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  1. Yeah, it's cold right now!!! Aside from that, we hit a pretty cool lonely cemetary cache near whitefish point this summer. It should be findable in the snow. There were also some nice ones near the pictured rocks.
  2. We have four kids ages 12, 11, 9 and 7 who all cache, and love it!
  3. Merry CHRISTmas to everyone!!! May your signals be strong, and your caches full of neat swag!!! From: Amber, Brad, Tennyson, Kylie, Seth, Mackensie, Geo (the caching beagle) and Cache, (the not so caching cat!)
  4. The Herd

    Order Issues

    Please move to appropriate thread if this is not the right one! Has anyone else had any problems receiving ordered Groundspeak items from UPS? We ordered a bandana for our dog for Christmas, and UPS claims it was delivered to our front door yesterday morning. I was home, and there was no package delivered! So, now I must contact Groundspeak (which I just did via email) so that THEY can start an investigation (I as a receiver can't do it) and wait until that is complete. In the meantime, no bandana present under the tree for my doggy!! I'm just curious if I am the only one this has happened to, as I have ordered before with no problems. Please note, I know it is UPS that messed up, and nothing to do with Groundspeak!
  5. If you visit the site I mentioned in my first post www.IN.gov/dnr it gives you the reasons for the fee increases. edited for typos...all to common with me!
  6. We are holding a CITO event at Pokagon State Park in April. It is listed under NEI-GEO Pokagon Campers Trashout. There will be many teams camping that weekend, and you could add a CITO Event to your inventory.
  7. That would be Brad. He caches under "Pokagon Nature Center" but is also part of our team "The Herd" He has done A LOT to help geocaching in our state parks. This topic has come up many times before, which is why he put on the program he did at our event in October. The biggest complaint people have is that they don't want to check their caches every month. That has already been clarified in this forum. Yes, the permit is only good for a year. All they are saying is that if at the end of the year, if there is an "established" social trail to your cache, you move it a few feet and repermit it. Paws can vouch for what can happen to a cache trail in a VERY short amount of time! I think they had something like 6 social trails to theirs in the first month. They just want you to move it to give that vegetation time to reestablish itself. While not everyone will agree with the IDNR policy, I see it one of two ways, you don't have to place a cache in a State Park if you don't like it, and 2-you could always compare it to places like "MICHIGANS" and see just how good we really have it! Keep in mind that a year ago, there was no permitting policy, and people who tried to do it the right way and seek permission (Paws) were flat out told "NO, we don't want them in our park!"
  8. Very cool Seth!!! (and I love your name...is the same as my sons) But, I have to say, 2002 is my favorite. Maybe because I can relate to it so well!!!
  9. And of course, the Nature Viewing Fees.
  10. Just a heads up that there will be some fee changes for Indiana State Parks effective January 2006. While there are several fee increases, there are also several fee decreases. Here is what I pulled off of the site, you can visit www.IN.gov/dnr for more information. Fees that Increase in 2006* Entrance • In-state from $4 to $5 on weekends. Weekdays stays $4. • Out-of-state from $5 to $7 daily (Indiana Dunes from $8 to $10). • Annual in-state from $26 to $36. • Annual out-of-state from $32 to $46. • Golden Hoosier permit for age 65 and over from $13 to $18. • Daily Pedestrian/Bike from $1/person to $2/person. Camping and Cabins • Full hookup sites on weekends from $31 to $34; holiday weekends from $31 to $38. • Electric sites on weekends from $23 to $25; holiday weekends from $23 to $28. • Some cabins increased by $10/day for holiday weekends. Horse Camping and Fees • Electric sites on weekends from $26 to $28; holiday weekends from $26 to $31. • Annual horse tag from $15/horse to $20/horse. • Daily tag - not available for the last couple of years - is $5/horse/day. Other Fees • Marina dock fees increased at variable rates. • Recreation building and shelter rental costs increase $5 on holidays/ holiday weekends. Fees that Decrease in 2006* Camping and Cabins • Full hookup sites on weekdays stay at $24. • Electric sites on weekdays drop from $19 to $17. • Nonelectric sites drop from $13 to $10 Sun-Wed and $16 to $13 Thurs-Sat. They remain $16 on holiday weekends. • Primitive sites drop from $8 to $6 Sun-Wed and from $10 to $8 Thurs-Sat. They remain $10 on holiday weekends. • Some cabin rentals drop by $10/day on weekdays. Horse Camping and Fees • Nonelectric sites drop from $17 to $13 Sun-Wed and from $20 to $16 on weekends. These sites are $19 on holiday weekends. • Primitive sites drop from $10 to $9 Sun-Wed and $12 to $11 on weekends. These sites are $13 on holiday weekends. Swimming and Boating • Daily swim rate drops from $3/day/person to $2/day/person. • Swim pass remains at $35; good for 25 visits instead of 20. Others • Recreation building and shelter rental costs decrease by $5 on Mon-Thurs and remain the same Fri-Sun. New Fees* • Daily boat launch ($5) and annual boat launch ($20) are replaced by an annual lake permit ($20/motorized watercraft and $5/non-motorized watercraft). • Fees for some special event permits. *For a complete listing of fees, visit the DNR website at www.dnr.IN.gov.
  11. Having cached in the snow, I never really thought about the effects on ;my own caches, since we had found the boxes ok. However, this weekend, some cachers hit up my boyfriends multi and reported how fun it was to dig through the snow to find the "plaque" they were looking for. When we went to the location ourselves, we realized just how much "fun" it had been for them. THe snow plows had piled an entire parking lots worth of snow on top of the plaque. KUDOS to the newbies that found it though! I think I would have given up after the first few inches!!!
  12. One of my favorite things about entering the forums is reading the sig. lines. I was actually at an event once, and heard someone talking about mine, and it was a really cool feeling. Good to know we don't just put them there for our own entertainment!
  13. Way to go Rich, my 10 year old sure liked hearing you mention her favorite activity on the t.v.!!!
  14. Fair enough... but I read the guideline as three months. The six-month exception is for very large events. Is yours an exceptionally large event? Jamie Well, our October event brought a little over 100 people, and it was posted 6 months ahead. I assume this one will bring more, just because the weather will be better, and we have had a HUGE response from those we have talked to so far. It really isn't a big deal, I just know that people were wanting it listed so they could start planning. I in know way posted to start an arguement or be attacked, just wasn't sure why it was ok for one, and not the other is all. I wanted to make sure I was reading right.
  15. You did read them, right? Jamie Yes, I did read them, which is how I knew that they could be posted up to 6 months in advance!!! I just didn't know if they had changed and not been updated for some reason!!! I can assure you that I didn't just jump into a forum topic without researching it first!
  16. You do not know your own kids caching handle!!!! Shame on you. j/k LOL... Let me clear that up, Our 10 year old daughter just informed us that she SAW a geocacher on Jeopardy. We didn't see it, but SHE (our daughter) told us what he said, and pointed out which man it was.
  17. When we posted for our last event, we were told that you can submit up to 6 months before the event. We just submitted our CITO event for April and was told that it was to far in advance to be approved. Have the rules changed???
  18. Our 10 year old just informed us that he was on, and jumped online to post about it...alas...we were beaten. I also wonder what his caching handle is!
  19. I would suggest emailing the person who posted the log, and asking him the conditions of the cache, if you don't feel like going out there yourself. Maybe he did exagerate a little, we all have at some point. A friendly little email may be better than deleting it without contact. If you still don't like what they have to say, then simply ask them to edit the parts you don't like out of the log. As far as not actually being the one to "solve" the puzzle...I agree with the others...if they signed it...it is a find. We have 6 people in our team...I don't expect all 6 of us to solve a puzzle in order for us to be able to find it. I would be glad that cachers got together and found one of my caches...that is one of the best part of caching IMO...the fact that it gets people together...in the outdoors...enjoying my cache, as well as each others company!
  20. This is exactly why I taught my kids at an early age the importance of having the ability to "pee" outside!!!
  21. Our dog "Geo" is very attached to her bandanas!!! She gets very upset if you take them off, and I think she even pouts a little! I do think dogs look goofy all dressed up, but I think a brightly colored bandana is a great idea...especially when out hiking! But, for those who think it is just utterly stupid...this is why I suggested a collar and leash to Groundspeak!
  22. I mentioned this idea to Groundspeak a few months back when we got our beagle "Geo" from the shelter. We just got done ordering hers...now, if they would only come out with a leash and a collar!!!
  23. Thanks Rupert for the "attagirl." We had a blast hosting it. It will be happening again in 2006, so keep an eye out. Also will be holding a CITO event in April at Pokagon.
  24. We just hosted our first event in October and my first priority was to make sure it was a casual gathering. All of the events that I have seen posted have done pretty well at posting a "schedule" or "plan of action" as far as the event is concerned. I know that the schedule can often change, so check on the event page often. If you are wondering what to bring, I am sure the "hosters" would be more than happy to respond to an email from you. Just ask them if you are required to bring anything. You could also explain that it is your first event, and ask for a few "pointers" in advance. I do know that most events like to have something geared towards kids...whether it be a "kids" cache, or some sort of arts & crafts table. Again, I am sure if you tell them that you have a small child, and ask them if there will be anything "kid" friendly, they will be more than happy to answer for you. Another idea is to just find out when the "main" events will be taking place, and plan to stop in during that time. You are in no way required to attend all day, so, if your child gets bored you are free to leave! The only problem I have found is that the "events" are becoming more addicting than the caching itself! edited due to brain working faster than fingers!
  25. I would most definantly email the owner of the TB's and tell them of what you would like to do. If they agree, by all means, run out and snag them. But I owuld only do this AFTER talking it over with them. I recently had my first TB held for a month, and I was freaking after only 2 weeks. I know I would have appreciated an email from the holder!
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