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  1. Fewer finders for a multicache usually leads to more maintenance visits from me because people are reluctant to go after a multicache if it hasn't been found recently. So it's up to the cache owner (me) to go out there and verify the multi is still there. And just because lots of caches are still being published, doesn't mean as many people are finding them as they used to.
  2. Yeah, a couple of my caches that won awards are multis. People just seem to have little interest in doing them despite all the favorite votes they have. It's a shame really because some of the best caches I've found have been multicaches.
  3. LOL! I'm definitely on # 7 for a lot of my award-winning caches. They were placed out in 2013 and I'm lucky if they get a find or two a year at this point. I don't hold out much hope for new players finding them either. I feel like geocaching has been in decline for quite a few years now. But it's just hard for me to let go and archive them.
  4. Yeah, this promotion hasn't done much for my higher rated caches in terms of getting increased (ANY) activity. Something like 15 FPs with a 60%+ percentage would have been a fair number for Groundspeak to pick. I also have one multi with 71% and 24 FPs. So close, yet so far. ?
  5. The new app is basically crap. There's no nice way to put it. The old app was superior in nearly every aspect. And if geocaching wants to keep growing and have people pay for "premium" access, it might not be a bad idea to let prospective members find something other than LPCS, but no, let's give em a crippled worthless app. Cause, yeah, those LPCs and guard rail caches really make folks want to fork over $30 to find more. Stupidity at its finest. Oh, you want to take a friend or one of your kids caching with you? Sorry, but now you're out of luck. Indeed, your friend or kid has to pay $30 just so he can use the app for the day. Seems legit. Obviously geocaching has been in decline for awhile now, but these business decisions will doing nothing to help that. Anyways, lot of old cranky men here. Feel free to blast away, but you know I'm right even if you won't admit it.
  6. Geocaching has been dying for awhile and Pokemon Go has made it more evident than ever. Souvenirs and stats that nobody cares about, but the most hardcore. Loads of unmaintained and/or abandoned geocaches. People finding nothing but shopping mall geocaches, while ignoring multis and mysteries. But, enough of this... Some young punks on bicycles took over my team's gym. Time for payback. Back to finish rant later
  7. I started geocaching in 2010 and don't really think it's much bigger now than it was then. More events maybe, but not more actual caches to find. I know REI stopped selling geocaching stuff awhile back. :| My own opinion is that geocaching is here to stay, but will never be as big as I or probably others hoped it would be.
  8. Sorry for your loss. I have one for my late dog called Punkie's cache. It didn't actually start off as a memorial cache. Indeed, she was still alive when I placed it. But when she passed, I decided to add some pics, poems, and bio to the existing cache. If people don't want to read the stuff, they certainly don't have to. I know there may be some people out there that don't care for that sorta thing. But I thought it was much better doing something like this for my dog than placing a pic/bio on the Internet that usually quickly fades into obscurity. The feedback has been very positive overall. Lot of folks have also uploaded pics of their dogs on the cache page too, which I've really enjoyed. Good luck with your cache!
  9. Watch out, we got a cache cop over here.
  10. Recently attempted to do a multi. The next to last stage required a projection. Having only a smart phone and the official geocaching app, I was unable to figure out how to do it in the field. I was later able to plug in the numbers at home and come up with the proper coordinates, but I was slightly peturbed that a projection was required, yet not mentioned on the cache description page. Just seems like it un-necessarily complicates things for us smart phone users.
  11. Your 10 Angry Bird caches have favorite vote ratios ranging from 60 to nearly 80 percentage. That's a dadgum impressive number. Hell, 80 is almost unheard of for that amount of finds. You've obviously got some winners out there. Congrats! As for the ones not leaving favorite votes, I wouldn't let it get to you. It totally depends on the type of cachers finding your caches. Some guys rarely ever give out favorite votes. That's just the way they are, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. And then, of course, you have the guys that never give out favorite votes. I believe I've brought up that topic once before. It went over really well on here. But yeah, nothing you can really do about those folks. Just part of the game. Just be happy if they give you a great log and move on. So don't sweat it man. It's quite obvious you got some great caches. Keep on hiding!
  12. disregard this post. If there's a way to delete it, please let me know
  13. Can't see my caches or anyone elses for that matter. Plus, I can't organize caches by favorite votes. LAME
  14. Yeah, I have a cache that is four star terrain if you take the short route and more like a 2 1/2 terrain if you take a route that is a tad longer. Most opt for the four star route because it's quicker. Cachers from my experience almost always want to take the shortest route possible. One cache I have I made into a multicache specifically because I didn't want cachers cutting through someones backyard to get to the final stage. As a result, way less folks have bothered to attempt it, but at least I don't have to worry about people trespassing.
  15. I guess you won't be finding the cache I placed at the spot I lost my virginity at? Such a scenic view too!
  16. I like the various types of keychain flashlights. Cheap and kids usually like them.
  17. Family activity? If the kids are expecting to find cool toys in caches, they will be extremely disappointed. I'd say 96% of the swag I've found in caches is complete crap. If kids don't like getting out and hiking in general, chances are they're not gonna like geocaching. I wouldn't bash anyone for putting out a cache unless it's obviously been abandoned. Most people don't hide caches. It's better not to annoy the few cachers that actually do or before you know it, you'll have to start driving 20+ miles to find new caches. Boring hides are fine. They have a place in the game. They are typically easy to get to and help keep streaks alive. If you really don't like it and must vent, just leave a simple "TFTC" log. It allows you to let off steam without the cacher owner knowing you secretly hate his or her cache
  18. If you leave me a favorite vote, feel free to leave a cut and paste log about how hot the weather was that day or if you prefer, a TFTC log works. Hell, you log can be a "." for all I care! Just gimme da votes But yeah, in all seriousness, cut and paste logs are bad because 1) they usually tell you nothing about the specific cache and 2) often one or two caches owners get the same logs over and over from you. For example, I have five caches in a shopping center. One time, a guy left the same CUT and PASTE log for each cache. It talked about how he woke up and that it raining and blah, blah, blah... but no information was given about the actual caches! I don't really care that you put the wrong shoes on in the morning, just let me know if you liked the cache or not! ARGHHHHHHH!
  19. No actual reward. I'd still to go outside, dance around naked, and spike a football each time I received one.
  20. Most of my caches start out with pens. They often seem to disappear, though. So I wouldn't necessarily blame the CO for a cache not having a pen. As other folks have stated, always try to bring your own pen or pencil.
  21. I'd rather someone just carried on finding caches than starting leaving unimaginative hides just because of some convention that they were expected to hide even if they didn't really want to. So you've found 2,000 caches and can't come up with something? If maintenance is an issue, try hiding an ammo can in a remote location. No maintenance required. Indeed, we've had ammo can caches abandoned by their owner back in 2004 that are still holding up just fine. Besides, if you actually took the time to hide a cache, I think you'd find it to be quite rewarding.
  22. not a big fan of the shared FTF. Was working on a field puzzle one time for a FTF when another group of cachers showed up. We both figured out the coordinates for the final stage. I think it was 0.3 miles away. I would have jogged over, but decided that would be rude and just walked with them. Once we got to the final stage, they found the container before me. They said I could claim a co-FTF and I ended up doing so, but it didn't really feel like a FTF. I tried to justify it to myself by saying I would had jogged over and had extra time to search. To be honest though, I kinda just wish I had just let them take the full credit. The person that actually FINDS the container first should get the credit imo.
  23. I still remember looking for a missing LPC at a grocery story when this geocacher drove up. He said the cache was missing and went on to tell me about his day. He apparently had found a cache in four or five different states that day and had completed his grid or something. He then told me he lived in the area and had thousands of geocache finds. I got all excited thinking that with this guy's vast experience, he must have some awesome hides of himself close by. Nada, he had never hidden a single cache. I logged the DNF and drove home. So yeah, it slightly irks me that are some folks that find thousands of caches every year, yet apparently don't have the time to hide and maintain a single cache of their own. Try giving a little back to the game instead of making it all about you and your geocaching accomplishents IMO. I'm personally more impressed by the guy that hides one awesome/legendary cache than the guy that finds 10,000 caches in a year. The previous requires real thought, the latter just requires time.
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