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  1. I personally dislike the "Ctrl-V" logs the most. They're not too hard to recognize.
  2. It's really not a big deal to me if somebody doesn't sign the physical log. People sometimes might forget a pen or the pencil broke. I'll take their word for it.
  3. This tree is close to one of my caches. I'm not really sure what exactly the thing in the middle is. It almost looks like a foil pie container. I'll snap a more clear photo myself next time I get out there.
  4. I learned pretty early on that I should always take a pen with me while out caching. Pen snatchers are very common around here. Indeed, most of my cache maintenance has simply involved replacing pens that have gone missing.
  5. I think it reflects well on the cache owner if the swag in the cache is good. I've found so many caches with garbage or simply no swag at all inside. I know I often visit my caches and replenish the swag if need be. You can get a lot of great stuff at the Dollar Tree if you have one of those. Even if you don't have one, just check out any local dollar store. I've also found plenty of good deals online from the mom and pop sellers. Just got to do a little searching.
  6. I don't think giving out a FTF prize is really necessary. I do think it's nice to mention who the FTF was on your cache page, though.
  7. It always boggles the mind that people are cognizant enough to log the cache but not the tb/geocoin. Is it really that much trouble to log the trackable that you took? Not only is it disappointing to the owner of the trackable, but also to future finders who are expecting to find a tb/geocoin in the listed cache. In my opinion, if you're not going to log that you took the trackable in a timely fashion, just don't take the trackable to begin with.
  8. None of my caches have more than a single vote. A number have zero votes. That's cool. I just won't hide anymore caches. I'll be another one of those guys that finds 3,000 caches and hides zero. Well, hides zero but adopts a single cache just to look cool. ;P
  9. I don't understand why you would feel you had to do that. As others have pointed out, you don't have to use all of your votes. In fact, you probably shouldn't. I have never cached anywhere where I felt that 1 cache in 10 was worth remembering, much less letting others know about it. When you feel they're special, mark 'em as special. If not, save your votes. "Lowering my standards" was perhaps not the right term to use. The caches I chose to favorite, that weren't on my bookmark list, are all still pretty darn good. I look at the new favorite system as a chance to recognize more than just the legendary caches. I honestly could find most of those famous caches before by simply sorting through the various bookmark lists. Now if you only want to use 10 out of your 1000 favorite votes, that's your little red wagon. Me? I'm gonna use my votes and give hiders praise when I feel it's deserved. Indeed, I want to encourage people to hide more quality caches, not discourage.
  10. A basic "TFTC" only log = I didn't like your cache. At least that's the way I typically take it. *shrug* I don't lose too much sleep over it.
  11. I also had to lower my standards a little bit when it came to distributing my votes. My feel is if it's a good cache, then why not give it a vote if you have the vote to give? I still keep what I consider to be the "best of the best caches" on a bookmark list for those that are interested in that. There are plenty of good caches that I don't mind putting my stamp of approval on. I'm sure the cache owners are happy to get the vote and see somebody enjoyed his or her cache. And you know what a happy cache owner does? He or she puts out more cool caches. My two cents.
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