a stick and was trying to free the cache from it's hiding spot while Emily, Ali Kat and I all watched. When out of nowhere there was a flapping of wings and something came flying out (not the cache!)[] At first we all thought it was a bird. But once it came out, gave Mr. WW a nice juicy kiss on the right cheek [:X] and went flying off to the nearest tree, did we all realize that the bird was indeed a BAT!! Mr. WW gave out a small string of profanities while the cache owner about wet herself with hysterical laughter on the other side of the phone. After he explained what had happened and she finally calmed her laughter, she asked who screamed like a girl? Well I know Emily screamed and I'm pretty sure Mr. WW did as well. But who can blame him? I'm sure I'd scream like a girl if I got kissed by a bat. But I also know I would have been done caching for the day if it had happened to me...but he's too much of a die hard. Thanks for the stories to tell, and the cache. I doubt we'll ever come across one quite the same. I just wish I had a video phone that was ready when this all occured. Santa if you're listening, you know what I want this year. [}] Teach them to come down here! Now, for my side of the story! Amber: "It should be right there, by that beam!" Justin: "Oh, I see it, I think I see it. Yeah, that looks like it!" Amber: "Some people have mentioned having to use a stick to get the container" Justin: "Ok, I just need to get up in......AHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
  20. No, no Rick, his son is MUCH cuter...and a MUCH better singer too!
  21. I like the interstates, much more so now, than when they had cities listed on them. With certain cities being included, those of us in little towms like ours will feel left out. Same thing with the IN-GEO. There are just SO many other active sites in Indiana than that one. Some of the "less populated" ones will feel left out.
  22. I just clicked on the real coin page, and this is the last post: "Attention! This coin will be sold on ebay! regards Marc" What is THAT about? Says nothing about "it IS being sold," just that it WILL be.
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