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  1. I stopped by an ISQ last week to check on it's condition, while I was headed to our bank, out of town. I opened the container and right there on top was an ISQ Shadow Coin! This is my second find of an elusive Shadow Coin. My first one is from the Georgia Spirit Quest series. And talk about LUCKY...the cache was slated for archival the VERY next day!!! Thank you Mr. Shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Like was stated last year, there already is a "group" started. It's more of a matter of getting people to meet up, attend events, communicate, etc. We started the event, as stated, to give people a chance to get together, a "group to feel comfortable with" at events, among other reasons. I would be more than willing to continue to keep the group page going, if there is a strong enough interest, but the several times we have tried, there just hasn't been the interest. Unfortunately, in Porter County, a lot of the areas that we would have an event at cost money to reserve. The last one was $80, and when we tried to work with the park to perform a CITO in exchange for the shelter cost, nobody showed up to attend the CITO. Without the local attendance and people willing to help offset the costs, it's impossible to keep up. As it was, 501 and I were eating all the costs for the events. I still host the big one in September at Indiana Dunes State Park, and as always, EVERYONE is welcome to attend. Hopefully we get some new faces this year, and it might be a great place to meet up and discuss what you would like to see from a local "group".
  3. Just curious if your daughter is Jillian. My boyfriend has worked with Jillian, at the Hammond Cabelas, for several years now regarding geocaching.
  4. Cabelas is well aware of Geocaching. They have done a lot to help sponsor us in our geocaching events that we host regularly, and we have done some "how to geocache" classes for them. They have also allowed us to hide a cache on their property for a geocaching contest that my boyfriend had put together for the Indiana State Parks.
  5. There are only 2 campsites left! This is your last chance to get your own site, or you will have to resort to begging someone to share with you!
  6. Less than 10 sites left!!!
  7. It is time, once again, for another Indiana State Parks Cachers Campout! We are on our 6th Annual Event this year! As previous year attendees can tell you, this event is a BLAST! Campsite reservations for Indiana Dunes State Park are going FAST! We hope to see everyone there this year! Search GC# GC29CBC! There is also a Friday night event, and Sunday morning CITO.
  8. Hoping to attend at least ONE of these, as it will also be my birthday!
  9. May want to post something on the MWGB site as well. Good luck!
  10. Giving some links here to the Epic Indiana State Park Challenge that the DNR and Cabelas are sponsoring. The cache challenge was started by indylovelace. Indiana State Parks Geocache Challenge Press Release Indiana State Parks Geocache Page by IndyLovelace
  11. I understand that most people, if not all people, use the screen protectors with no problem. But, my issue is that it seems the sensitivity of my Oregon is off, and therefore I can NOT use screen protectors, even though I have tried. So, my question is...is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the touch screen?
  12. I have tried screen protectors. I noticed in an add the other day that the Oregon 200 was listed as having wireless transfer abilities. I did a google search and found several places that it was mentioned that it did have it. I didn't think it did, hence why I am asking here.
  13. It's difficult to scroll the screen even without the screen protector... and, I am talking about transferring stuff between Oregons...not my oregon and my PC.
  14. I have owned a Garmin Oregon 200 for about a year now. I have two questions, that I can't seem to find answers for in my own searches, hoping someone here can help. First off, is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the screen? It is REALLY hard to scroll the screen on it, and other Oregon users have even commented on how difficult it is to scroll it. I can't use a screen protector, because it makes it even worse. It's to the point that it is actually getting scratched you have to scroll so hard. Resetting the unit does not help. Also, everything I read says that it should have wireless data exchange capabilities, but I'll be darned if we have ever been able to figure out how to do it. Anyone know? Thanks in advance for the help!
  15. One of my closest caching buddies is in Goshen...not too far to be one of us!
  16. Sorry, I'm a little behind on this... here's another idea. I can't see the larger image in the first response. It's showing broken. The smaller image looks cute, but I'd like to see it bigger. The second response is very cute as well, can I get a bigger image?
  17. I was thinking more along the lines of something standing up, in a seductive pose...holding the ammo can. I actually like the idea of an ammo can in one hand, and a martini glass in the other. If the image needs to be larger, I can always use it as my profile image.
  18. Well, I'm thinking it's time for an avatar update. The one I use now was created for me in this same thread about 5 years ago, and I have used it ever since. However, I really feel it is time for a refresher. I want to keep with the elephant theme, but this time, I was thinking of a "sexy" female elephant. Maybe with a GPS in one hand, and a hot pink ammo can in the other? I am as far from artistically talented as they come, so I really do appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
  19. I always find humor in the "red" spots on a caching campout map. Especially when they are right in the middle of a BUNCH of cachers! Those poor people have NO idea what is ahead of them...lol.
  20. Can I make the request now that we bring more than one GPS unit, and more than one flashlight! And a first aid kit, and everyone where long pants. long pants??? How will you find your way out of the woods without a blood trail to follow if you get lost? The exact same way as last time, when everyone left two of us behind with no GPSr, and no map...yet we STILL beat the rest of you back to camp! You beat us back because Floatingspots, duckm, 501 & I went and finished the night cache adventure. duckm, is quite the musical entertainer too! His songs helped Floatingspots take his mind off the pain in his ankle. We've still got the patch on our caching bag from that last cache find too! We were there for the song part too. It was at the map that everyone left us behind, after all the caching was done. Good times...
  21. Can I make the request now that we bring more than one GPS unit, and more than one flashlight! And a first aid kit, and everyone where long pants. long pants??? How will you find your way out of the woods without a blood trail to follow if you get lost? The exact same way as last time, when everyone left two of us behind with no GPSr, and no map...yet we STILL beat the rest of you back to camp!
  22. One of the things that so many of us love about caching is also one of the things that drives so many people batty. That being: it's a game. It's intended to be played the way that you want it to be played. Sadly, there are people that are going to do things in a way that you don't agree with, but, there aren't really a lot of rules to geocaching, just "guidelines." Those guidelines being, find the cache, sign the log, swap swag if you want" and that is it. As hard as it may be, the best thing to do would be to just ignore them. If the cache owner has an issue with what is going on, they can delete the log, and continue doing so if they continue to relog. If the cacher becomes a problem, they can contact gc.com about it. The more you bash or attack the cacher on the cache page, the more you are going to get your hand smacked from Groundspeak, as should be. You will never be able to change the way he plays his game, so just ignore it, and hopefully he will see he isn't getting under your skin anymore, and will go away. Sure, he may claim FTF, but, is it really affecting you in anyway if someone else is signing his name on the cache when he isn't there? Obviously, if someone is already there doing that, you have lost out on your FTF chance anyway. Personally, I don't go for FTFs too often. I'd rather someone else go first, and confirm it's there, coords are good, etc.
  23. About 3 years ago, or so, we started NWI C.W.O.B. (cachers without borders) and even hosted a few events. Everyone that attended was from out of the area...Chicago...etc. We even had a ton of people travel over from the Fort Wayne area. We created a yahoo group for everyone to communicate on, but, nobody would. The locals that showed up walked up at the very end of the event, signed the log, and left. It was still a great event, and we had a lot of fun. We REALLY wanted to keep the group going, if for nothing else but representation at events, and a comfortable group for people to hang out with at events. Sadly, we just didn't have the local support. If you attend events locally, you will be surprised at the lack of local attendance. We never really could figure out why that was. Great support from Illinois and Northeast Indiana...in the over 3 years I have been here, it hasn't changed. edited to add: I would like to add that we did have a FEW local cachers come out and support us at our events that we held as part of C.W.O.B., and we appreciated that.
  24. The Herd

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    I'm here. I was putting some out, but, it seemed I was really the only one, aside from the occasional P&G. I stopped in hopes that it would leave some room open for other people to place some...it didn't work.
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