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  1. Ours is a combination of two things. I have a HUGE love of elephants. I surround myself with them, in my home, my car, my caching account. So, as my kids were born, I just started refering to them as "my herd." Fast forward several years, and this is what you get: 2-Adults 4-kids 2-Dogs Need I say more?
  2. Just when I thought I was no longer going to buy geocoins! Can't wait to see the Smoky Bear one!
  3. Do those Reviewers include Jones? That clarification is all well and good, but it's not the message conveyed by Jones thru Deermark. Yes, this conversation included Reviewer Jones. From what I was told, he is simply asking that the handicap icon be used on true 1/1 caches, so that those cachers out there that can only cache TRUE 1/1's aren't surprised when they get there by terrain they can't manage. Reviewer Jones is only helping out Indiana while our local reviewer handles some personal things. I realize he isn't local, but would MUCH rather have someone help out, than to have caches sit unapproved for several days! RJ has popped in several times in the past to help out when things get a bit backed up. We all have to admit, Indiana is a big state, and I can't imagine being the ONE person responsible for approving all the caches in the state.
  4. Amber was right on your tails today! She visited the same cache that afternoon. Swooped in and was hoping to find a shadow coin. All she got was some silly Markymark coin. She threw it in the stream and got back in the van! Brad
  5. Oh, that WAS a fun day! It really is a shame you didn't join us afterwords for the APE cache...you coulda topped off the day with outrunning a tornado! (and yes...we DID still get the APE cache!)
  6. Ok, who let PairOMedicChick out of the cell??? Someone get her before she gets out of hand!
  7. We had a GREAT time at the CITO here in Indiana today. The day started with light snow, heavy wind. But, by the time we headed off to the actual CITO site, the snow and wind had stopped! We learned several things today: 1.) Apperantly the best way to demolish a shed is to roll the whole thing over! 2.) You can't pull a Ford with a Dodge. This results in the need to hook up a Jeep to the Dodge, that is hooked to the Ford, so you can get the Dodge and the Ford up the hill. 3.) Indiana cachers, me included, are dangerous...but FUN...when given sledge hammers! 4.) Lord Elwood and Treasure Hunting Dad are good with football moves, unless the wooden post isn't as rotted as the last one was. 5.) Never, and I mean NEVER, let Lord Elwood be the one to take apart the central air conditioning unit. He doesn't know how to turn off the freon valve...thus resulting in a white, slimy mess all down the side of the house! 6.) Give 4 women access to a locked house, and they can't resist the urge to go in and look around. Even if this means that these women need to climb up over a roof, across a second story banister...to enter said house! 7.) Women cachers can demolish ANYTHING that men cachers can! Just ask the guys that were there today! 8.) There is a group of cachers in NEI (and 3 from MI!) that are ALWAYS willing to help out, to pay back to the state park system that has really embraced caching the past few years...and they are a LOT of fun to be around! Amber
  8. You're complaining about rain! We had snow!!!!
  9. Kim, you are VERY welcome! I am glad you both like it! And, bugsmasher69, I've added the coin to my watch list! Can't wait to see where it goes!
  10. Not my jeep, but it was working overtime at the CITO we hosted last year! Like he needed a push...lol! These are both of "BIG GREEN" owned by 1markymark1.
  11. LOL! I have heard that from EVERYONE I have shown the coin to. Luckily, I have really good eyesight, so I can see it fine. It is such a neat coin though!
  12. LOL! I have heard that from EVERYONE I have shown the coin to. Luckily, I have really good eyesight, so I can see it fine. It is such a neat coin though!
  13. Guess mine isn't strong enough! I noticed this back when I first got my coin, but didn't want to get anyone in trouble, so I kept my mouth shut. Even with a magnifying glass...all I see is a row of dots.
  14. See, if I refer to him that way, he would NEVER fund another project!!!!!!!!
  15. Sandtracker... I was gonna go with a whole other design for this coin, but was afraid some would get offended...lol. I would really like to incorporate that forum sig. in a coin, somehow, just because it has become sorta "famous." I am always getting PMs about it, etc. Now, if I could just talk my other half into funding another coin project!!!
  16. Poor swag trading is one of my biggest complaints about my caches. It is so dissapointing that folks think the things they trade for our even. This new cache is a giant ammo can with brand new fleece jackets, geocoins, and other outdoor items: Purdue Practicum Cache Hopefully it will stay stocked with even trades. I bring a few nice items for trading something nice, but most caches we get to have already been traded down.
  17. I see Indiana is still at one...ours. Less than a week away, and I am astonished that we still only have 4 teams signed up! Crossing our fingers, and hoping for better!
  18. Email sent...hope I got it in on time! Very cool coin!
  19. We got our coins today! Very happy with the way they turned out, but, we are having the same problem. Cheat Sheet with it says to get the activation code at coincodes.com, but the coin isn't listed there! So, now what???
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