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  1. thank you for your replies. In order to do an Earth Cache, one website states that I would need approval from the land management for the ground it is on? here is what it says: 4. EarthCaches must have approval from the Land Manager prior to submission (depending on local laws and customs). The name, title, and contact details of the person that authorized the EarthCache must be included in a Reviewer Note. Otherwise, information about the type of land, and the reasons why permission may not be required, must be included in a Reviewer Note. (permission requirements explained)
  2. Hello, I will be visiting Costa Rica for a month and noticed that there are not very many caches. Can I make a cache that does not have a physical container, i.e. a mystery cache, based on co-ordinates and a photo to log it in? any input on this would be appreciated.
  3. I am heading to Costa Rica in a few days. I will be in the Puerto Viejo area for a month. I see that there are only 6 caches near that area, 2 are also marked as missing. I am interested in setting up an Earth Cache, but haven't made one before. I think it would be the only type I can set up in another location? It says that I need permission from the land owner, how would I go about getting that info? Maybe I can do a "mystery cache" that involves no physical cache to maintain. Any input on this?
  4. My partner found this cache by total fluke! here is what I posted in the log: Mr Akacake found this by total fluke! He was fishing and didn't want to carry his keys with him so found a good hiding spot for them. He came back from fishing and his keys were moved 6 inches from where he had left them. He then saw some people and they asked him if they knew what THEY were doing..and he told them he knew that they were geocachers. They had moved his keys as the keys were right on the geocache! He just phoned me to ask me to log it in for him! What a coincidence! This is the 1st cache that I haven't been personally to myself! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?ID=2310675
  5. My Garmin Colorado 300 hangs on the startup page and I have tried the obvious and nothing works to get it started. It is 3 years old so the warranty is done, where can I get it fixed? I have purchased a new Oregon so if I can't fix it, will sell it for parts if there is even a market for that? I just hate to have to throw it away! I still have the box and everything for it, I loved that GPS! Kelly
  6. Near Dunnellon Florida: 30 caches that form a cross http://coord.info/GC2K8KE
  7. Thank you! That worked, I selected dashboard and now the cache page shows everything I need!
  8. thanks for the help, I have read the wiki notes on it and have figured out a bit. It still doesn't show the distance to cache on the cache page.
  9. My 2 yr old Colorado 300 died.....not sure what was wrong with it...just wouldn't start up past the Garmin welcome page... Anyways, I just bought an Oregon 450 and it is quite a bit different as far as the geocaching pages are concerned...any tips would be appreciated. I am used to the click wheel of the Colorado, click on geocaches and there is the whole list, click on one and you have all its info etc. With the Oregon this is what I am having troubles with: I press the geocaches icon, select a cache and it gives me the blue arrow with the purple line...but where is the other info, distance to cache etc? Maybe I am making this seem harder than it should be? thanks for any tips/help. Cheers, Kelly
  10. I have my Colorado 300 and macbook which work perfectly together...I do a pocket query and put in all the geocaches for a set region. The problem is when I try to do exactly the same for my brother in laws Colorado 300. He has a PC at home but didn't bring it with him so I am using my macbook to use the exact same pocket queries. I copy the same steps for mine and his doesn't show the cache description etc and then just goes blank and turns it's self off. I am a premium member and not sure if he is. Is that the problem, maybe I need to log in under his name and and do the queries? Any help with this would be great, thanks! Kelly
  11. You said the magic word. "Mac". If you are using a mac and delete the caches you will have to empty the trash in order to dump the hidden .caches file. Be sure to empty the trash before you disconnect and then everything should be back to normal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! It worked like a charm
  12. I have approx 100 caches on my Colorado 300. I want to delete them and start new as most were for a trip I took and now won't be going back there. I have done the obvious, clicking on the drive, finding the gpx folder and deleting. I will then look on the gps after I unhook it and it says no caches loaded. The next time I add in a new cache, wham all the old ones are back?? I have tried deleting on both my PC and Mac just to be sure it wasn't the system. I have no idea what is going on??? ANY help would be appreciated! Kelly
  13. My cache has shown a TB for the past 3 years that is definitely not there. I have emailed the TB owner several times with no response so I guess he isn't that active. How do I remove it from my cache's inventory?
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