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  1. Aha! I'll work on that. Thanks, Moun10Bike! (I can't believe I'm talking to THE Moun10Bike!) Thanks again!
  2. I found 67 or so one day, all individual caches, including 13 events all over the southern 2 counties of Delaware. The next year, during the same event, we got a similar number, but planned for the way home... where we stopped and did the remaining caches to claim 101 that day (because we were working from paper notes, and I wasn't sure of my count). We did those last remaining 27 or so caches the second year by doing (part of) a "power trail" in mid-Delaware, along a highway on our way home. In this way, we were able to claim the Century cache we had signed into (and filed a Note log) years earlier... 100 finds in a day. It IS possible. We probably could have done it without the power trail (we still had 10 hours left in the day after the 6pm picnic event). But we were exhausted and still had a 2 hour drive home, so we took the easy way out and finished our Century with a power trail. Mrs.Hoagie
  3. Hi all, In the "old" days the geocacher's numeric ID by visiting their profile, and the ID was in the URL (address). But these days the URL is full of hex code; no numeric ID that I can find. Any ideas how to find the old Geocacher number? I know I used mine in GSAK, but I found it the old way. I need the IDs of other geocachers for a puzzle cache I'm working on (solving). Thanks! Mrs.Hoagie
  4. @The A-Team my domain is @thehoagies.com I own the domain, but it is served by @gmail.com So no, I don't think it's their problem. Especially because my spouse also uses @thehoagies.com, the same domain. Yes, they told me the e-mails were NOT BEING SENT. Supposed this was someone at a technical level. But who knows? I do understand the trouble with front-line support, though somehow I hoped Groundspeak would be immune to the problem... Silly me. @HiddenGnome I did finally get my FTF notifications back a few days after posting this concern. And yes, I noticed that Groundspeak had set my notifications to go to different addresses, and I set them all back, AFTER I set my primary and secondary e-mails back to the right order - Groundspeak had reversed them! But no, I only started getting FTF notifications to the "secondary" address (actually the primary, before they reversed the addresses) a few days before I posted this concern, i.e. the end of April. From February through April, I didn't get them at all, at any address. BTW, both addresses are gmail addresses. So it's not that. Something was truly amiss at Groundspeak. Something specific to my account, since it didn't affect my spouse who has nearly identical addresses, and never stopped getting his FTF notifications. (both our primary addresses are @thehoagies.com and both our secondary are our @gmail.com smartphone addresses). I'm just glad it's finally resolved!!
  5. On February 26th, my Instant notifications worked perfectly. Though my logs are set to deliver to my primary e-mail, my FTF notifications (Instant Notifications) are set to arrive at my phone, my secondary e-mail. It's been this way for nearly a decade, since I first got a smart phone. All was well. On February 27th, I stopped getting any new FTFs / Instant Notifications. ARGH! I submitted a support request on April 1st (I was very sick this winter, and didn't notice at first). At first the customer support person told me that it was not possible to have Instant Notifications delivered anywhere but the primary e-mail. Um, then why have the selection box for the secondary e-mail on each Notification?? A week later, I submitted the support request again, and this time was told it was a software bug introduced by the updates at that time, and I would be notified when it was fixed. OK, makes more sense (but turns out, that's not true either). Today it's been a month, and I went to submit another support request, since I have been unable to receive notifications for FTFs for more than a month. Investigating, I discovered that it's not true that one can no longer have a secondary e-mail. My own spouse uses Groundspeak in this exact way! As do many other geo-friends. Ugh. I was lied to again. Who do they have doing customer support?? Of course, it's partly my fault - I fell for their line. No more! So now it's May 1st. In April, someone at Groundspeak reversed my primary and secondary e-mails, which just made things worse! Now I'm getting my newsletters, cache logs, travel bug logs, and lots of e-mail that I want to read in my own time (at my primary e-mail address) now delivered to my secondary e-mail address. Worse, in messing with my account, they turned on an FTF Instant Notification that I had currently turned off; I don't travel in that area at this time, and it has TONS of new caches. I don't want to be notified of those at all! As a stop-gap measure, I had to turn Groundspeak to spam in my Google e-mail account. Otherwise I'm getting hundreds of messages every week from all those logs that I do NOT want to receive in real time! Today I went through my account, set my primary and secondary e-mail accounts back the way I wanted them, and reset the Instant Notifications and their e-mail addresses, everything that Groundspeak "kindly" changed to attempt to figure out why they weren't sending my secondary e-mail any e-mails. I then set Groundspeak back to "not spam" on my phone (Gmail account). Now my question is, how do I get Groundspeak to send the Instant Notification e-mails to my secondary e-mail account, as I have configured on my account? It works for my friends, even for my spouse. But not for me? And Groundspeak admits that they are not even sending the e-mails. What can I do to get them to reset their blacklist of my secondary e-mail??? Thanks for any suggestions. This has been going on TOO LONG.
  6. Keystone, After a very lengthy and frustrating interchange with one support person at Groundspeak (where he eventually told me that new cache notifications could NOT be sent to a secondary e-mail address, never could, never will, despite the fact that for each notification I had to select which e-mail I wanted it sent to!), I got this message today. Apparently it is a problem on their end, that they hadn't realized was a problem. It's very frustrating for me, however! -- Mrs.Hoagie / Carolyn "Hi Carolyn, It appears we are finding some back-end issues related to Instant Notifications, so thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this matter, and when we find out more, we will get back to you. Best, Paul Geocaching Community Manager"
  7. I've had notification e-mails set up for my account for years. I use an alternative e-mail for notifications, so that they come into my phone e-mail, not my regular e-mail (which is so huge, I don't have it notifying me on my phone). About a month ago (I'm not sure when, because I was sick) the notification e-mails just stopped coming. I've confirmed the alternate address in geocaching.com - it is selected, and confirmed. I've confirmed that other e-mails arrive to that address without problem. I've turned the notifications off and back on again, in hopes that would "wake them up." No luck. I've written to GS, awaiting an answers... but I was hoping someone here might know why notifications would just STOP.
  8. "Sorry, you have overexceeded your email quota." I've been getting it for over a week! And I barely send e-mails, two or three since the start of September, none since International EarthCache Day, when I first got this error. I'm a premium member. I don't know what else to do. I haven't changed any options. I don't get far enough to answer the question about sending myself a copy. Please help!
  9. Sorry, didn't realize the link on #9 was different from the link on the previous posts. That's more useful. So... how did you create this, so I can recreate it in the future? Carolyn
  10. ...if your search didn't have a specified centre-point. However, if you enter a location in the main search field, the distances will be relative to that location, not your profile's home location. Sorry, A-Team, that's what I did originally, and that's exactly what the earlier posters in this thread told me NOT to do, as it creates another (known bug) problem, where the search results include dozens of mystery and multi-caches in addition to the specified Event caches. Thanks. Carolyn K. / Mrs.Hoagie
  11. Um, read the posts above before you reply, and you're set.
  12. Nope, I set my home coordinates. And these are sorted by whatever column I click on, or by event name by default. Still can't figure out where caches are hundreds of miles away when I wanted caches in the next county. Not even sure these are in state. Ah, did a "Map this location" and found your result isn't a search at all, Hans. It's a click on the link to all caches in a state, as cerberus1 described. Unfortunately, since we live so close to the state line, this means that we don't get local events (>30 miles from either my home, or the center of the search I was trying to do, Lancaster PA) just over the Delaware or Maryland state lines, but instead get events from hundreds of miles away (Erie). So... it's broke. And the instructions said to report bugs here. How do these get back to Groundspeak? Carolyn K. / Mrs.Hoagie
  13. No go, ceberus1, thanks to us living in counties adjacent to a state line minutes away, but 6+ hours from several edges of our state. Really do need the search to be from a given point, in this case Lancaster PA. Thanks anyway. Carolyn / Mrs.Hoagie
  14. Thanks, Hans, but... this gives me 63 events based HERE at home. I didn't want home, I wanted Lancaster. I can't even figure out where these are, without clicking for details. 226.4 miles from here? Huh? Lancaster is only 31 miles away. I guess we're back to, SEARCH doesn't do what I need (find the local Lancaster Events), and maybe it would, but I stumbled into a bug where, if I use the white search form and enter the location I'm looking for, I get all those mystery and multi caches, too, along with archived caches mixed in with the events. And that's where I started... I'd like to report a bug. Thanks all. P.S. I use my archived caches to know what I've done in the past, and honestly, I've not been able to add a picture to a cache without hosting it somewhere first (now difficult due to my own website development stage). Sorry I'm being "thick" kunarion. Or... can we now upload pics directly from PC to cache since the updated website? I haven't tried since then... Publishing a cache shortly, already written - I'll experiment there. Thanks.
  15. Yup, the distances are messed up. And it shows me 69 different caches up to 30.4 miles from Lancaster PA, closer to my home location. Here's a screen shot of some of what I see. A bunch of them are caches that I've found, mysteries, multis. The rest are caches that I have NOT found, as you see the first one on the bottom of the screen shot. And I do NOT see 7 event caches - wish I did - because I'm looking for a L.O.S.T. (Lancaster) event for next month! Correction: I do see 7 events (went back and counted) but not the one I'm looking for. Must not be published yet. Hmm, apparently I cannot include a screen shot without publishing it somewhere first. Suggestions? Carolyn
  16. I'm using the new Search option, adjusting the filters to remove all cache types, then add in only the Events filter. Instead of showing only events, the results show events, plus a number (varies by search) of other caches, mostly but not all mystery caches. Frustrating, and makes it tough to find the Events I was looking for. This has been a problem since the new Search was introduced, but I didn't report it, hoping it would resolve itself in time. I also searched the forums, but didn't find this particular problem reported. Here's the URL of my most recent attempt. https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@40.03788,-76.30551?origin=Lancaster,+Pennsylvania&ot=3&g=325387&radius=30mi&types=6 Thank you. Carolyn K. / Mrs.Hoagie
  17. Oh, good, I'm glad it's not just me being "thick." That's not usually something I'm accused of, but I guess it happens sometimes. I'll try to contain my frustration. Or quit using the website, and learn to do everything with my (un-named) Android app. Probably not what they were hoping when they "fixed" the website...
  18. I looked for that left-hand pull-out panel, too, but it was missing. But... maybe it's only missing from search results map? Making those two separate maps seems like adding a complication to their code, too. So it seems that they've added a step. Instead of just searching and moving around the map from there, you have to go to View Geocaching map, THEN search, and then move around the map. I just love when the process is made MORE complicated by "upgrades." I know, I'll get used to it...
  19. Looks like they've tried to separate the two functions, but done so incompletely. I clicked on "view Geocache Map" and got my scrollable map. Yippee! Except... it only starts at home. I started 2 hours from home Saturday, and often start many states from home; hopefully in the future I'll be starting countries from my U.S. home! How do I get the "View Geocache Map" to start at another location, if the Search result map no longer works? Thanks!
  20. If you only have a hammer... everything is a nail? In offering the new search feature, you've removed the most useful (to us) feature of the Geocaching.com website. I submitted this to Groundspeak support, and was redirected here, though it's not a search problem. Apparently Carly, Community Manager, feels that *everything* is a search question these days. So here it is: The updated web site looked good... until I tried to use it. I carry my PC in the car because it's the best way to explore our routes as we travel, to find nearby caches before we get where we're going, especially while we're driving and we have no idea where we are (and some days, no idea where we're going). I just bring up my Geocaching.com map, and scroll along the route we're heading for... But as of the update late last week, the map no longer loads geocaches! Instead, it works like a phone app, loading only a limited number of caches surrounding the address I type in (the new "my location" feature doesn't work on a PC with mobile hotspot). So as I scroll along our route our possible route, looking for caches, all of a sudden (far less than 30 miles out!) they just aren't there. NONE. After whatever number of caches Groundspeak decided to display around my starting point, I'm out of luck. I can no longer navigate caching trips. If I had some idea of the address / town I was in, I could type in that address, but hints are hard to find. And signs like "Welcome to South Whitehall Township" (the sign we just passed) are useless, as I can't enter the township name into the address field: "We couldn't recognize that location. Please try again." Although having all that advanced search capability is nice, if it's at the expense of being able to use the map to search for caches, it's NOT worth it! Thanks for considering restoring a functional, useful geocaching.com website.
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