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  1. I would like to see a state shaped one. I did like the idea of including the first cache placed in Indiana as a highlight of the coin. I would think it would need to include other that side of the coin itself. Maybe, the most visited cache, etc. If it were round...hmm...so many possiblities! Not very artistic here, so I'll just say this. As long as it's something that represents the WHOLE state, and not just certain areas of it, it should turn out good!
  2. Not sure if something similar to this has been posted yet, but it's got me stumped! Went today and mailed 3 coins, to 3 seperate people. 2 were to Canada, one to the U.S. All 3 were packaged the same, all 3 weighed the same. The 2 Canada ones were 30cents cheaper (each) than the U.S. one. What is up with that???
  3. At 5'3" in good shoes, I've had this problem several times. My most requent caching partner is much taller than me, so that helps, but in our time together, I have learned that I usually have to go behind her and recheck areas she has looked in. In several cases, just a good stick has resulted in the cache. Pulled one that was about 15feet up in a tree down this way. However, there have been a couple times I've had to break down and "shimmy" my way up to the cache.
  4. Some would argue that statement. I've got the golden ammo can to prove it....and she really has little room to talk....look at every log for the past couple months...she's been out caching with.....what's that?.....what's that you say?.......OH THAT'S RIGHT!! US!!! MICHIGAN CACHERS!! Heather of Wolverine Warriors I like caching with people that are easy to pick on. And for the record...that's a GOLD PLATED can, not solid gold....only residents get those...lol.
  5. If I am caching with my "other half" I know that a single micro wont be found that day. He would MUCH rather walk 10 miles into the woods for one regular sized cache, in a memorable location, than a Wally World micro anyday. I don't mind his caching technique, as I really love the memorable locations as well. HOWEVER, when I cache with my "regular" group of caching buddies, I can be pretty sure that 95 percent of the caches we find will be micros, just because of the locations we travel to. One of the first things we do is come up with a "nickname' for our cache run. Recently caching in Ft. Wayne, we named the day "Converging on the Fort." Not too long ago, we found a bunch of caches hidden by "Lost Scouts." That day was dubbed "Scouting the Lost Scouts" It's fun as the day goes along, to see what other ideas we can come up with. Though we don't always remember the micro we found at that location, we sure do remember the nickname we came up with at that one.
  6. Setting up an event cache at the Dave concert would probably not be the best idea. You would have to pay to go to the event (the 7 or so bucks Verizon would charge just for parking), and unless it is some public park system, they probably wouldn't allow it. If I were there, it's for the partying in the parking lot and the show, not for geocaching that night! I'd say enjoy the concert and go to an event the weekend after.
  7. I recently picked up a sig. card that had a small square cut out of one side. In that square was a fly fishing lure. The back of the sig. card told you what kind it was, and what it was best used for. The whole thing was then laminated, so as not to "poke" the finder. I personally am not a fly fisher, but thought it was a WAY COOL idea for a sig. item, and VERY well thought out!
  8. Well, I have read the entire thread, and stayed awake. I don't agree with all these micros being dispersed to be hidden. It is no secret that a majority of the caching community doesn't like micros. I most certainly wouldn't want to see it spread across our state, as we have too many lame micros here as it is. HOWEVER, it is YOUR project to do with what you want...if I were to do one, I would change a few things. I would have filled each and everyone of those film canisters with a mini-log sheet, a small ziplock bag, and a small pencil. I would have encouraged people to use them to replace some of the THOUSANDS of existing film canisters that aren't being maintained as it is. Then, I would be known as the person who SAVED thousands of non-maintained caches, not the one who encouraged them. edited to add: No, I will NOT be doing this project, because, well...I simply can't afford it.
  9. We have one hidden at our house, BUT, we live in a 264 acre nature preserve. Specific directions are listed on how to get here, and the name of the nature preserve is included in the cache name. There are signs on the road (rural country road) with the name of the preserve, as well as arrows pointing you directly into the correct driveway. Seeing as we are the ONLY driveway on this side of the road for another 1/4 mile, it is pretty hard to miss the place. I do still occasionaly have people say to me "I was GOING to do that cache, until I found out it was in your front yard!" Wing Haven Nature Preserve and TB Resort While the cache is a good distance from the house, I have gone out occasionaly and greeted the cachers who have come to hunt it. So far, everyone has been VERY friendly!
  10. The Herd


    My favorite is by far the Unknown Soldier coin. From the moment I opened it, it just moved me. And, I have to add, it is the ONLY coin I have that has brought tears to the eyes of those I share it with.
  11. Some would argue that statement.
  12. Hiya Mike, Welcome to the addiction! Before you know it, that 2 will become 200, and then 500....oh, it all happens so fast! Amber momma of "The Herd"
  13. Dang...I was hoping for a joefrog coin! Ahh...someday I'll get my hands on one!
  14. Wow! this feature would be perfect! Eliminate 80, no 90, no 95% of the junk cemetery micros in our area! Sweet!
  15. We have pulled a good couple dozen off of us. The ticks are just WAY to numerous this year...and me being scared of anything that resembles a bug, am NOT happy about it. Our record though, is from our 18 month old dog. I noticed she was COVERED in them the other day, and stopped counting at 50 as I was removing them. After a long bath, I continued to pull them off, resulting in another 25 before the night was over.
  16. We have two reviewers now. Cache cops, cache thief, I'm scared to see what is next.
  17. Unknown Soldier Geocoin. Now my personal favorite. This is just an AWSOME coin idea!
  18. One of my first cache hides is in a local state park. After just two or three hides, the cache was found in the MIDDLE OF THE TRAIL! Luckily, it didn't get muggled! We have 6 members in our team, and I often cache with groups of 2-4 people. We have a rule that "he who finds it, rehides it" because only that person truly knows how the cache was hidden when they found it, thus making them the best "re-hider!"
  19. While I agree that posting parking coords could be handy in SOME situations, I very rarely use them. First off, when I pull up a cache on my GPSr, I usually don't even realize there ARE parking coords. I like the "driving around in circles" part of the game, and it has become a brunt of many jokes amongst me and the person I cache with most. HOWEVER, there have been MANY times that we have gone after caches in parks placed in the middle of sub-divisions, behind rows and rows of houses. I would VERY much like to see parking coords used on those, as the only parking available is smack dab in front of someones house. How am I to know that the house that I choose to park in front of isn't the local parking police of the neighborhood?
  20. My votes for this one. One vote for this jeep and its' CITO effort I too, Vote for this one, geocaching travel bug jeep, working on CITO event, and it's mine.... Even though the herd posted it..... Well, Mark, We will just have to get ahold of those divorce attorneys we used, and figure out a "joint custody" thing! I suggest that I get it on all days that end in "Y" and you get it all the rest!
  21. My other half has a co-worker who shares my HUGE love of elephants. When she saw the coin I was having minted, she offered to buy one. Seeing as she does all the artwork we ever need done, (including for our cache events) I decided to just give it to her for free. While she has mentioned several times that she would like to go out and find a cache, she never actually has.
  22. I have to say, I'm partial to Big Green too!
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