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  1. BAD IDEA!! Don't tell the politicans about Geocaching in Indiana. They'll just tax it and license it and make a bunch of laws about it. You are one crazy Limey, mate!! I'd be more concerned with them leasing it out!
  2. Welcome to the addiction VG19! Look up local events in your area, it's a great way to get to know fellow cachers!
  3. Greetings, A friend called today that works as an educator for the Hendrick's County Parks. She is putting together a series of programs for Saturday, June 7. This is National Trails Day. They will have hikes and activities looking for birds, flowers, natural sights, and more. They are looking for an experienced geocacher that may be willing to do an hour program/walk on what geocaching is. They have geocaches on property and are wanting to put out some geocaches for folks to try the day of. Would anyone be interested in promoting geocaching in the county park here? Hendrick's County is the county immediately west of Indianapolis. So, there may be interested folks in Indy, Bloomington, or even Lafayette that would be avalable. Even, god forbid, IlliNOISE cachers that could pull it off! If you are interested you can contact me, or get a hold of the gal directly at: Haley Samuelson-Couchman at 765-676-5437 or hscouchman@hcparks.net Thanks
  4. No special shirts or coins this year! Seems Groundspeak is showing their real interest in CITO. Does it take a WITO (Wherigo trash out) event to get their attention now.
  5. Thanks everyone! It's been a fun 1000 finds, and can't wait to get the next 1000...after the weather gets better!
  6. I hit, and passed 1000 cache finds on March 17th.
  7. It was great seeing you and all the other brave soles at the Chili Dump event. But, slightly breezy? Are you kidding? It was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The chili was an awesome way to end the day though, and I think everyone had a really good time!
  8. I've done it. Totally wasted...at Midwest Geobash last year. Not something I'm proud of, but I did manage to find the caches, and SIGN THE LOG! It's what happened AFTER the cache finds, on the way back to Area 51 that are shameful!
  9. Depends. If the coordinates take you directly to the cache, probably not. All of ours require fire tacks to get to the container, thus are considered mystery.
  10. Strange coincidence of three events coming up and sponsored by three IN State Parks, all one week apart. One north, one central, and one south. A prelude to a new contest? North, Jan 19: Indiana Dunes State Park Event Central, Jan 26: Fort Harrison State Park Event South, Feb 2: Spring Mill State Park Event
  11. Chicago area was already done. Duplicated effort
  12. It is not listed yet, but I have it on good authority that the GC number will be GC18GAN. Lots of stuff going on for the history buff.
  13. Um, what are CYBret, Neos2, and I -- chopped liver? We each mentioned what I thought was a pretty good solution: keep a blog and then post links to the blog in the cache logs. Is that a bad idea? If so, why? Well, if one were to make a blog, on another site, and just link to it on the geocaching logs, it would certainly take away the honor of being the wordiest cacher in that cachers state...as well as knock them off the national board for the same honor. INATN.COM As far as "seems nobody likes C&P's" and the "nobody likes long logs either" comments...I don't think it's an issue with those two independantly, I think it's an issue with the two together. I can honestly say that if someone had nothing unique to say about my cache, I would rather read "TFTC!" 138 times, than the log linked previously in this thread.
  14. I agree, the long logs are nice...however, it's not really a memorable experience, when it was repeated cache after cache after cache for over 100 caches. As far as "as a society are we too lazy to scroll" comment...I have to ask...as a society, are we too close minded to not be able to enjoy a single thing about an area, even if it's just a "pretty flower" nearby???
  15. There is THIS ONE that was hidden for me, by my boyfriend, under our account. I didn't realize he had named it THAT, until it was published. After reading the description, it made a bit more sense, and I LOVE the name. Sometimes he really IS clever! And, then there is THIS ONE that was placed in my honor. You have to read the first word in the name VERY carefully for it to make sense. There is a reason for it....however silly it may be.
  16. I understand your points. I think that the huge C&Ps would be more annoying as a finder than a hider. As a hider, you can read the first one, and just delete the rest of the email notifications you get. As a hider, you really don't find out about it until you are out in the field, pulling out the palm...looking for a hint in some logs, and WHAMO, there they are, all the long C&Ps. As an owner, I really dislike the "TNLN" C&Ps as well. Though, I would never delete the finds, either way.I prefer to hear some great memory that they took from the cache hunt. While I know I won't get that from every finder that hunts one of my caches, I as a finder would prefer to have to scroll past those 4 letters than past 3000+ words pasted 175+ times. Hopefully the owner sends you a better explanation soon.
  17. I've noticed your logs in the past, and with that, I have also noted that you tend to go on some pretty long cache runs. It appears that when you do this, you just write one long log about your days adventures, and use the copy/paste feature to post these to every single cache you found that day. While I, as a cache owner, love to get great logs/stories from those that find my caches, I really dislike when all they do is copy/paste the same log over and over. I like to hear individual accounts of each log, even if it's just a "was really snowing at this one." I, as a hider, really dislike the "copy/paste" logs on caches because you just keep having to read the same thing over, and over, when out hunting caches. Perhaps it is this habit that has upset the people that are deleting your logs. My suggestion to you would be to try to recount something about each cache visited that was memorable. While it may not have anything to do with the cache itself, it is showing a bit of "uniqueness" to each find.
  18. Let's see, we are 31, 27, 14, 12, 11 and 9. Though, it's the 31 year old (me) that is addicted.
  19. Isn't this the show that doesn't allow you to spend the money on your OWN family? If I remember right, the wife that comes to your home gets to decide where your families $20K goes. That alone is reason enough for me not to do it...cuz I KNOW she won't let us spend it on new GPSrs and a stock pile of batteries!
  20. There is this one Ali Kat She is at 852 I think, and is under 2 years old.
  21. I know of several people that recycle their kids' used toys to leave in caches. While I personally consider this stuff "junk", I do have to say that I believe they are teaching their kids a couple VERY valuable lessons. One, they are recycling, two, they are teaching them the rules of the game..."take something, leave something."
  22. rsarich rescued the bug today! Thanks again! Great group of people ya'll got down there! Wish more people were so willing to help out!
  23. A bit late in the day, but first I saw it. Happy Birthday Cap'n!
  24. Thanks SOOOO much! I REALLY hope someone has some spare time to help out. It's just sad that it has sat so long!
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