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  1. Thanks all for your replies and to those who have started to follow my Blog. Also thanks for all the useful links with sites on them.


    Still really enjoy reading all of them!


    If anyone else still wants to follow please feel free and still I would love see your blogs!


    I seem to be only able to follow on Blogger and not wordpress (think wordpress is different, might have to sign up though!


    Thanks again


  2. Hello all,


    I have been Geocaching for a few months now and really have become quite addicted (only 14 finds but that will increase!). I have set up a Blog to share my experiences of my newly found hobby.


    What I would love to do is to post a link of your Blog (with your permission of course) on my Blog so that people can have easier access to it. If you then wish to do the same with mine please feel free. I haven't managed to see many Geocaching specific Blogs out there yet but really love to read them when I do find them.


    Also I would love your feed back about my Blog and if there is anything you would include or change please let me know.


    I have updated it today and try and update it when I can.



    This is the link. As I said please feel free to link to it or leave your link so I can link to yours (and read it regularly!) Also feel free to become a follower (as I haven't got any yet!).


    Thanks in advance



  3. Really sorry to be picky but the banner that is mine is the incorrect banner. I changed it and resubmitted with shadowing on the Official Earthcache part. I also increased the size of the Earthcache logo. The correct one is this:




    Also, are you allowed to vote for your own?

  4. Okay, the contest is officially CLOSED!


    A big thank-you to everyone who submitted designs and helped make this a very positive event! ;)


    We will be working this week on reviewing the final entries and determining the winner.


    Stay tuned!


    Are you any nearer choosing a winner yet GeowareHQ?




  5. Hello all,


    I am new to Geocaching and went out for the first time yesterday (with no luck I might add). I have started locally and I know the area where the cache is hidden but I can't find it!


    Anyway I think I am going to go back later for a second attempt!


    The main reason I am posting is to ask the question "Do you have to use a GPS?"


    At the moment I am not that keen to spend hundreds of pounds on one, mainly because I haven't got that amount of money! Could I just use Google maps to find the position and use the clues as well or would this be cheating?


    Also is there a good cheap GPS available for purchase? There is software available for my phone £4.00 but the reviews said it was rubbish. Is there any that anyone would recommend?


    Thanks in advance

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