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  1. Can I make the request now that we bring more than one GPS unit, and more than one flashlight! And a first aid kit, and everyone where long pants.
  2. All I can say is: good luck. Some of us "regular" NW Indiana event hosting cachers have tried to form a group, and the people in this area just don't seem too interested. It's just as difficult to get them to attend events in the area. I would suggest you just attend some local events, and meet people that way. I've made some of my closest friends that way, and it's a great way to meet people to go on cache runs with.
  3. #14 again for me this year. Sharing with 501_Gang. Now...about that shower....Elwood???
  4. I thought I knew everything there was to know about my caching friend, CYBret. Until, one day, while innocently geocaching together during an event, he freaked me out by pulling THIS thing out of his truck. I was even MORE shocked when he knew how to use it!
  5. A group of 12 cachers will be converging on Battle Creek/Kalamazoo, Michigan starting at 8am October 10, caching straight through to 8am October 11th. If you are interested in joining us by carpooling through the area, please, let us know. This is going to be a straight through, non stop cache run. You are welcome to join us for a few hours if you would like. We would love to have ya join us.
  6. My sister lives in Fond du Lac, Wi. She caches, but hasn't done a whole lot of it. Welcome to the "addiction." I hope someone local can help you out!
  7. Just a reminder...only 2 weeks to the big event! Looking forward to seeing ya'll there!
  8. My goodness, I can remember AliKats GPSr picture! Time FLIES! I love the first picture. It's like he's giving the "peace" sign. Looks like all those teenagers on Myspace! You guys have a beautiful son, I can't wait to steal...err...meet him!
  9. False. Never had to build a "ladder", but had to concoct some interesting tools to reach caches before. Duct Tape is your friend! True or False: The next cacher to post has spent the night at a total strangers house, but, it's okay, because that person was a fellow cacher.
  10. That's right, fellow cachers, 5th ANNUAL! It's that time of year again! Be sure to check out the event page, and join us for 3 days of cache event fun! 5th Annual ISPCC We are going to be back at Indiana Dunes State Park this year. You can make reservations to camp the whole weekend, or daytrip. October 16th-18th, 2009 Friday Night Social Saturday Main Event Sunday CITO This event is ALWAYS a blast! We look forward to seeing you there!
  11. Thanks Jeepster! Looks as though the article I posted has changed since I posted the link.
  12. I saw this article today, and it dawned on me that the two groups most familiar with wooded areas are hunters, and geocachers. With all the little out of the way places we tend to see, and encounter, I thought maybe the geocaching community would be a good spot to go for help. Perhaps you could have seen this "statue" while looking for a geocache? Perhaps you know this "statue" and have hidden a cache near it? Can you please take the time to read this, look at the picture, and see if this "statue" looks familiar to you? If it does, there is a contact number for the detective at the end of the article. Thanks for the help. Article
  13. False, though I DO usually have a camera with me, much to the dismay of my cache-mates! True or False: The next cacher has driven 6 hours or more for ONE cache!?!
  14. Just wanted to let ya'll know that we ALL made it! All 20 of us, plus our two Dam Guides hiked about 10.5 miles in 101 degree heat (according to the thermometer) in 8.5 hours. It was just AMAZING! Will write more when we get rested up, as most of can't move our legs...at all!
  15. I didn't either. I believe that would be Mrs. johneblue...as it's the only weekend they were available to do it. I guess I need to stop catering to them...as, it's going to be their fault we are all dying on the trail this weekend! I do, however, want to say a HUGE thank you to all who are still going, despite the heat. You guys are AWESOME!
  16. Just looked at the weather forcast for Saturday. Possibly 94 degrees. We are ALL still going! Please...pray for us fools.
  17. For those that don't have a Facebook account, here is the basic information listed: Contact me for more information, or with any questions! Camping Info: We will be staying at McLean County Parks. You can find their info at the link above, or by copying and pasting this link: http://www.mcleancountyil.gov/Parks/Camping.htm We are staying at site 56, and right now there are quite a few sites in that loop available, however, they did say they will fill VERY quickly. Get your reservations in NOW. This loop is electric, and we got a 30amp site for $44.00 for both nights. This is a no alcohol park, and aside from that little issue, they are geocaching friendly. Closest hotels would be in Bloomington, Illinois, which is about 10 minutes from where we will be camping. If you do a search, you will find about 3 dozen options for hotels. This cache has been taunting me for some time. Several years ago, some of us got to talking about hitting this cache. As years have passed, more and more cachers have come onboard with an interest in joining us. As the numbers grow, we decided we should open this up to the caching community. Read the cache page, and see if you are up to joining us!
  19. I like POP tarts! For career day in school we got to make pop tarts once. They wouldn't let us cook them though, so, they weren't good. Oh, the joys of growing up in Cereal City! So, I've been scouting out a new backpack for this trip. HOLY COW! Anyone interested in donating to the Amber Needs a New Backpack fund, please contact me.
  20. Just south of the bridge up there is a cache called "Bald Is Beautiful." Not too sure if it's still active, but, it was a great cache. Beautiful view, and the owner often takes his kids there and fills the cache with home-made magnets that are VERY cool!
  21. The Herd here. We are in Chesterton, Indiana. Yes, it exists.
  22. I will have to check the schedule to see if I am free... oh, wait...I already RSVP'd...guess I HAVE to go now!
  23. Thanks for the congrats everyone! We are LOVING the coin! Good luck to all others in the pursuit!
  24. True. I have been lucky enough to introduce several new people to caching who got addicted...though, I think they'd probably like to kill me for it! True or False: The next cacher has shown up to work covered in mud from an FTF hunt on the way to work.
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