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  1. The line is right down the middle of the screen and stays on while the unit is on. I've had this unit for over a year and it just started doing this in the last week. I have used rechargable batteries in the unit but that may not have anything to do with it. thanks for the feedback. Michael Jerrells Bluemountain
  2. I am having trouble with lines showing up in the display of my Mag 315. Does anyone know what causes this and what can be done to correct it. Thanks Bluemountain Michael Jerrells Bluemountain
  3. I just wanted to let you know that I checked this cache today and I did not find the Travel Bug Rainbow the peace Bear. Someone else may have picked it up and not logged it but it is no longer in the cache Sam's by Sam Whelman. Sorry i couldn,t have been of more help. Bluemountain Michael Jerrells Bluemountain
  4. I have the basic Meridan which Ive had oabout 2 weeks. I also got the topo map cd rom. This is really an awesome setup which I am well satisfied with so far. Bluemountain Michael Jerrells Bluemountain
  5. Thanks for the reply on this i had been wondering if I had been seeing things. Bluemountain Michael Jerrells Bluemountain
  6. I found a virtual cache posted from Indiana a couple days ago where you were supposed to go out and find old farm machinery and log the coords and take the picture. Now I can't find it loged anywhere. I don't remember the name of the cache. Has anyone seen it? If so let me know. Michael Jerrells Bluemountain
  7. Just upgraded my Gps 315 and used it today after making the upgrade to version 3.15 from 2.03 and it worked great. i think i will be well satisfied with it. Michael Jerrells Bluemountain
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