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  1. Just sent our email requesting one! Pokagon's Cachers Trashout CITO Event!
  2. After our experience today...we will be adding a "tick removal tool" to our pack!
  3. <<<Your forum signature reads like that, and you can vouch for the truth behind its meaning!!!
  4. We stopped at "Bald is Beautiful" on our way back from the U.P. and the owner had made driftwood magnets with the gc logo and the name of the cache. They were really neat. Best part was, when we got home, it dawned on us that that cache was our 100th find, so we got a momento!
  5. We will be hosting the Pokagon Campers Trash Out April 22nd at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...1f-dec45f52b5ad
  6. Only thing that comes to my mind is...if he can walk on water...why all the waterproof gear on???
  7. I usually just have the kids pose for "quick picks." Funniest one I ever heard though was a man who carried toilet paper with him whilst caching. If muggles approached, he simply squatted down, and held the toilet paper high in the air for them to see.
  8. There is always this log from the "Project Ape" Cache in Chicago. I still laugh when I read it!! "May 29, 2005 by Team CoyChev (1906 found) We had a long weekend with nothing planned, so, of course, we thought, "APE CACHE"! There's nothing we like better than a long drive with cops everywhere and yellow barrels to guide our way, so we packed up the mobile refrigerator, an overnight bag (just in case we wanted to spend the night away from home) and our caching gear, and headed to Indiana; yep, you read that right; Indiana. That's where we thought the ape cache was. Caching paperless is great, but we had no pocket queries outside of Michigan, so Gary entered the coords by hand, but Donna wanted the cache page, so it was printed out for her. With the wrong coords entered into Mapsource and the Garmin, it appeared that Mission 12: Blind Canal was just 210 miles from Roseville, in Indiana. We both said, "I thought the ape cache is in Illinios?" Well, it IS! So off we go. Sixty miles down the road, while passing through Ann Arbor, we decide to stop at victorymike's, say "HI", and see if he wants to go ape with us. "Heck, yeah!" he says, so we head toward northern Indiana, caching a little along the way. We finally get to the coords, travel completely around a huge cornfield, and see no way of getting to the cache, which is supposedly in the middle of the field. We decide to re-check the coords with the cache page that Donna has with her, and YEP!, the west coords are way off! The correct coords show that we're 102 miles away, as the crow flies, in Indiana, from the ape cache, in ILLINOIS!! We enter the correct coords into the 3, count them, 3 GPSr's, and head toward Illinois, on low speed-limit highways (What's up with that!)." just an f.y.i. They did go get the cache that day!!
  9. Wow, that is an AWESOME "new beginning" for this bug!!! Glad to see another cacher so willing to help out someone in need! Many kudos to you!!!
  10. Okay, now THAT is a funny avatar! Thanks...I kinda like it myself!!! We had the elephant/toilet avitar for a long time, then I had the idea to add the "geocaching for elephants" book, someone made it for me in the "avitar request" thread. Wish I remembered who so that I could credit them. Anyway, it is on all of our sig. cards too. As for the "to boldly pee..." When you are out caching with 3 daughters...and me being a female...there is nothing more true than that little sentence!!! edited to insert forgotten 't' (hey, I'm tired!)
  11. SandVB ( of Indiana) recently hit 500 (and beyond!) Congratulations to you both!
  12. Oh, this is TOO funny! Glad I have that "GEO" sticker on the back of my vehicle!!!
  13. Saw this in another geocaching forum, and thought of all the drama here lately...thought it could give a few people a smile or two. posting guidlines
  14. Rather than spending all that time trying to figure out which "rules" apply to which cemeteries...wouldn't it just be easier for each cache placer to seek out the person in charge of the cemetery they want to (or already have) placed a cache in and get permission. I think it is already a Groundspeak requirement that placers have permission to place a cache on properties they don't own anyway.
  15. Well, one of the things that I know some cachers have run across is that when there is an over-abundance of caches owned by an individual in one area...mainly micros, it limits other cachers abilities to place regulars because of cache distance rules. Just my 2 cents...I'll take my change now!
  16. Well, I will try to describe the location...as best I can. It is in a city, though a very small city. There is the high school, then the football field, a little 2 lane road. The cache is about 15 feet on the other side of the road.
  17. I have intentions of contacting the owner before posting an SBA, just wanted to know if there was a rule or guideline in place before I contacted them. I do know that it is not placed by a school group, classroom, etc... and it is a city school. Just wanted to know before I contacted the owner.
  18. Common sense. Unfortunatly, not all cachers have it though. We found one that was awful darn close, and I don't know if we should post a SBA on it.
  19. Just curious, are there rules as to how far a cache must be from school grounds when placed??? I know I could look it up, but this just may be faster. (and I am tired)
  20. Touching on what CYBret said... I never even thought of the "wads" of rolled up paper!!! I have come across this many times, and cut my finger a time or two on the rim of the container trying to get the roll out! I SO HATE THOSE!!! Especially if the paper gets a little wet! I am finding more and more of these "jumbo size rolls of paper in a matchstick container" and while I am sure it is handy for the owner...it's a pain in the but for me, and many other cachers I am sure!
  21. I'll provide lodging, who's gonna handle his food? Hey, we'll help feed him... Unless of course he turns out to have the appetite of your average fifteen-year-old boy. 15 year old boy/grown man...they all eat the same! p.s. whoo hoo, my new avitar is working!!!
  22. This will be the last time I'm posting this. If you have a beef with another cacher or cachers, take it to them privately, take it to your local reviewer, take it to contactATgroundspeakDOTcom or learn to live with it. But do not bring it into the forum. I still believe that this thread and the other one can be productive and open discussions. Please don't prove me wrong. Bret Bret, I think you may have misinterpreted what I was trying to say. I was in NO WAY personally attacking the cacher in question!!! I was actually commending him for not posting in the thread, and staying out of the mess, as ugly as it was getting! I'm sorry if you misunderstood me.
  23. I have a question...if the cemeteries are privatly owned (or publicly for that matter), did they really manage to get permission from someone in charge of each of them to place the cache??? This question crossed my mind several times when hunting them out. Makes you wonder where they could possibly store all that paperwork!!! I personaly have found several ISQ caches, and only 2 made me uncomfortable. Not due to lack of maint. on them though. One was DIRECTLY above a headstone in a tree, and the other was because the neighbor is threatning cachers with a shotgun for being in the cemetery. (I didn't know that when I went after it though) For the most part, they all seemed to be maintained well. Side note here: I recently tried to place a cache with a "theme" and there were specific requirements for logging the cache. The reviewer told me I couldn't do this, because once the log is signed it is a legitimate find, and therefore it counts. I was told there was nothing I could do about it. edited to remove incorrect quote
  24. I probably would have done the same thing. I know that I for one appreciate informative logs, so that I know what I am in for. We just did one a few weeks ago where the neighbor has been threatening to pull guns on the cachers. Had I read the logs first, I probably would have avoided it...especially if the kids were with me!!!
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