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  1. Just look at those faces! We sure do know how to have a good time! Next time, though, we are confiscating cameras at the door!
  2. That would have been the round of shots I poured up for Mrs. WW birthday. Hers was the week before BASH, Mr. WWs was the week after. He's older than me now!
  3. Congrats to Wolverine Warriors on hitting 1900 while caching in INDIANA yesterday! We hit all kinds of milestones yesterday!
  4. I thought that was .090 Well, Chris, that depends on the day. If it were last Saturday, it would be .900. Today, it is 900!
  5. Way to go!!!! Got a special one picked out for 1K yet? Sure do! A cache named for me! Either that one, or the new one Mark named after us! edited by moderator to fix it for the 900 find lady.
  6. Thank you Torry, Who should I make the check out to?
  7. I think you missed alot this weekend contact Leaddog to buy the rights to the photos Not as much as Torry. He arrived at 4:30am today. Wulf At least there was a welcoming committee in place for him!!! It was such a fun 4:30am!
  8. As far as the check writing goes...sure, I'll write you one, though, it's gonna cost you more to cash it than the check is written out for. I can however, get you a really nice personalized lawn chair!
  9. Wow! If you haven't looked, SixDogTeam has put up, in my opinion, the most beautiful background photo for that event! I'd like details... it doesn't look like Hominy. Which waterfall. I'm sure you have a cache nearby. Cacher formerly known as Pokagon Nature Center That is a pic of heaven , taken by angels... BTW, back from BASH, have loads of great photos of distaff cachers getting drunk and doing unspeakable things at the campfire. Email me for details on how to make out the checks, before you see them here. You know who you are. The person in those photos is NOT me! I swear, I have an evil twin!
  10. While both routes are beautiful, I prefer M-28. Nice drives through Munising, and it's waterfalls.
  11. I use a map sack that I picked up at the army surplus store. It holds quite a bit.
  12. Nope. It's your birthday here...that's all that matters to me! And, hey, at least I didn't tell them how old you are! Take the Geratol, and go to sleep. It will all be over soon.
  13. I have it on good authority that a certain border jumpers birthday is today...and it's a milestone birthday too!
  14. Have the contest ones been mailed yet? We are getting ready to move, and I was really hoping to have them before that. Depending on if/when they are being mailed, I may need to change my mailing info with you.
  15. When you miss your kids' VBS Concert, because you are stuck at stage one of a VERY tricky multi cache. True story.
  16. Did anyone else notice that this cache appears to be part of a challenge series?
  17. I looked at that pic, and I thought "what a CUTE dog!" Then I scrolled down and saw the baby, and AWWWWW! VERY CUTE Rick! Have a name yet? I want a puppy! If I could only talk Brad into it!
  18. Rick, We are so very sorry to hear of your loss! I know the pain you feel. Just keep your head up, and remain strong. You will get through this. Those of us that try to find any new hides of yours however, may be forced to come after you with pitchforks! On another note. Not to long back, we got a Garmin gps72 at La Mart Du Wal for $75.00. It's nothing fancy, but get's the job done. You may want to keep your eye out for a sale like that.
  19. Sure thing Bret! This is a pretty good site to check out some pictures! Jewel Weed Images For those that don't wanna click: One thing to remember, if in doubt, put a little water, or spit, on the leaf of the plant. When you do this to jewel weed, the liquid will ball up, to look like little "jewels." See, Brad...I DID learn something!!!!!!!
  20. My vote goes for nothing above number 2, MAYBE 3. If the back of the coin is smooth, I think we should keep it as close to uniform as we can on both sides. Also, with the raised highways, I think anything above those choices would take away from the "highways". I just think anything more would be too busy, and take away from what we are trying to showcase.
  21. Doug, One thing to remember is that people are going to find a way around this. I limited my coin to two per team, and had someone send me all false information, only so they could get two more to sell on ebay. Of course, I didn't realize it, until I saw them popping up on that site. I think that either way, you are going to get people that don't like what you are doing. If you limit it, then some are going to felt left out. I would suggest just limiting it to 2 coins per Indiana team. If you end up with some extras, you can always open it back up on a first come/first serve basis.
  22. I have been calling the "torch" side the back all along, so I don't have an issue with it...lol!
  23. I'm all for tradition...
  24. I have to say, the gold with silver/nickle (whatever it is) really catches my eye! So, is there still going to be an all gold one for residents, or has the thought on that changed now?
  25. First off, I'd just like to say, that I am kinda proud of the way everyone is working so well together in this thread! Great job all!!! Anyway, I like the idea of the "two tone" coin. I think it will really make things stand out on the coin. A couple final ideas have been thrown out there, with just minor changes between them. There is the one with "Cacheroads of America" on both sides, and I just think it looks better without that. I really think it just needs to be on one side. Is the side with the flag going to have any other writing on it? I like it best by itself, or possibly taking the "Indiana 2007" over to that side. Doug, maybe we could take a couple variations of the coin, and post them, to let everyone vote on what they like best. Sometimes, just changing one small thing, (like as stated in Neos' post above) can make ALL the difference in the world!
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