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  1. Is there any sort of icon / image to indicate that something is still working (a spinning arrow)? If so let it sit for a while, maybe it has to do some work. You can always go here, Triton 400 software, and download / install the latest software for your version (Nort America). Maybe a file became corrupted and this might fix it.
  2. Maybe try re-downloading the software update and re-installing it? You might had a bad update of the unit.
  3. I had this problem. My unit did this too; it would not turn on at all. One day I uploaded a new PQ to the unit (Explorist GC with firmware 1.7) and I restarted it to apply the new PQ. After it applied the PQ I always turn off the unit and turn it back on just to have it clean up anything. That is when it would stop turning on. The unit would not turn on for anything. I would not even get the hour glass screen, it was just black. I tried having it plugged into a USB port with and without batteries but nothing helped. In the end I had to buy a new unit; still have the old broken one sitting on my desk. I still love the Explorist GC unit but it would be nice to be able to get it working again.
  4. I have a static on the rear window of our car. What I did is print out a sheet of just black that matches the size of the bug. Then I taped it behind the bug on the window so when you are outside, you can see the travel bug a bit better. The only time we had someone log it was when we ran into other cachers; don't know if anyone else sees it and can not read the code or what. I always keep my eye out on other cars for bugs.
  5. How do you enter the new position on the explorist? To enter the next set of coordinates for a puzzle go to WAYPOINTS on the main screen and then press the MENU button. Click on ADD WAYPOINT, then COORDINATES and changes the numbers to the set of coordinates that you need to go to next.
  6. When you say it doesn't recognize the explorist unit, what do you mean by that? With the unit plugged into your computer via USB does it give you any error messages?
  7. When the map is zoomed out it only displays the major roads /highways. Once you start zooming in you will get more detailed streets.
  8. I did something similar for the NY state area. My PQ's are setup so they all are from my house, go out 100 miles (figured that would be the farthest we would travel in one day), return results for caches that I didn't find AND are enabled. The first PQ starts from Jan 1st of the first year you can choose and goes out until it hits around 980. Then the next one starts on the next day and continues until it hits around 980 caches again. It repeats unit I go up to December 31st of the last year that you can choose. Basically what I do is like what the first replier states. I then tell the PQ's to run on a certain day then un-check them self (not delete) so I can run them later. After a few weeks (about 2) I re-check the day of the week I want them to run on and re-load my GPSr. The main reason I do it this way instead of just loading a few caches on the unit is if we are out somewhere we can just turn on the GPSr and say "hey, there is some caches around here, lets do them".
  9. I have a similar problem with my Magellan eXplorist GC unit. Let me just say that I still have no idea what is causing my unit to not turn on and I am posting this to help other people and maybe we can figure it out. I updated the caches on the unit to a new set of PQ's, turned off the unit and now I can't get it back on. Changed the batteries, usb cable and nothing works. Sometimes if I let the unit sit around a while without batteries and with the usb cable plugged in, I then can turn the unit on (without batteries installed but with the usb cable for power). But, once it is on and I turn it off I can't turn it back on. This doesn't happen every time; sometimes I can't even turn it on at all. If I let the unit sit around for about 10 minutes with no power connected (usb cable or batteries) sometimes I can turn it on with just a usb cable connected but no batteries. At first I also thought it was a bad cache that was causing the unit to not turn on so I reloaded the software on the unit. If you go here, Magellan support site (UK but it doesn't matter) and choose your unit, under the downloads section is the area to re-install the software on your unit to factory defaults. Then I went back to the US magellan website, Magellan US support site, to download the latest firmware and re-installed that. Remember I am doing this with no batteries and just the usb cable for power, along with waiting about 10 minutes after I turn the unit off to "discharge" what ever is causing it to not turn back on. This way I know that there is no funky cache that is causing the unit to not turn on
  10. What I do is use my TomTom to direct me to the cache location, type in the coridants of the cache into TomTom's travel to section, and then I use the GC to walk to the cache. If anything, you can zoom in on the GC's map so it will show more detailed streets and just use that to get an idea where to turn.
  11. If you go to this website, explorist GC reinstall,you will be able to re-install the software that is on the unit. When you click on the link, click on the explorist GC image (that is the unit you have correct?) then click on the downloads tab on the top. Towards the bottom of the page is a link to "eXplorist GC software reinstallation". Click on that and a window will appear, download the software and follow the directions. This is from Magellan website itself. I know that this is from the Europe version of the Magellan's website but I was told by other users that this software will also work for the N. American's explorist GC unit.
  12. I own the explorist GC and you can not update the maps that is built into the unit. When you are zoomed out farther on the GC unit it mostly displays the major roads. Once you start zooming in then smaller and minor roads will appear. From what I can tell the explorist unit has all the roads that a normal gps contains. You can post your question here, Explorist Forum. That is a forum dedicated to the Explorist and has a few people right from Magellan. If you want better maps for driving what I would recommend, and this is what my wife and I do, is buying a car GPS unit. This way you type in the cords and have it direct you street by street to the closet road by the cache and then use the explorist to travel to the cache.
  13. I'm thinking that if you setup a pocket query with the options: show caches that "I haven't found" the starting origin be "my home location" within a radius of 100 miles That should give you a list of geocaches that have been found but filters out the ones that you found starting from your house and out 100 miles. Then when you go to the geocaching maps you click on the pocket query tab, there is a section for the one you just created. When you click on that pocket query it will only show the results of that one. Any help on creating the pocket query let me know.
  14. No there is no "turn by turn" directions built into the Explorist GC. What my wife and I do is use our Tomtom to direct us to the coordinates of the cache (or at least as close as we can get to it by driving) and then we use the Explorist GC to walk to the actual cache.
  15. I have been using the Magellan Explorist GC for a year now and the only thing that has "broke" on me was the tiny little tab that is attached to the rubber cover for the USB port. What I mean is not the whole rubber cover but just the little pull tab on the rubber cover. I think it broke mostly to closing it when we go caching and opening it back up to plug the GPSr into our car (the car has a USB port built in) so I can power the GPSr without killing the batteries and having to turn it on and off a whole bunch.
  16. If you use VantagePoint software from Magellan it will load the pics & attributes from your pocket queries. What you do is open vantagepoint and towards the top right there is a button that you can download the pocket queries from geocaching.com. Then you "sync" or load the caches that are on your computer to your explorist GC and it will automatically load the attributes and the pics. If you need more help in doing this let me know.
  17. What is happening when you try to transfer a cache to your GC unit? Make sure that when viewing the list of caches on your device that you are showing all caches not just a certain type (filter).
  18. The easiest and best way to download pocket queries to a Magellan unit is to use their software "VantagePoint"; VantagePoint software. Once you install it connect your GPSr unit to your computer and launch VantagePoint; link to the user's manual. There is a button towards the top of the screen that allows you to login to your geocaching account and then you can select which pocket queries to download. Note, you first have to make sure that that pocket querie is set to run first. Once vantagepoint downloads the pocket querie you can transfer it to your magellan unit. While it is transferring the geocaching it will also download any images associated with the cache and the attributes. If you need any more help on the software please let me know.
  19. If you have selected multiple "attributes to include / exclude" (at the bottom) it might be causing you to get zero results. Originally when I started with pocket queries I had selected a lot of attributes to include and I got zero results. So I now just keep them all un-selected. If that doesn't work just post all the settings that you have and maybe someone else can spot what is causing your problem.
  20. I don't know if you figured out a way of putting the whole state of Florida on your GPSr unit, by the way what unit do you have?, but this is what I did to load all of WNY on mine (Magellan Explorist GC). Setup the PQ to have: 1,000 caches select the types of caches & type of containers you want choose the option of "I've haven't found" so it only displays caches that you have not found make sure that the size & difficulty is not checked (so it loads all the sizes and difficulties) if you just want Florida then choose that state Under origin choose "my home location" so it starts from your house with a radius (distance from your home location out) of #, enter how many miles you want to travel. I use this website, Radius around a point to calculate the distance. It doesn't matter that the circle would cover other states because earlier you choose to limit to Florida For the "placed during", this is the part that takes the longest. What you need to do is choose a start date, I chose the earliest I can set 01/01/1996, and then you want to choose another date that keeps your PQ under 1,000; for me it was 06/01/2006. What this does is "show me all caches that were placed between those two dates. Then you would create another PQ using the sames settings but choose the starting date as one day after the ending of the first one. So my second PQ would have a starting date of 06/02/2006 and an ending date of whatever would give me just under 1,000 caches. When you click on submit at the bottom of the page, the page will show you a cache count at the top of the screen; just change the dates for each PQ until you are just under 1,000. Each one of mine are around 970 caches. Make sure that the attributes of include and exclude are not checked. I got these instructions from a very similar question I had posted here, my orignal question. If you have any more questions please ask.
  21. I have the same "problem" as everyone else with my explorist GC. When I load up my GC with the PQ's in my area (works out to around 5,500 caches) it does take a while to turn on the first time. After that it only takes around 20 seconds to fully load. From what I can tell it must do something with the GPX files / waypoints & probably puts all the info into the appropriate area (hints, pics, attributes, etc). Posting this for the info not looking for a fix; would be nice though.
  22. What os are you running on your computer and what version; windows xp, windows 7, mac, etc? What browser are you running to load the software? I know other people here have said that sometimes you need to load and unload the software a few times before it will work; me I only had to load it once. Also, make sure that when you click on the "send to gps" button that you are on the Magellan tab of the window that appears.
  23. I am just re-posting a link I posted before; don't know if anyone noticed it. Vehicle placard This will allow you to print out a placard that you can hang on your mirror. I like the idea of the other one that shadowmib posted but I don't know if someone would see it because it is white and you would place it on your dashboard. With this one it's green and you can write your info on it. On one side you would write your personal info (name, phone number) and then laminate it. This way your personal info is on there permanently. On the other side you would write the current GC code that you are on (after the placard is laminated, so you can wipe it off when done). Both are nice ideas to keep in your car when caching just so someone knows why there is an abandoned car.
  24. I own the explorist GC since October 2010 and love it. The idea that it is waterproof, paperless (need premium membership to geocaching.com) and the main idea that it was designed for geocaching. If you do decide to buy the GC first thing to do is check to see if you have the latest software on the unit. It is nice to use, easy to use, the precision seems really good (when it says I have 2 feet to the cache it is usually dead on). If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
  25. Are you using the same USB cable when you connect the GC to your computer and laptop? Maybe try changing the USB for another one; the cable might be starting to go. Also, on your home computer if you connect other devices to the same USB port do they work? Maybe that USB port is going.
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