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  1. I like to see camping supplies (glowsticks, bug wipes, hand warmers, etc...) Also CITO bags. I put a new pair of winter ski gloves in a cache today. I don't like to see whole potatoes, like the one I pulled out of a cache today!
  2. Mountain Climber from Indiana. And as much as this hurts my fingers to type, why not throw out Reviewer Jones.
  3. Mountain Climber from Indiana. And as much as this hurts my fingers to type, why not throw out Reviewer Jones.
  4. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is holding their "Fall Into Geocaching" contest right now. They have 22 geocaches placed in 22 state parks. Lots of prizes involved for those that find at least one of them. I think it's brought in over 200 caching teams, logging nearly 500 finds in the less than 2 months that it has been online.
  5. Looks like an amazing place and a cache well worth the trip! To complain about this cache, geeeshh! I'd gladly do it if I were closer!
  6. It was short lived...we hit some caches yesterday with pairomedicchick...we are now the 513_Gang!
  7. We actually hit 501 that day...so for now, we can be called the 501_GangII!!!
  8. The Herd

    Server down?

    Yup, I'm officially frustrated! It WAS working, s...l...o...w...! Get excited that I MIGHT actually be able to get my loggin in...and voila...5 from being done, it goes down again!
  9. The Herd

    Server down?

    See, me whining in public DOES work!!!
  10. The Herd

    Server down?

    UGH...I wanna log my milestone!!!!!!
  11. I don't think the intention was ever to post cachers private information online somewhere. I believe it was just a list that was going to be compiled and then sent out to those who had submitted their info. At least, that was my understanding, and I HOPE that that is the case, as my info is already sent!
  12. Not dangerous, but certainly SCARY! When I first started caching, we went to Battleground, Indiana to do some caching. We were about a mile from just ONE more cache, and I really, really, REALLY wanted to go for it. Brad warned me that it would be getting dark by the time we found it, but, I really didn't think it would be that bad. Well, the trail was pretty rugged, roots, hills, etc...and I didn't realize just HOW dark it got in the woods! It was pitch black when we reached the cache, and it is no secret that I don't like the dark. It was just about the time we started heading back that it dawned on me we were in an Indian buriel ground! I was NOT happy about this! There was NO other way back to the car, and all we had with us was one headlamp, 4 very afraid kids, a terrified me...and Brad. We sang lots of songs on the way back to TRY to keep our minds off of where we were. (wasn't effective on me!) We did finally make it back, but I certainly will NOT make that mistake again!
  13. I'd also like to hear a good answer to this. I've been contemplating a snowshoe caching event. I have 28 pairs of snowshoes, so if other people showed up, beyond the first 28 that wanted to use them, they'd get left behind.
  14. Don't let them be modest... Cheesehead's site is really cool! Great maps!
  15. Wow, that's kind of cool. Lets you see the bug before hand. Of course, something like this could get out of hand, especiallly if you slap a large image up there.
  16. If you want to change the coordinates for your cache, enter a log. Use the update coordinates log. You may have to click the this log has coordinates button. You can update your coords, up to .10 miles. If it is farther off than that, then you will have to write a note to your reviewer to have him/her change it.
  17. The Herd

    Winter Caching

    Don't forget, on the weekends, you are almost guaranteed a find...just follow all the other cachers footprints, they usually go right to the cache! Brad pointed out to me that I have NEVER found a cache in the month of December. (I HATE COLD & SNOW!) Looks like I may have a new challange for myself!
  18. From the Grey Towers website: "Look, Daddy! It's a rare specimen of Canisterus Kodakus! It is popular for people to use these trees when they've lost their marbles!" Well technically, it's Canisterus kodakus. See the specific ephithat is not capitalized! Either way, an exotic species in my book.
  19. If you don't like these rules, you don't have to participate. Plain and simple. Take it or leave it. No skin off our back. Yada, yada, yada. LMAO! Ok, where are you getting the cool emoticons!? Sorry, off topic...
  20. gunpowder, You and your wife are in our thoughts!
  21. That was so sweet of you to say!! You are truely a Lucky lady! Not everybody gets to spend two days with me for their B-Day. Justin, Your just NOT right!
  22. "Paws"itraction recently obtained the "Gold Earthcache Master!" Meaning: They had to: Gold Earthcache Master Visit and log twelve (12) or more Earthcaches in four (4) or more states/countries and have developed two (2) or more Earthcaches. Way to go guys! I know how excited you are about this...and you should be! Great job!
  23. Way to go, Mr. I have all the free time in the world! Now, slow down, I can't keep up with having to post these!
  24. Ok, JUSTIN...we ALL know who found the most caches on the South Bend trip. I did notice your nose was a little longer tonight. Why is that, I wonder? Heather...Your day will come...sooner than you think. And it will hurt...just like mine did! Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday, even the ones that weren't so nice about it! A BIG thank you also to those that came out to Fire Mountain tonight, and helped me celebrate my birthday. I was truely surprised, and very touched. You all mean the world to me, and tonight reminded me why!
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