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  1. I can't say how the iPhone 4s compares, but as far as the iPhone 4, the GPS is not as accurate as my GPSMAP 62sc. With clear sky, the 62sc has an accuracy of 9' and the iPhone is 16', sometimes 32'. In the woods the difference is greater. However for at least some caches it's more than adequate and the satellite maps are way better than Garmin's. In some cases it is easier to find the cache with the iPhone because I can see in a detailed satellite image (way more detailed than Garmin's) where the cache should be, even if my location is not showing as as accurately. Urban caches are a good use for the iPhone, where your GPS might not read accurately, but the satellite image will pinpoint the location as accurately as the coords are. I use both. I mostly use my 62sc, but sometimes, especially for on-the-fly geocaching, I use the iPhone. Plus I always use the iPhone for logging finds, as well as for getting the latest logs and looking at logs beyond the ones stored on the 62sc. Etc.
  2. I write a short blurb about our experience, and then put TFTC at the end. Hopefully that is OK since it's not the only thing I write.
  3. With the official app I can see the cache and myself on an updating map (road, topographic or satellite, and with compass rotating the map). Is there something this one does that is different from that? Probably I don't need it as I'm mainly using my GPSMAP 62sc now, with the iPhone as a (great) supplement. For posting logs, seeing if there's new logs, and for on-the-fly caching when the need arises , which the official app does great. One thing I'd really like is an app that has a pocket query creator and let me set PQs to run. It lets me access ones that have already been run, but not create them nor set them to running. Does this other one do that? EDIT: Also there seem to be two Geosphere apps. One is called "Geocaching with Geosphere" and has much better reviews. Is that the one? This: http://appshopper.com/navigation/geosphere
  4. I highly, highly recommend using Sanyo Eneloop pre-charged rechargeable batteries. They are soooo much better than standard NiMH batteries. The pre-charged bit is because they retain their charge far longer than normal NiMH batteries so they can even ship them charged. NiMH does fine if you are constantly using something, but if you are intermittently using a device, which is true for almost any device, Eneloops will last way longer between charges. Plus you can charge multiple sets of them and carry them with you without needing a charger for even longer because the charge will be retained for months. There are other brands of pre-charged batteries, such as Duracell, and they are good too, but I'm partial to Eneloop in part because they are white and thus easy to distinguish.
  5. I had problems calibrating the compass in my 62sc once, but it turned out it was because I was sitting in my car. I stepped out and it calibrated without a hitch. Any chance you are sitting in your car while you try to calibrate? I also had a problem when I was near some buildings once. I guess something is interfering. Try walking away from buildings and such. Perhaps worth a shot?
  6. I can't seem to find the ZoomMediaPlus card reader online and some places say it's discontinued. Is this thing still available somewhere, and does it still work? If I could load caches onto my 62sc via my iPhone that would be wonderful. Or is there an equivalent from some other company? Also, is it possible to use the camera connection kit to copy files to the card if you are jailbroken? I'd considering doing that if it would let me use the card reader that way.
  7. I think I may have overstated how bad the iPhone is in the woods. I actually can't remember the details as its been a while since I last cached exclusively with it, other then that it is at best 16' and it's worse in the woods.
  8. I have an iPhone 4 and the official Geocaching app (which is very good, by the way, at least on iOS), at best reports 16' accuracy. In the woods it's a lot worse. Could be 32, 64 or sometimes even higher. So it's not great, but it can get you in the vicinity or better depending on the location of the cache (and it's useful for on-the-fly Geocaching, looking at and posting logs, etc, etc, in concert with a standalone). Just getting a Bluetooth GPS receiver isn't necessarily the answer. I have one and the accuracy is worse than the built in GPS on the iPhone 4, not better. I'm very curious about the Garmin GPS module. I'll be anxious to hear from people if it rivals a standalone GPS like my GPSMAP 62sc. If it does I would like to get one. However ideally there'd be a good way to attach the phone to it. Otherwise you need two hands, though there's always rubber bands.
  9. Like user13371 said, this is not made by Apple. As far as why you'd want something this over a dedicated GPS. A dedicated GPS is a lot more trouble, requires a lot more planning, and unless you are willing to pay outrageous prices for maps, often times the maps leave a lot to be desired and are a pain to get (and keep updated, if they are updated at all). The maps in the official Geocaching app are great, more up to date, and you get Google satellite maps which completely blow away Garmin's satellite maps which are also pretty painful to download. And they are free. FREE. But... my experience with one external GPS module was that it had worse accuracy than the built-in GPS, and my GPSMAP 62sc has clearly superior reception to both. What we need is for somebody to make a Geocaching-specific GPS module for iOS devices, with great accuracy. That would be awesome and, in spite of the far poorer battery life, I'd use that over my GPSMAP 62sc any day and carry an external battery pack. So much more convenient, better maps, on-the-fly caching, great for logging finds and looking at logs, etc. Unfortunately I'm not sure if this particular module gives accuracy similar to the 62sc, but I doubt it. Would love to hear otherwise. So for now I use my GPSMAP 62sc AND my iPhone 4.
  10. I have a GPSMAP 62sc and an iPhone 4. I find the iPhone app invaluable for on the fly cache lookups, posting logs in the field, etc. I use the official app, which is very good. However note that the WiFi iPad does not have a GPS, so a WiFi iPad isn't going to do the trick. Unless you add on a GPS module. That could work.
  11. Is there anything close to that for Mac OS X? I could run GSAK in VMWare Fusion, but would prefer not to.
  12. I wish we could create new pocket queries, see our list of queries, set them to run, etc, on the iPhone app. That would add to the value of the app (though it's great already).
  13. Ah, thanks! But that's not quite what I want. I want to get only ones that I haven't already found, like I can for a normal pocket query. Or other criteria (such as still enabled, or found in last 7 days). Still this is better than nothing. I will have to look into how you create bookmarks, as I guess I could use those to do what I want for other sets of caches?
  14. First I tried to create a pocket query that would be for all caches in a particular series, but there does not seem to be a way to make a pocket query that uses search criteria such as "name of cache" - that seems very odd. Then I tried just doing a search, and that almost works except that it will only seem to download .loc format. Is there any way to get all the caches that match certain criteria (in this case, start with "LoZ Series:") and in GPX format?
  15. I really wish I could resize and/or move the selection box for Birdseye downloads. Trying to line up several sections is a real pain. Is there a way to do that and I'm just missing it?
  16. I have an iPhone 4 which I had been using for geocaching, and I just got a Garmin GPSMAP 62sc. The official iPhone app is actually really great. It's awesome for finding caches on the fly, reading logs, etc. You can store caches, maps, etc, for offline use. The only problem with it, and it's significant, is that the GPS accuracy of the iPhone isn't great, especially in the woods, and the battery life is terrible in comparison to the 62sc, although you can help that with external power packs, which I used. Still, this 62sc seems to run forever. I like the 62sc a lot and clearly the accuracy is a lot better, but truth-be-told, I'd much rather have an iPhone with a GPS module that rivals standalone units. Unfortunately that doesn't exist. I even got an external bluetooth GPS module, but it's actually worse than the iPhone's GPS. The 62sc requires a lot more preparation. You can't just find caches nearby that you haven't already loaded onto it like you can with the iPhone app. The satellite maps on the iPhone app are way better than Garmin's Birdseye maps, and are free. Birdseye costs money and downloading the maps is super freaking slow. Also you need to learn where to get free maps and how to install them unless you want to pay for Garmin's expensive maps. But I have found good topo/road maps for Maryland and NY, at least, from gpsfiledepot. And when it comes down to it, the most important thing is the greater accuracy. I will continue to use the iPhone to log finds, to read logs, and to find caches on the fly (which I then can type the coordinates of into the 62sc). So it's not like the official app has lost all of it's uses.
  17. I don't know the definitive answer, but I can say this: whichever one you buy, put a screen protector on it before you ever use it. I got a GPSMAP 62sc and on my first geocaching outing with it I got a pretty annoying scratch not far from the middle of the screen. I've since put a Zagg screen protector on it. I wish I'd done that first.
  18. My son has an Android pay-as-you-go phone, so I will check out geobeagle for him since it's free. He is 11, and while he likes geocaching, he isn't likely to pay $10 for the geocaching app.
  19. crunchewy


    One option is to get an extended battery pack module that plugs into the dock connector, or one of those cases that are also an extended battery. There are lots of choices out there for these things. You didn't say which iPhone you have. I have a small battery module that worked great on my 3GS, nearly doubling run time, but then when I got an iPhone 4, while it works fine, it doesn't add nearly as much run time. Still it's better than nothing.
  20. I got the map installed from osmmaps.com and it is certainly much better than the basemap, but while it shows lots of streets and such, it doesn't have names for nearly any of them. So it's not ideal. Still, better than the default one.
  21. Ok, so I'm having a conversation with myself, LOL, but maybe others will find this useful. I resolved the problem. I reformatted the card with Disk Utility on my Mac using FAT format, and copied the map over again, and now it recognizes the card for photos and the map shows up. Yeah! Unfortunately, while this Canada map shows lots more streets than the basemap, it doesn't show many street names, so I guess I'm still in search of a good map for Montreal, where we'll be visiting later this summer and I would like to look for some caches. Also, I still have the problem that when I eject the card, it and the Garmin mounts again after a few seconds. So I have to eject it and the Garmin, then disconnect the cable, not doing it too soon and not doing it too late. Pretty darn annoying and there's a potential for corruption, so if anyone else has/had this problem and finds a solution, that info would be appreciated. Otherwise I might remove the MicroSD card and go without.
  22. I think the GPS is not recognizing the card, because I found the settings for the camera and you can set it to use the card for storing photos, but if I set it to that it says that I can take 0 photos. Trying to take one anyway results in it not storing the photo. Was there some sort of formatting I was supposed to do for the card other than making a "Garmin" folder?
  23. I got a 4 GB Micro SD card and installed it in my 62sc and it mounts on the desktop. I made a "Garmin" folder on it and copied a map from http://www.osmmaps.com/ for Canada into it, but when I go to Map Setup on my GPS it doesn't show up. The file is called "gmapsupp.img" - is that the right name? I was under the impression that I could use any name. Further, I looked around in the menus and I can't find anything about memory cards. I was expecting for example, to see an option to save photos to the Micro SD card, but there's nothing I can find like that. Is there something I need to do to get the MicroSD card to be recognized by the GPS? I just plugged the GPS back into my Mac and launched BaseCamp and it read the map from the card and displayed it, so the map appears to be right. But again I just disconnected and check on the GPS and the map doesn't show up in the Map Setup. What am I doing wrong? Also, since putting this card in, now when I eject both the GPS and the card from my desktop, after a few seconds they mount again. Is there any way to stop that? I'm on a Mac running 10.7. It didn't do that when I didn't have a memory card in it and was just using the internal storage.
  24. Thanks for asking this question, because I was unsure what to do too. I'm thinking of making my first hide and this and the responses were very helpful.
  25. Hmm. That looks good, but what format do I export in order to get a map usable on my 62sc? I presume there is some conversion that needs to be done? What tool do you use to do that? EDIT: looking around I see there are some sites that use it and provide maps for download that work with Garmin GPSs, including all of Canada. I'll give that a shot. Thanks! This: http://www.osmmaps.com/
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