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  1. Quick question. There is a geocoin in our collection that has its own icon. It has been out for over a month now, and the icon still hasn't showed up. Is this typical, I would think it would be a quick activation to get it added to the site, afterall these icons are pre-approved?
  2. I tried really hard to talk two fellow cachers into getting geocaching related tats on a recent caching trip, they didn't take.
  3. Since the numbers are meaningless I will assume you meant "people on the list that tallies some meaningless number" rather than an actual "top ten geocaching scores". That is what I meant by you "rewriting" my post. I do agree, finds on a "moving" cache are one thing. However, multiple logs on the SAME cache, in the same place, to me...is not the way I prefer to play the game.
  4. Perhaps you didn't have this conversation but a different one. If you read the examples I have cited you will see that each represents a case where every Find is unique. You are implying that a GC number is the only thing that represents a unique Find or a unique geocaching experience and this is incorrect. This is what we are discussing, how incorrect assumptions lead people to think they have good smilies or that others have tainted smilies. Since the numbers are meaningless I will assume you meant "people on the list that tallies some meaningless number" rather than an actual "top ten geocaching scores". I wrote exactly what I meant. The only person I am concerned with seeing my numbers is me. Everyone elses are their own. As has been said MANY times, everyone plays the game their own way. Please don't rewrite my posts to mean what you want them to mean. I wrote what I wanted to write, not what I wanted you to edit.
  5. I just had this discussion today with another cacher. I don't myself cache for the numbers, but it IS rather humerous to go to INATN.com and looking at peoples unique finds. I have seen some cachers on that site with over 200 mulitiple logs. While I think it is unfair to other people on the top ten lists that have all unique finds...it's not my problem. I used to have alot of them, ie...events and such. However, when I started getting closer to my 500 finds milestone, I felt I should go back and fix my multiple finds. Not for anyone, other than myself. They are my numbers. Other numbers belong to other cachers...and I myself will not waste ANY good caching time on worrying about other peoples numbers!
  6. Welcome to the forums, and greetings from a souther neighbor! I was born and raised in SW Michigan, and actually started caching there. While my local area wasn't very "cache filled" I still had a lot of fun with what I had. Then we took a trip to the U.P. two summers ago. Caching up there is absolutely amazing! Everywhere you go to get a cache has a beautiful view, and worth every bit of your time.
  7. We had good luck last year getting free drinks from McDonalds and are going to go back and see if we can do it again. Bumping topic for others to copy and paste his letter!!!
  8. Great motto towards your caches. We have checked all of our caches in the last two days. Got to swing by one again to weed out the junk, but everything looks great and ready to go!
  9. We have thought about that, but don't want to make people mad that bought them just because the number available is so limited. And, if we were to do another, we couldn't do it until these are all paid for.
  10. Wow, that hurt, and I didn't even try to solve it!
  11. I'm prefering the hard enamel, and I think Chris is prefering the soft. And, to clarify for anyone reading this, we have no system for distinguishing which one of us is posting! I agree with pretty much everyone else. I like both the soft and hard enamel, it really just depends on the design. We DO however have a method for distinguishing between which one of us is posting. It goes something like this: "Edited because SOMEONE didn't sign out of their account!"
  12. Did receive your second email, and replied. Hopefully you get mine. Please note that I do NOT get notification to PMs sent through this site. Therefore, if you sent requests through PMs, I did not get them until just now. However, none of them were dated before the coins sold out, so you will be added to the wait list...which is getting VERY long!
  13. keewee01 There are still just a couple left for trade if you are interested!
  14. There are still a couple of coins available for trade. If you are interested, be sure to send an email to us.
  15. I don't think I received a confirmation (reply) from you yesterday. I just sent you another email, if you don't get that one, please let me know.
  16. I have responded to ALL emails that I received about this coin. It IS sold out. Names have been added to the "waiting list" just in case. We do still have some for trading, and if you are interested in that, please send me an email. Thank you SO much for your support of our first coin! Who'd have thought it would be such a big hit!
  17. WOW! What a response! There are only 17 coins left, and going fast! I will take a few extra names into reservations in case there is someone who can't pay for theirs for some reason.
  18. Thanks! I'm pretty proud of the coin! Been debating for 2 years on what I wanted as far as a design! Emails have been received and filed! Thanks for the interest!
  19. With help from Rusty, we have finally got around to creating our "The Herd" Geocoin. Only 100 of these were produced, and 40 are being offered up for sale. The first samples have come back, and the rest are being minted now, with expected shipping to us by late March. We are accepting reservations now and won't bill anyone until they are delivered to us and can be inspected for quality. The Specs: Coin: The Herd Geocoin Size: 1.75" x 3.5mm Finish: Black Nickel- soft enamel Base metal: Bronze Trackable: Yes Icon: No Number made: 100 For Sale: 40 For Trade: 20? Mint: Personal Geocoins We will take any reservations now (please include Herd Geocoin in email subject), and will paypal invoice as soon as they come in later this month. Cost is $8.00 per coin, limit 2 please. Shipping is $1.50 per coin, $2.00 for two coins. Please include: Geo nickname real name shipping address paypal email quantity (1 or 2) Thanks all!
  20. Is there some secret as to why the design hasn't been posted on here? It's hard to advertise it with CITO day nearly a month away! 2006 CITO coin was still on the geocoinstore.com site last I checked.
  21. If you really want to keep them busy, have them roll up nano logs and put them in nano caches... Bring cute cuddly puppies. Kids love that! Or think ahead for event locations that have playgrounds nearby.
  22. I think we have several other cachers that were there, that will argue against you on that one Bret. You and those magazines were like old war buddies.
  23. The Herd

    Wanna Trade?

    By the end of the month, there will be free geocoins being placed in caches all over the state. Grab one of those and keep your crystals!
  24. Don't bother, Rep Peppers are pepper flakes that are 10x's hotter then regular RED peppers. They are kept behind the counter and are only given out to persons that sign a wavier. Good luck to you Brett!! I think you will need it on Saturday If you two happen to be going through Monticello on your way to Lafayette, please don't stop We don't like trouble in this quiet little town Monticello? Hey guys...isn't that the place you had me pick up all that silly string for???
  25. NO FOOD FIGHTS IN THE DURANGO. Maaaan, I'm gonna live to regret this! Amber throws blunt objects!
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