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  1. I have had my setting set the way you suggested for quite some time now. It doesn't just happen on my home computer, but at my moms house as well. I really don't think it is a browser issue for me, but I still don't know what would be causing it. I have tested it, by opening my PM link in a different window, and it STILL shows I have "0 NEW MESSAGES" at the top of this screen.
  2. I have had this problem ever since I joined...2 years ago. I just have to randomly check them, which wasn't really a problem, until I put our new coin up for sale a few weeks ago. It really is annoying!
  3. Sorry you got caught in the middle there! It'd be staking out my caches...it'd be fun to see the person's face when they got caught. Would make a nice picture for the log Well, for now, the hider has just archived his ALL of his caches. It sucks because he had some of the best caches out there, though we all understand why he did it. I have to say though, that guy starts taking MY caches, and I think the motion activated camera is gonna be brought out! What a great idea!
  4. We have a cacher in our area that is going around stealing caches from ONE hider in particular. I was LTF on two of that hiders caches. One of them was an adopted cache from someone who had passed. When we got there, we noticed the can was empty, save the log book. So, we unloaded our swag bags into it, posted that we "restocked" the cache, and sent emails to the owner letting him know that the cache was in good shape, and he wouldn't need to check on it for awhile...unless he got a report log. Next cacher that found it, found something VERY unpleasent in the cache, and posted that the cache needed "sanitized". I SWEAR, that's NOT what I meant by "restocking" the cache! Luckily, the owner is aware of this person stealing/damaging his caches, so he knows it wasn't us! Still freaks you out though!
  5. He is in our thoughts during this rough time!
  6. Glad to hear you got it Anthus! And even more glad you like it! Thank YOU for the trade...be good to my coin!
  7. I know we are beginning to get a bit impatient about it. At the very least, and update would be nice. But now I see that TT hasn't even logged on since March 8th, which is the last time we were updated. Being as these coins are PAID FOR...you would think a little more would be getting done to keep us informed! I have to wonder, at what point do we start demanding a refund for the coins we ordered...and payed for...and never received?
  8. I second that post. Just a simple update would be nice! It is, after all, 2 days after expected delivery. I am now a little concerned, as I see that account hasn't even been logged onto since March 8th, which was the last update...in another forum.
  9. Well, as far as I know, there is only ONE CITO in Indiana...ours. And there are only 4 teams signed up for it, and one maybe! After the turn out we had last year, I have to say, I am rather embarrased by the lack of support this year. Hopefully more people will sign up, as it is still 2.5 weeks out. Send the CITO MOJO our way!!!
  10. Stage one in a multi, found a bag of doggy treats sitting in a tree, stage two, found adult reading material of the rainbow kind for men, 7 feet up in a tree...double wrapped, unopened, with a receipt. After laughing over that, I looked down only to find bondage ropes....used. Stage 3 of the same multi...A HUGE crayfish, big as my hand, in the middle of a field. 2 caches later, we found a used sock, and rolling papers in the cache. It was a LONG day!
  11. First shipment of coins went out yesterday. LOOK FOR YOUR SOON! Hope everyone enjoys them!
  12. Someone is GOING to have to convince Brad that I really need to go to this event...for the sake of my family...and my sanity! I will be leaving all the pink elephants at home...I don't trust Rod! ;o)
  13. Did I order? I cannot remember Help! CF30 I have an order for you! Yay!!! Thanks! I will be at MOGA all weekend - will not be home until late Monday night, I expect. If you send the invoices on Friday I will not be able to pay until Tuesday. I hope that this is ok (did we go over this already.?.?. ). CF30 LOL...yes we did! I am giving people 5 days to pay, before moving to the next person in line. Under circumstances like your, we are moving it to 7 days, so you are fine.
  14. Sorry to say that there are NO coins left. They sold out in just a couple of hours.
  15. Did I order? I cannot remember Help! CF30 I have an order for you!
  16. Especially when they turned out as good as these did! It's just not the same seeing it in a pic!
  17. interested in trading personal coins? At this time, I think all coins set aside for trading are spoken for. If things change, I will post an update. Amber
  18. Got our coins today, and they are AWSOME! For those of you that ordered one, and heard back from me with a sale confirmation, please look for your pay-pal invoice tonight or tomorrow.
  19. A box of 100 The Herd coins. My first ever geocoin. YEAH!
  20. Go to indianageocaching.com for Indiana Geocachers and plan on attending the spring picnic event at Potato Creek in May.
  21. If a cache is designed to be found multiple times (eg. moving cache) and a cacher logs multiple finds on that cache do you think they are doing something wrong? Same drama, different thread!
  22. Sure, it's an original container...but how the HECK are we supposed to get it out of the tree?
  23. Love them! Problem is there ain't a single night cache within 45 miles of us!
  24. No, that wasn't the icon. Here it is below.
  25. Thanks. Will probaby do that. It was the IDNR geocoin that is being sold on geocoinstore.com. The icon is somewhere in my computer files. I will try to get hold of them and see, perhaps they are just bogged down right now.
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