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  1. Shameless plug coming from someone with an "inside" to the park systems... Turkey Run is one of our FAVORITE state parks to visit. You will NOT be sad you went! Amazing trails there! Pokagon is another great park. Lots to do there, nice camping, nice hotel...horseback riding, two beaches, LOTS of trails to hike. Indiana Dunes State Park is nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan. Nice campground, and a lot in the area. Lots of caches too!
  2. On our way home from spring break, we decided to hit up an ISQ. After popping open the film canister, I heard something inside. I have been trying to get my hands on a Shadow Coin for several years now, so it never even occured to me that it might be what I was hearing inside. I dumped the cache over in my hand and sure enough, it was A SHADOW COIN!!!! I was so excited, and so worried about taking pictures, that I forgot to sign the log. Had to go back to sign myself in!!! Thanks Shadow...you made my vacation ending PERFECT! My Shadow Coin Log
  3. True AND False. Made plans to meet up with CYBret at an Indiana event. Got REALLY sick the day before. Temps outside in the single digits. Still made the VERY long drive, and cached ALL day. Several boxes of tissue later, I'm pretty sure we found all the caches we looked for. True or False: the next person to post has spent more money on caching "toys" than on anything else they own.
  4. False. I don't go for FTF TOO often, so it's not reawlly an issue for me. True or False: The next cacher has spent all day in a car going across state lines on a cache run with someone they just met.
  5. FALSE! At least, not yet. lol The next cacher as at least one DNF they're anxious to move to their find list. True. There is a series in a park that we found all but one of. I'd love to go back and get it. True or False...the next cacher has called off of work to get a FTF...
  6. It was recently pointed out to me that my friends knew I was addicted when they started noticing I was "getting up earlier on my days off to go caching than I was during the week to go to work!"
  7. I got an IPAQ for Christmas. Finally can go paperless again! Santa was VERY good to me this year!
  8. Thanks! I'm STILL geeked about it! Now, if only the weather would warm up so I could try it on some of those Indiana caches!
  9. I was COMPLETELY caught off guard with the gift of a new IPAQ! I am SO excited! I am now paperless again, without having to steal 501Gang or johneblue's electronics! Look out caches! Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas!
  10. Heading out of town for Christmas. Hope everyone enjoys the holidays...and get's LOTS of caching goodies!!!
  11. We always used the "Hootie Hoo!", until taking a cacher (kiwilegend) from New Zeland out caching. He introduced us to "ARMPIT" so, that is now what we use. Though, it usually comes out as "HOOTIE HOO....oops....I mean ARMPIT!"
  12. On the plus side to that... "most" Indiana State Parks have stopped charging at their main gates during the week for the winter season. That means that those who didn't buy a 2008 annual pass can get in for free during the week. Would be a great time to get those State Park caches! I would suggest calling ahead to see if they are charging during the week before you head out though! Just make sure you don't go during hunting times. That would be bad.
  13. I miss ALL the funny stuff. Well, there was the time with the hundreds of ninjas in the woods...but, chickens, now THAT is funny!
  14. What a beautiful weekend to be outside in INDIANA! I know 5 of us are going to make a day of it by caching tomorrow. We will be starting in INDIANA, heading to ILLINOYING, (sorry mr. moderator guy) and ending in INDIANA! Looks like the last chance before the cold weather comes back! GET OUTSIDE!
  15. We did it! It was a great time. We even survived Chicago, regardless of what was shouted out the windows. Yes, I know I suggested the comment . We ended up in Wisconsin. So, I left the Fort at 4:45am Saturday and returned 8:30am Sunday. Pretty crazy but, fun time. To everyone who went thanks. To Amber, thank you for letting me tag along. Now, off to Windy Rock this weekend. In your defense, JT, the shirt WAS ugly! I'd also like to thank everyone that tagged along. We had a GREAT group, and the trip was a BLAST! Starting in Indiana, ending in Indiana...just a few states between there! Jeff, I'm glad you tagged along. It wouldn't have been the same without you there. Besides, who would have been my backseat model for all those pics I "tried" to take!
  16. Heading out for my annual birthday cache run, with good caching friends. Hoping to hit 3 states, starting in Indiana of course!
  17. As a land manager that approves state geocaches, I make very little distinction between geocaches and letterboxes. If anything I am more disliking of letterboxes. I find letterboxes get placed more in disregard to our geocaching policy and permit system. Cooperation with the state reviewers ensure better compliance with our policy. Removed or lost letterboxes don't get removed from the web site in a timely manner, especially so since they do not contain online logging, like geocaching.com. Your letterbox issue may be the perception as a boy/girl scout activity, thus eco/family/kid friendly. The points about distance from the trail and social trails are true. Of all our guidelines, I am most liberal about distance from the trail bb
  18. Roddy, I wish so much that I could make it, but will be working here. Please know that I will be with you in thought. Tell Kaleb hi, and I miss ya both!
  19. I'm here, recovering from our events last weekend.
  20. Thanks for keeping the map updated Daryl. But, for future maps, you may want to look closer at the dumpsters. I don't think you have them to scale!
  21. That, I believe, would be the ONE thing that would make me quit caching....forever. Just don't tell Brad. He'll rig something.
  22. Daryl, I goofed, it's superstutz that is staying with FloatingSpots, not strutter. So many emails, I guess I just slipped. WW, are you guys needing a site? I'm not sure who you could shack up with, but, try posting on the event site...that's worked well for the others!
  23. Daryl, Strutter and PairOMedicChick are going to be staying with FloatingSpots. Could you update the map for that please? I would offer up my site to share, but, as I said, we are at people/tent capacity. Hopefully someone can share with PID. The more, the merrier!
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