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  1. Hi, i have had a similar problem over the past few days. I still get all my owner notification emails from my older/existing caches but have recently had 5 new caches published and am getting no owner emails at all. I have nothing in my spam or any other folder either, so not sure whats going on. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi guys. Ok i've got the same problem. I had 5 new caches published a few days back and am receiving no new owner log notification emails for those caches at all. Not even in a spam or any other folder. Weirdly, i am still getting owner log emails for my older/existing caches (even today). I've checked all settings and can find nothing wrong,its just the new caches that are affected. The email address is correct. I've tried contacting the reviewer incase its something to do with settings at their end. Anyone had similar problem or can help?
  3. try the geocoinclub.com Thanks drneal, it worked! Wilcox
  4. I have a 'July 2006 Signal the Frog, World Geocaching Series 1' coin with no activation code. I've tried 'hogcode.com' and other common activation sites with no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where i might get the code? Any help greatly appreciated.
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