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  1. Our TB Potty Break has been sitting in This cache near Roseland, Louisiana since May 22 of this year. I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone from the area could stop by and help rescue it. The kids are watching this, as it is their only released TB, and are pretty bummed that it hasn't moved. Thanks in advance. Amber momma of "the herd"
  2. Where did this lot of 100 coins come from?
  3. FINALLY! Some time off of work! I've been itching to get out on a cache run since we moved back in July. Just have NOT had the time. Here's to hoping the weather holds off today!
  4. State GIS layers often have trails also. Indiana has a state trail layer that you can add to GIS. It looks very accurate to me.
  5. Oh sure, someone gets it right when I am getting ready to take bids for the answer! So, Daryl, how many coins ya got now? lol
  6. Welcome to the addiction, John. Prepare to live, eat, breathe and sleep geocaching. It happens before you know it. Once you take that first one...it's all down hill from there. Unfortunatly at this time, there is no 12 step program to help you recover from this addiction. Seriously though, I know of at least 3 people that started out caching without GPSrs. They used google maps, etc. to zoom in on the location. They were VERY successful with it, but once I showed them what it was like to hunt with a GPSr, they never went back to the "old ways."
  7. I believe your top picture is of sulfur shelf, it is edible, when young. Found this on it: "The common name sulfur shelf derives from the yellow color of the edges of the margins.� Sulfur is yellow in its pure form. A second variant, having whiter margins is a variant known as semialbinus, the albinus referring to the (albino) white features.� It is also called Laetiporus cincinnatus. The entire fruit body is edible when it is young. However, when it matures (several weeks), it becomes fibrous and only the edges of the margin are edible.� If the margin breaks off smoothly, it will be palatable. If it is stringy (like overcooked chicken) it will not be." We had a HUGE one of these things on a tree in our yard. The orange is just amazing, especially at sunrise! I'll try to locate a picture.
  8. Coincidence, I just co-presented a session on Geocaching Success Stories for the National Recreation and Parks Association annual exposition in Indy last week. We presented two main case studies, and mentioned other agencies doing things with success. Indiana Department of Natural Resources: 2006 Fall Into Geocaching Contest (22 caches, first to find 10 in the State Parks. A few were adopted out at the end and are still around http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...0a-9365b4b547c7 2007 IDNR Geocoin Giveaway, 500 special made geocoins hidden in state park caches. Believed to be first state agency ever to produce a geocoin. In 2008 will debut the Spring Geocaching Quest.) Probably the state to do the most geocaching activities in the state parks. Chicago Naval Station is using geocaching on their base as a recreation activity. These are not open to the public. A couple other tourism bureaus have used geocaching cities they are not in, to draw those folks over to their state or city. Do a search on geocaching packages, and you will find scores of hotels offering geocaching packages, complete with GPS unit, and special caches available only to hotel guests.
  9. More like...."found a locked up family" Wasn't me who found them, but this log always cracked me up! Pixar Pals-Finding Nemo
  10. Yet another reason I don't miss living in my home town of Battle Creek, Michigan. Though, I do know the exact location this one is hidden at, and the nearby building is under some pretty tight security. The 12 cops....probably just a slow night in town.
  11. Thanks to all the new, and even the same faces that turned out for this event. It's great to see support from so many different areas! Once again, the event was a blast, and we couldn't have asked for better weather! See you all next year!
  12. Just a reminder to those that haven't booked a campsite yet...if you plan on camping, reserve NOW, sites are going FAST! Of course, you're welcome to day trip Saturday, if you'd like.
  13. I'm sure there are. I just checked a wilderness area I have visited, and found that there are geocaches there. Must be earthcaches in some too.
  14. There have been several updates posted on the event page. If you are attending, please check the page for the latest info.
  15. The 3rd Annual Pokagon Cacher's Campout is JUST around the corner. Mark your calendars, request the day off, reserve your site now! You don't want to miss this event! Lots of great prizes this year, from some VERY generous donors! Visit the cache page for all the information you need. PCC Page
  16. Well I know I'm not the oldest, by far, there are some days, after long cache runs, that I feel well over 110 years old. That should count for something...right???
  17. I agree with you, I hate it when I do a check up on my caches and find nothing but broken junk. But, I just restock it, and move on. But what bugs me even more than that is people that don't use spell check before posting, when they KNOW they need it!
  18. Like he said, Earthcaches are virtuals.
  19. Mine has several names. None of which I can post here without getting banned. There is one in particular that I use A LOT, and those that cache with me more than once, know what it is. It is also something I can't post here without getting banned.
  20. Welcome to the state of Indiana, and congrats on the new GPS purchase. What area of the state are you in?
  21. A cool one we saw once was a small teddy bear that was a jailbreak bear. To move it you had to sneak into another geocachers swag bag after writing a story in his book. No cache to cache moving.
  22. Now it's just too confusing!
  23. Your reference is not for a state road, but a federal road. Either way, I think it's tacky and disrespectful. Can't you find a better place for a cache? brad
  24. So, if you look at the picture of all of us standing at the retired cache...look REALLY close....in the back row....The Roc is sticking his tongue in my ear....EWWWWW! Told ya'll he's mean to me!
  25. Just want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone that showed up in support of the first C.W.O.B. sponsored event Saturday. We had 42 teams sign in for this Meet & Eat! I never did get a head count, but there were a LOT of us. Thanks go out to the NEI crew that made the drive over, as well as the Michigan and Illinois people that came. We even had a team from Nevada show up! I look forward to seeing many more of you at the PCC in a few weeks!
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