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  1. I would suggest looking up the Eastern Massasauga! Nothing to fear when hiking, but important to be aware that they are around in wet areas. Just had a sighting of one near us yesterday.
  2. I don't even get the pinpoint on my maps. Mine is just a white square...nothing in it...do you think they may be trying to tell me something???
  3. I'm sorry, I couldn't help but notice that...when people suggested you post a note on the cache page offering for people to email you for the correct coords...your biggest complaint with the idea was that MANY people do not read the cache pages, therefore wouldn't see the note posted....kinda defeats your purpose with the "note" above being on your cache page, doesn't it???
  4. WHOO HOO Another Angola, Indiana cacher...we hope!!! Nice to meet ya, sorta!!! Was that program at Pokagon??? My boyfriend works at the Nature Center there and often gives programs on geocaching. Our team consists of myself, my boyfriend and my 4 children. We host alot of events around here...and are dubbed the "official geocaching tour guides" in this neck of the woods. We would be happy to show you around the sport, and even take you to a few caches, we have a couple GPSr units, so you could use one of ours while we were "showing you around"...and YES, your dad is MORE THAN WELCOME to come along! Also, we are hosting what we call a "Meet & Eat" at our home in June. Basically it is just a way for cachers to get together, eat, talk...and have fun!!! This may also be a good way for your dad to meet more cachers than just us...and see that while, yes, we are weirdos...we certainly aren't perverts!!! LOL. Send me a private message if you would like more info...would be more than glad to help!! Amber momma of "the herd!"
  5. Yes, the email would take a little more work...like...clicking a link at the bottom that says "view user profile"...and actually LOOKING at how long they have been a member....and then...having to click another spot that says "reply!" Add to that having to type in some coords on the reply screen...and...whew...that tuckered me out just typing it! I just think that this would be SO much easier than making the drive all the way to the cache, walking even further...just to replace something that is destined to get stolen again. Yes, you may goof once and give the actual coords to a sock puppet...but again...you would only have to replace it once if that happened. Yes, a few people may miss out on a chance to visit a great location...but...they wont really know what they are missing will they? If that is the concern...make it a WAYMARK. As far as the cache placer's reputation being drug through the mud...I really don't think it was...until he responded. Before that, the OP and the ONE other person who knew who it was did VERY well at keeping his name, and any identifying remarks anonymous. Again...it is everyone else who just loves a good dose of drama who kept this going, and made this topic about everything except what the OP was trying to accomplish. I think he was simply trying to get suggestions on what is ethical, and get input on a way to make it so that cachers had a place to "blog" about their experiences on the Groundspeak site.
  6. IMHO this seems like the best option. If this has been going on as long as you say it has (though 2-3 years seems a pretty big gap to not be able to narrow down!) it would seem logical that the reviewers/approvers in your area would be aware of this problem. I am sure they would be more than willing to allow you to put false coords on the page with a BOLD note explaining that they were not the actual coords, and why exactly you are doing it this way. Yes, there may occasionally be a cacher who comes along who hasn't looked at the page first, but I think they would be able to chuckle off their own mistake a lot easier than they could when they found out you are leaving a cache page up for a cache that doesn't exist, only to try to "trick" a thief. And...as far as the thief already having 3 accounts...well, good...you know of at least 3 accounts not to email the correct coords to. It would take a lot less work to look up the account of someone asking for them, than it would to replace your cache every few weeks. If you see that the person asking for them has only been a member for a few days...don't give them the coords, and explain to them why you are not! Maybe even require a certain number of finds before you will give them the coords for this one. If by chance you do give out the coords, and the cache comes up missing after that person goes out...then you know for sure who they are...as there are ways of tracking them down. Again, this all sounds like work, but not near as much work as your current plan is bringing you. Yes, I am sure this would irritate some people...but I assure you it wouldn't irritate near as many as your current policy will....and as far as not wanting to "feed the thief"...I think you did when you replied to this topic...especially when you stated IN HERE that you went out and replaced the cache! edited because someone LOVES to point out my misspellings!
  7. Umm...well, as much as I love mushrooms, I couldn't bring myself to eat something that looked like that did! Brad and the kids went out later yesterday afternoon and found about 8 more...they all tried them though. We went back out today, between the rain falls, and found 2 more. I am sure tomorrow will be a great day for them...so I will probably head out again.
  8. We found these ones while hiking through the woods behind our house today. They were right next to the trail, and the first ones I have EVER found! I will be back out tomorrow for sure!
  9. Don't make me pull out the backup!
  10. That sure is a darn cute dog! Smart looking too. Much smarter and cuter than...uhh...
  11. Wow, Bret...I know you have just been dying to use that phrase in public! Congrats on achieving your latest goal in life...you make me proud! That wasn't my goal! Just a nice little diversion on the way! By the way, be careful or your face will stay that way! Only if I lived somewhere REALLY cold...and...well it is cold here, but not THAT cold!\ You're not scaring me.
  12. And here is one of "Geo" our 2year old...with "Dakota!" Ain't they CUTE!!!!
  13. These are pics of my newest puppy "Dakota." She LOVES the camera!
  14. How about some pics of MY doggies!!!
  15. Wow, Bret...I know you have just been dying to use that phrase in public! Congrats on achieving your latest goal in life...you make me proud!
  16. Well, there wouldn't be any...but, for the sake of getting "moderated" I couldn't say what I wanted to.
  17. I guess my phone call to delay them worked. It really pays to have family that works with UPS! Maybe you should learn to be a little nicer to me in the future.
  18. Can't speak for scouts organizing it, but we had a boy scout troop come to our CITO event last weekend.
  19. Who get's to drive??? The bidding will start at $10.00.....
  20. Had him less than a month...and already he is listening better than you!
  21. We had a GREAT turnout for our C.I.T.O. event! We had 19 teams show up! Not only did we get a LOT OF TRASH hauled out, but we had several people help pull invasive garlic mustard as well! Here are a few pics! We pulled all kinds of junk...including the entire list of things you would need to build a bathroom...and kitchen! 30 seconds before the rain came:
  22. Oh, now see...THAT'S a good idea!!! Bret likes cats, I'm sure of it!!! And, Bret, cats will not only lay at your feet, they will lay on them, on your stomach, on your shoulders while you try to type, on your head while you try to sleep...so when Dave pays more attention to your wife...you can grab the cats! Perfect!
  23. Here she is, a little further away...she LOVES to pose!
  24. ^^^^^ See that Bret...I'm not the ONLY ONE that needs to edit their posts!!! Thanks for the support C.O.D!
  25. Wow, that would be a great prize for ya Patrick, but...these buttons are so small, and as talented as you are, I just don't think you could push them! (you'll have to talk to your human about that one if he wins!)
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