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  1. I can't answer your question as i used a topo map on my Garmin Dakota 20 but i did the Vancouver to Calgary route via Whistler, Salmon Arm and Banff last year and loved it. If you are going as far as Banff you HAVE to do GC134E. Here are a couple of photos i took from the top. http://www.flickr.com/photos/degudodger/6270912392/in/set-72157606718245063 http://www.flickr.com/photos/degudodger/6278205190/in/set-72157606718245063 http://www.flickr.com/photos/degudodger/6183267892/in/set-72157606718245063
  2. I have these but bought them from a different seller - ebay
  3. I have a couple of magnetic caches planned and have bought some rare earth magnets off ebay which will be glued inside the cache. The magnets are unbelievably strong!
  4. I bought my Garmin Dakota 20 from Amazon which at the time was the cheapest, however prices constantly change. What i would suggest is once you have decided which model you want is looking at Amazon, pentagongps and go outdoors, the latter will price match any UK online seller.
  5. I received the same sort of call over the weekend and happened to changing the batteries in my smoke alarm when i picked up the phone. Thirty seconds into the call i felt bored so tested the alarm (safety first) which just so happened to to right next to the phone. As you can imagine the caller wasn't best please, in fact he was livid to the point where he called the police. Well he said he had but it's been nearly 3 days now and they still haven't arrived.
  6. Hi Miles. First of all, welcome to the highly addictive hobby that is Geocaching! I was only trying to find some 35mm cases the other day so would be more than happy to take five off your hands if they are available. MSG me the cost of postage and how you would like the funds. Regards Degucacher
  7. Date, name then comments. Any other way is just weird!
  8. Unfortunately most of us relapse after a period of sobriety. One cache won't hurt, go on just one
  9. Completely. Recently my wife and I spent three weeks in Canada and of the 300 caches i planned to snag between Vancouver and Calgary i only managed 50.
  10. Western Canada and Oz are also high on my list of places to go caching. I've found quite a few caches across Canada (on a railway journey from New York to Vancouver Island). Highly recommended; although sadly I was unable to find any "ammo boxes under waterfalls of gold in forests of beauty and snow capped mountains" as the Parks authorities were disallowing such caches at the time. So we tended to have to look for the occasional urban cache when in parks such as Jasper. It seems now that, as long as no swaps are left, logbook-only caches are allowed in the National Parks. Just come back from a 3 week trip to Canada, Vancouver to Calgary specifically. Only managed 50 caches as we were on a pretty tight schedule and due to two incidents involving a Bear and a Racoon i didn't want to stray too far from trail paths. Canada is AMAZING for caching, fantastic scenery. I think driving through the Rockies is something everyone should do at some point in their life.
  11. I started off Geocaching with my iPhone which is a great device but i found myself getting frustrated by the battery life and the lack of aGPS when coverage dropped off was annoying the hell out of me. After a fair amount of searching around i bought a Garmin Dakota 20 for £160 from Amazon. Great device and worth every penny. Garmin will be releasing new devices in the next month or so, have a look at the Garmin 20.
  12. My wife and I are currently in Vancouver and are having a blast. Stanley Park is a must!
  13. Following on from the excellent advice given by Graculus I have spent some time familiarising myself with Pocket Queries. Later this year i will be travelling to Canada visiting Vancouver, Banff and Calgary and using Pocket Queries i have identified all the quick wins no more than >100m off the route i will be taking. I have spent some time drilling the list down to just those caches i want to visit based on location and proximity to points of interest or photographic opportunities. What i would now like to be able to do edit the GPX file to remove the caches i will not be visiting. I appreciate my question is very subjective but what is the best GPX editor available for MAC to remove entries from a GPX file. Many thanks
  14. I was in the same boat a couple of weeks ago, recently started caching with an iPhone but kept maxing my Data allowance and the aGPS is a PITA sometimes when you're out of coverage i decided to get the Garmin Dakota 20. After much searching i found Amazon to be the cheapest at £166, but that was last week so the price may have changed since.
  15. If you ever find yourself in Winchester let me know
  16. That is low, i certainly hope it wasn't a fellow cacher
  17. Good Afternoon all, Long time lurker, first time poster! Up until recently i was using my iPhone 4 with the Geocaching app for Geocaching however as the app was prone to crashing, the aGPS on the iPhone being flaky and as i kept on maxing out my data allowance i have invested in Garmin Dakota 20. One thing i can’t get my head round is how to import more than one GPX file from geocahing.com as what i would like to be able to do is search on an area, remove caches i have already found then import the GPX files for the remaining in one batch. Is this possible? Thanks guys.
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