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  1. Beauty in metal! I'm waiting for my "sunny coins" to arrive today.
  2. My coins have just arrived. In perfect conditions and quickly delivered with LOW customs fares. Oakcoins, you rock! And look... Two tiny surprises... Recognize them?
  3. I need names and locations! Mark, the last one in the first row with only seven coins is the Braga one, in Portugal. Event GC3YY3T
  4. This is partly true, and there is another huge concern. Timing. For international orders, customs will take several days to weeks before relieving the packages, and we all know after 12-12-12 these coins will be much less vendible. So, I'm optimistic, and I think everything is gonna end up alright, but I must agree it is way too soon to say it was a success.
  5. Braga geocoin got beautiful:
  6. Invoice recieved and paid. Please coins, come quick!!!!!
  7. Invoice recieved and paid. Please coins, come quick!!!!!
  8. Yaaaay. Everything ok with International orders, Michael? Thanx, Joao
  9. The forth official Portuguese geocoin has just been approved. Better late than never. Braga joins the restrict group of locations around the world with access to this awesome Multi-Event Geocoin.
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