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  1. Loop 4, site 118 See you there!
  2. BC is one of my favorite places on Earth! Please put me in for 3!
  3. Most of the CT coins are sold. Some people are happy. Some people are not. We are still talking about it. Do we feel the need to fling insults at each other to make ourselves feel better? Why? Enough said. Please consider closing this useless thread...
  4. Connecticut 2005 "1000 Caches, September 15" ~trackable with unique icon~ 400 bronze 300 silver 200 gold 100 gold with color, numbered 1-100
  5. I just received a new log for one of my activated Geocoins... Normally, this wouldn't present a problem, except the coin is situated on my kitchen counter, where it has been since I received it! Have any of you ever had someone virtually log your coins by guessing at the #'s? Do you think this could have really been a mistake? And lastly, besides delete the log, what did you do about it? No animosity, just curious really... ~Dustin
  6. I agree and also have it saved in my favorites. Maybe a couple of responsible parties?
  7. Thanks everyone for your business. Brywalker is going crazy while at I'm at work! We are totally capacitated with trade items at this point. You can still email Brywalker for retail, but understand "we" can only use so many coins back
  8. I do know that other people who know about the coin have been quiet, because no matter what they say or do, they feel someone will find fault with it. Because we are somewhat vocal Bryan and I have taken a lot of abuse from people here, but as I've said before, we can take it. I don't know that we've EVER said anything negative back, and I feel good about that. We HAVE received an unreal amount of support from outside of the forums as well, and although it is not publicly seen, I do appreciate it. Thank you! I'm sorry if we offended people, but the point is now moot. We cannot and will not ever please everyone. Contrary to most Geocoin Forum opinions, which may be a tough crowd , we are actually regarded as nice people, who are very active within our GC community. Funny story: Yesterday, we received an email from an individual who was upset with us for selling on eBay, saying we were stealing from the community, and would be ousted from the community, etc. As it turns out, this same individual didn't realize that I use a different eBay ID... He sold me a West Tenn coin last week for $35+! In fact, this may be the first time he reads about it here. For the record: all of the non-LE coins have started at $10. After we realized how few people were ordering outside of the US we adjusted the shipping to $3 for anywhere. There will be Dutch Auctions. As of last night we had sold over 300 coins; current and former eBay listings are around 24 last time I checked, I believe these are lower in proportion than most of the major coins out there - wouldn't you agree?
  9. I had made a promise to myself not to post within this forum any longer - a promise which I will break only now to put a final statement together for those who take the time to read it. There have been verbal attacks on CT, myself, and my partners within these confines; this small community of people who collect, trade, and sell Geocoins has not reacted well within these pages. Sit behind your terminal and type slanderous remarks; I can handle it - but please do not attack my CT State co inhabitants. Most of them had nothing to do with this coin being manufactured or distributed. I did; blame me if it makes you happy. However, without me and my partners there would be no CT State Geocoin. There were people talking about it, but no one took the initiative or invested the money to create something that honors our state. I did. I invest thousands of dollars, and countless hours in the environment annually. I invest financially in the furthering of others regularly, to make them better people. I recently left a six-figure-a-year job, for a year, in order to volunteer help to someone who has given me nothing in return. I frequently give of myself to help others. I have also invested in a CT Geocoin hoping to make a lot of people happy, celebrate my home-state, and yes, make a modest profit. What I'm trying to say is that you don't know me, don't know my motives, and have no right to cast dispersions at me. I should not have to explain this to you, and I am taking it very personally. Also, people like to attack our "weak" or "flawed" business/distribution plan. A weak business plan is to buy and sell at the same cost, so that others may turn around and take advantage of your hard work by selling your product at a much higher price. To date, in less than a week, we have sold, traded, and distributed several hundred of the CT coin. There have been 19 so far on eBay. That works out to roughly 6.7% of sales (still think it was a "made for eBay coin?"). Please understand the facts before you make accusations. In fact, we worked out deals with virtually every person who took the time or courtesy to email us. Up until now, all you had to do was ask us and we figured it out with you. I have such a negative impression from a portion of a community whom I thought embraced diversity, and freedom to do things one's own way. I am disappointed and surprised by the hypocrisy (do you even realize how many of you buy coins from others at $6-9, and then sell them on eBay for $20-50? If you do a little cross-checking you may be surprised, or maybe not...) I have witnessed daily since this coin arrived on the scene. I will say it now again without anger, spite, or sarcasm: if you do not want to support what you've deemed our "project" then exercise your freedom. I respect you for that. I understand that I may have flaws in my statement, and that if you wanted to you could retort and turn around what I've said here. Any good debater could. I don't want to want to talk about this anymore - move on please. Dustin "dustiano"
  10. To trade: 2 Connecticut (1 bronze, 1 silver) (1 for your collection, 1 (please) for your activation and deployment to a cache!) for one each of the following: Lighthouse - got it, thanks! Screw - got it, thanks! New York - got it, thanks! UK - got it, thanks! Dutch - got it, thanks! (that's 2 for each coin!) All unactivated and trackable, of course I will be activating and placing in local caches. If I fall asleep now I will reply tomorrow morn. THANKS!
  11. YOU SAID IT!! Every single coin I've ever bought(50+) ends up in a cache. I don't like holding them, deleted all of my "touched" coins from my logs after having a moment of clarity, and encourage others to cache their coins. That having been said... The CT coins are going out 3 ways. 1) We are distributing them (obviously free to finders) in caches. 2) We are distributing them to cachers at CT events and hand-to-hand. 3) We are distributing them on eBay to cover our costs and the cached coins. You can't please everyone all the time, and we found this to be the best solution. Bronze = 400 Silver = 300 Gold = 200 Gold/color "X of 100" = 100 We did this out of a love for Geocaching (why else would we have invested so much time and money?); I hope that people can respect that different people do things different ways and that we're all one big family. I hope this final post clears up our intentions! Cache on! Dustin
  12. Looks like another for profit geocoin. But I know I've read in more than one thread that trackable coins can't be sold for a profit. I could be wrong here, but I'm thinking "personal" coins cannot be sold for profit. Really what's the difference between someone who sells for "profit," or someone who sells at cost so that others may profit? After all it's the original seller who made the investment, both in money and time(which is a huge unrecognized factor), and will do the work to move them along. Also, Groundspeak and the Coiner certainly make a profit! I have personally bought over 30 Geocoins from eBay when I could not find them elsewhere - I gladly paid the inflated price and will do so again. I'm not really looking for a debate here - after all, if you don't agree you don't have to buy it! (seriously, no ill will or sarcasm meant - life is too short!) Enjoy your caching and Merry Christmas! Dustin
  13. I sat with Ross last night at GC event CCC#3! We talked in great depth about his WY coin, and although I have no specific shipping information for you, I can assure you he is not a scam artist. Have fun with your coins!
  14. Amongst friends we decided "Dustin" doesn't sound Italian enough, and being that I'm, well, Itailian, "Dustiano" just stuck!
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