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  1. It is a Sunday afternoon and we are home because we can't go outside to find caches. Lots of snow has recently melted making a big muddy mess everywhere. On top of that we have a constant drizzle for the entire weekend. Alternative... she is playing World of Warcraft and I am running and making PQs for my next trip to Florida. Anyways watching her play World of Warcraft I thought... how about integrating both geocaching and World of Warcraft (W.O.W.)? WOW features lots of virtual worlds with lots of geographic features like mountains, caves, rivers, islands, glaziers, canyons, cities, towns, villages, large forests, buildings, ruins, roads, and so on... All places that we as geocachers go out to find caches. For those who know about it would not be nice to have an option to find and hide caches in the World of Warcraft? It might imply that both companies sign a huge deal and lots and lots of development but I will pay a membership for it. Any ideas? neco_cachero
  2. Bad news. We stopped by Mingo last night in our way back to Kansas from Colorado. We always stopped at Mingo at least once a month because we go visit friends and family in Fort Collins. We are very sad to tell everybody that it has been taken again. This time they filled the hole with insulation foam, the type that construction workers use to fill in gaps in houses, they took the container and they covered the hole with dirt. There were a lot of trucks parked in the area and a lot of construction equipment. It looks like it might be a sad ending for such a great cache, specially being the oldest active cache in the world. If the CO can take a look and visit the cache, it would be great. We will upload pictures soon. We noticed a bunch of trucks and construction road equipment parked on the area. Reading the last found it log it looks like maybe they had to do something with it, or maybe some local did it. We did not dig the whole so maybe the container has been buried and sealed inside the hole.
  3. Stopped by Mingo last night. It is gone again. This time they filled up the hole with insulation foam and covered it with dirt. Ready the logs.
  4. While geocaching today in the Carnahan Recreational Area near by Olgsburg, Kansas I found a Survey Disk by the entrance of the cemetery that has the geocache I was looking for. I am inquiring about it because it seems to me a very obvious benchmark not to be already logged by somebody somewhere else before. Here are the coordinates: N 39 20.174 W 096 37.544 I already submitted a new waymark point in Waymarking.com but I am still intrigued to find out more about this. Thanks, bruno
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