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  1. Second that sounds like a load in one of Ali Kat's diapers! I didn't realize that you took a creative writing course at PU He'll love EVERY second of it! And you're just jealous that you can't come along And FINALLY, I was gonna bring you a BIG bag of Twizzlers for the ones I ate at Brown County KISSEYFER! And then you say something like THAT! Hurt my feelings like that....sniffff. Why don't you just send Val to the party, you can just stay home...besides...by the time we get there, Bret will probably be a ruined man and our attention might turn in your direction... Heather of Wolverine Warriors #1 Working on gettting to dayshift, just another month or so..... #2 If it is written on the internet it must be true #3 And we will speak highly of him for putting up with you two for the day- Jealous? #4 OHHHHH.... Twizzlers!! Why didn't you say so? You know they are the Offical Snack of Geocaching In Indiana!! Ok, you can stop and drop off my Twizzlers. Just send Amber in with them Amber throws food.
  2. Aww that's so sweet that you noticed, or that your watchlist noticed, that we were coming. Now I can't speak for The Herd! And we BOTH know who has condiment issues in this group. Now little Ali Kat is getting rather sneaky in her increasing age and mobility, but she's far from malicious yet! I'll do my best to control them both, but I can't promise anything.... Heather of Wolverine Warriors I've never looked for butter at Pizza Hut, but I do have the 4 extra ones I took from Fire Mountain the other day...just in case. And for the life of me...I can't ever remember hearing of something called Rep Peppers...I shall have to google that!
  3. That would be it. Though, I don't know HOW anyone could be that happy about hiking those dunes. I seem to recall me taking a nap on the side of one while I sent everyone else in after a nearby cache. I don't know what's worse...hiking in snow or hiking in sand! Also, cool little side note...that was the ONLY team to find ALL of the Fall Into Geocaching caches! That's hard core!
  4. Treasure Hunting Family Fall Picnic '06 Oh, was THAT ever an adventure!
  5. Your Boat Or Ours?........with Bobalu, 1MarkyMark1, Earthdog Patrick which means LeadDog is in there somewhere as well It looks like Leaddog is steering that ship, how many talents does that man have? Leave it to Mark to paddle with a hiking stick! Or is that just a really big cigar?
  6. Your Boat Or Ours?........with Bobalu, 1MarkyMark1, Earthdog Patrick which means LeadDog is in there somewhere as well That's right, your turn.
  7. I should correct that it was AreWeThereYet?Yes, not AreWeThereYet?. I believe we have four caching accounts pictured here. What cache?
  8. Well, let's see....there's me, CYBret, Elwood, sunkat, ravenhwk, inbutterly, superstutz and AreWeThereYet?Yes! It's at the FIG Cache, at the 2nd Annual Pokagon Cacher's Campout. They were ready to kill me...cuz THEY weren't looking in the right place!
  9. I have a pair of Yukon Charlies that serve me quite well.
  10. HEHEHE Yup, his voice got really high after that! your turn...
  11. Here's two photos to help you. Who's the cacher, and what cache is it at? Starting to cross... Swimming break before making it across.
  12. Easy one. It's the stinky baby weasel... Ali Kat, at the 2nd Annual Pokagon Cacher's Campout!
  13. Nevermind! I see Jeremy already posted on it in another thread.
  14. I am not as crazy with the look and use of the google maps "map it" feature. I like to be able to remove caches I've found from the list, and show archived caches occasionally. The old geocaching maps "map it" feature can still be used, click on a cache page and select the geocaching maps viewing. On there you can view results in google maps. Perhaps a link to view results in geocaching.com maps can be added to that.
  15. I do small mammal trapping behind the nature center that I work at, primarily for educational purposes. These traps are often two or three hundred feet from a cache back here. I do remember buying a mosquito foothold trap at a gas station in the UP a couple summers ago. It'd have to be a micro though!
  16. add... Great Smoky Mountains NP (three different coins) Hawai'i Volcanoes NP cool! I want a smokey mountain coin! I'd like to see an Isle Royale Geocoin made. Thanks for those that didn't try to hijack the thread.
  17. We just got our Sequoia National Park coin today in the mail (neat coin!) and it got me thinking about other geocoins designed around our National Parks. Does anyone have a list or know of other parks that have been created by the geocaching community?
  18. My only concern with a tomahawk or sherman rodent trap might be some cacher logging the cache, then setting the trap when they leave, perhaps allowing a squirrel or chipmunk to become trapped and dead for the next cacher to find.
  19. Email sent...does anyone else have any ideas? If I choose an idea from someone else, I would be happy to give them a free coin when/if they go to mint.
  20. Well, the time has come for us to make our first personal coin. I would like it to be trackable, and reflect "us" in some way. While I do have an idea what I want...I know it would never get approved. So, I place out the call for ANY ideas on what we could do, because at this point, my design portion of my brain is not working. I would like to include a cartoon elephant, and possibly our forum title circling the outside of the coin. Beyond that...HELP!?! Thanks in advance... The Herd
  21. I see no issue in the park charging a fee to find the cache, if the cache is inside the park. Seems rather elementary to me. Given most states' current budgets, many parks have been smart and rely on gate fees to cover maintenance costs. Relying on the state budget hurts the parks, cause when the budget cuts come, the parks are the ones that suffer.
  22. I know of several children's accounts that give the parent's email for theirs.
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