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  1. Went to DR in Indy Friday. Cancer counts indicate that the cancer is slowly coming back but she is not scheduled to go back to DR till January. the cancer is still relatively low/just registering on the radar but still higher than it was early this spring when we stopped treatments for a well deserved break. I pray that it is slow growing. We assume it is. Also pray that assuming treatment starts in January that it works again and beats it back down. Those interested in the cancer Multiple Myeloma can check out GC11Y27 I will keep you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers!
  2. Then my cache has got to be driving you nuts! Geo's Cache Or, my TB! TB Geo! Or just the simple fact that I have a dog named Geo, and a cat named Cache. Wait...maybe there IS something wrong with me!
  3. That is such an awsome letter! I agree, it's nice to be able to take the time to remember our vets, they don't get "thanks you's" enough.
  4. I have only used these "preprinted labels" on two occasions. When I go caching with a large group, we print them off with all of our team names on ONE sticker. Takes up MUCH less room than all of us signing the log. The other time, and I do this too often, unfortunatly, is when the logs are too wet to sign. Then, you really have no other option, but to leave the sticker. It's not my fault the cache owner will not change the logs.
  5. We hold 50/50 drawings at our annual Pokagon Cacher's Campout, held every September here in Indiana. We originally posted this on the cache page, however, when the IDNR got on board as a sponsor, we had to remove it, as the IDNR can't sponsor an event with "obvious gambling." People know it's there, mostly because this is the 3rd year for it, and they were made aware of it when they attended a prior year. We are hosting a small event here this month. We had to pay more for the shelter than we expected, therefore, we are holding a 50/50 at this event as well. We weren't given any problems with the listing. If we did though, I would just simply remove it, and promote it at the event itself. People are MORE THAN WILLING to help with things like this, ESPECIALLY if they know that the money is going to help defray costs. Just make sure that you let them know when they arrive/register. Good luck with your event!
  6. He shouldn't act so surprised! I've been telling him for over a year that he is famous!!!!!! well...he IS!
  7. I don't care who you are.....THAT was funny!
  8. There was the one we found in Lafayette, Indiana. That was a large alchol bottle, in a dump site....and the cache page was all about practicing CITO.
  9. I'll say it quietly, cuz he get's a bit embarrassed, but DEERMARK HIT 9000 FINDS!!! WOW! Congrats on such a HUGE milestone!
  10. Let's just say....it's NOT about the numbers!
  11. Way to go Indy Diver! Hope you enjoyed the day with friends!
  12. PairOMedicChick out of Michigan hit the big 2000 today! I have been fortunate enough to be with her on many of her finds, and she is a caching maniac! (maybe that's why we get along so well!) She really deserves a great big WAY TO GO!!!
  13. Katie, It was nice chatting with you too. And here they thought I wouldn't do it....BWAA HAA HAA! Hope to see you guys at the August Meet and Eat up here in Chesterton...it would be REALLY cool to have you guys up here!
  14. OHH..I dare you. Do you need her number? Done.
  15. I've been having the same loggin problems for months now. I just thought it was my computer. I like the first coin. I have to say, I'm not too crazy about the copper...but that's just me.
  16. I think you both know better than that. Fred, don't make me call your wife.
  17. Aww, Jenn, No worries! We're old buds! We just don't admit it much!
  18. At least I wasn't seeing Pink Elephants! I can say that I seen a Pink Elephant and no I was not drink at the time of seeing it. I think I even packed it and brought it home with us. Give it back to the boy!
  19. Sure Mr. Geocacher-U (Bret). You are welcome anytime. Come and visit us! You seem to know the tricks to the trade. We all could learn somthing. Peacetrain You don't wanna do that Jenn. Trust me, you don't want to.
  20. That line right there made it all worth it!
  21. I think this is where I say "you WISH you were seeing pink elephants" By the way, got 3 more caches in my new Indiana neighborhood today!
  22. I'd ignore him for now. But, if it becomes more of an issue, I would simply suggest that if he "would have placed it elsewhere and would have made a better looking (micro) container." than he is MORE than welcome to, and you look forward to seeing what he can come up with! Be lucky you don't have one like our most recent. He just LOVES to steal containers. And those he dioesn't steal, he lefaves nasty things in.
  23. actually 501, we use those planes to drop endangered rattlesnakes into wooded swamps late at night when the homeowners aren't looking. At least that's what some southerners they tell me! bb
  24. That silly Daryl, he sure is good at photoshopping, huh?
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