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  1. I also logged a cache this morning and the big blue switch popped up but nothing in my souveniers. Hmmm
  2. I couldn't even get to the map. When I typed in the From and To locations and tried to click on search it wouldn't do anything. Once I changed the https to http it worked fine. I could then do the search and also could move the flags. Very strange indeed.
  3. Thanks Larry. Hadn't got to posting the results here. Found the answer in another posting here after extensive searching. But thanks for verifying that that was the problem.
  4. BTW I am using Windows 8 have not updated to 8.1 if that makes a difference. I can do a pocket query using a GC code and 25 miles radius feature. Just can't use the Along a Route feature.
  5. I am having problem trying to do a pocket query Along a Route. Did something change here? I enter the To and From information and when I hit Search it does nothing. Do I need to change a setting or something or is this broken at this time? Any suggestions? Haven't done a pocket query in quite a while but have never had this problem before
  6. Wow! What a mess this website is becoming. I have told several people to just go to the website and type in their zipcode to see how many caches are all around them. Guess that won't work anymore. Thought someone was nuts when they told me what the website looked like. Finally figured out that I had to log out to see what they were seeing. It's terrible. What are you folks thinking? Guess I won't be promoting Geocaching much anymore unless someone has a smartphone. Where can they even get instructions for using a handheld gps. Are you trying to drive all of us oldies away from the site? It sure seems like it. Either get a smartphone and the app or don't geocache. Feel sorry for a newbie trying to figure this site out.
  7. Welcome aboard. As determined as you were to find out about geocaching, I am sure you will do great. Happy Hunting.
  8. Do you know if it is the type of gps that you can log field notes on? If so might be able to see which caches they were at and when and check those caches to see who logged them on those dates. Just a thought. Good luck. I know the owner would be thrilled to get it back.
  9. How about coloring books? At county and state fairs you can pick up state and county maps for free. Marbles are cheap at the dollar stores. look at the dollar store for party favors. Cheap whistles, little games, crayons, . Little tables or sticky notes are cheap. Go to goodwill stores and pick up trinkets from there. Good luck with your cache.
  10. Maybe I am lucky that I am not a computer wizard because I don't seem to have a problem with finding caches and map. Others things yes, but not that. Front page type in city, state etc. click Brings up list of the caches. Above list says to Map this Location. Click and I have a map with those caches on it.
  11. Learned alot as to how to "sneak" around the site if I ever decide to do that. LOL Well, will never know who is watching and will never know where the trackables went I suppose. Such a shame. About a year ago there was a cacher in my immediate area that bragged about going to all the caches in the area and grabbing the trackables. Said he had a whole stack of them. Someone finally convinced him to let a few of them go but he wouldn't let go of the coins unfortunately. Don't know if he ever did or not but he is no longer caching. Thank goodness. At least I don't think he is. So, that's probably why I got a little suspicious with someone watching this cache. That came to mind. Thanks all for your input and will put this one to rest. Larry, you are watching my caches? LOL Stalking me lol Hope to see ya soon at a meeting. Alsways enjoy conversations with you.
  12. I know there is no way to know who's watching but... I wish I knew why someone was watching this cache page. LOL I also know that newbies are unaware of what to do with trackables. I try to keep my caches up to date on trackables as I know I don't like to go to a cache that supposedly has a trackable and its not in the cache. It just is bugging me that trackables are coming up missing from that particular cache with 2 people watching it. I wouldn't actually accuse anyone of stealing the trackables but thought by making it Premium only would stop the newbies and maybe would give me a clue as to who is watching.
  13. Wish I knew who was watching my cache. Two watchers are on there. The travelers from this cache seem to come up missing so I try to get to them before they do. I think someone is stalking it to grab travelers placed. I just marked one missing from it and the other one listed is not in the cache but was placed less than a month ago so hesitant in marking that one missing so just added a note to trackable page that it wasn't in the cache. I have now made that cache premium member only so I can at least see who is looking at the page perhaps. This is so frustrating to me, as I hate to see travelers go missing, especially from one of my caches. Anyone else have this problem with a cache? What did you do to stop it? The cache is almost an hour away from me so don't always get there quick enough to pick up the travelers before they come up missing. I didn't like making it premium only as it is a nursery rhyme cache and cache is decorated to match the nursery rhyme and easy to find for kids. Rant over. Thanks
  14. All you have to do is write a note log that you are dropping tb or something and at the bottom of the page there is a drop down list next to the tb's that are in your inventory. Just click dropped for the one you want to place in that cache. You can delete your note log if you want the tb will still be in the cache.
  15. I found a set of stamps on Ebay very reasonable. The series was alphabetic and the stamps were the letters of the alphabet with animals aruond them. A = alligator B = bear c+ cat etc. Theu were really kind of cute. Might try that route. I also punch lettered punches in the caches whereby the cachers could punch out their caching name and use the letters to log their find on the bonus cache. I also placed clues in some of the caches for the bonus cache.
  16. Go to Play at the top of the page at gc.com. Then click Find Trackables. Then enter the number from the decal or sticker. Then log it as discovered and as to where you spotted it etc.. The same way you would any other trackable.
  17. yep that was the problem. Thanks sooo much MountainBike. never would have figured that one out. Appreciate the help.
  18. Cute response but after 24 hours they still aren't listed.
  19. Last night I logged the caches that I had found yesterday. As I always do afterwards I clicked view under profile, geocaches, then on right side of page, found. Only one of them appeared in the list. So I went to cache papges to look and sure enough I had logged them. So I tried it again Same thing, only one of them appeared. So, I tried something different. Went to public profile and clicked on mystery caches, (as they were all mystery caches) and still only one showed up. However, my find count did increase correctly. Bug? Something on my end? Thanks
  20. Connect your gps to your computer. Open waypoints file. Click on the files that you want to delete one by one and delete them.
  21. I just kept deleting their logs and posted a note on the cache page as to why. Finally it stopped. I know the frustration you are feeling. Thats why from now on I am making all caches premium only. Since they don't go to the website they don't know the proper way to log a cache. Hate that new app with no email address needed. But since people have been complaining about it since it came out and Groundspeak has done nothing to change it I guess we as cache owners are stuck with it. I stopped putting out new caches except for one premium and archived about 50 of mine.
  22. The caches in my immediate area is decreasing. I have archived about 50 of my caches recently and not planning on replacing them until Groundspeak does something about the free app situation. I don't like making caches premium just to keep the free app users away because it hinders legitimate cachers without premium membership. Special caches getting TFTC logs or "another find for me" logs take the fun out of placing special caches. Several of my caches have come up missing and logs say "now what am I going to do with all these? Its been fun tho." Ofcourse a free app user, probably kids. I am trying to keep one series of mine going but have replaced at least 10 of the containers recently. Besides the aggrevation of it all, its getting expensive. Several cachers have asked me to keep this series open until they get a chance to complete it so if anymore come up missing will just replace with a pill bottle or something instead of replacing the "Hosts" for the caches. Very frustrating. I keep having to delete logs from the caches too. Once my three series of caches have pretty much been found by all the locals will delete all the rest. Has kinds of ruined the game for me. I get the notifications for the area on archives and placements and the archives win. Sad
  23. I love moving trackables. Since the Intro App and Free App has come out, I only place them in Premium Only Caches. Too many kids are downloading the free apps and going out and stealing them and some are even brazen enough to write in some of my log books that they "took the coin. Going to look for more to add to my collection." At least with Premium Caches there is an email address that you can write to ask if they saw it or if they picked it up and just forgot to log it. I have had luck with such emails and some replied oh yeah it was in the bottom of my geobag and had forgotten about it, thanks for the reminder. Really great coins I try to hand off to another cacher at a meeting or something and let them move it along if I can. That way lots of people at least get to discover them at the meeting. Also by handing them off at the meetings a lot of times it gets them going in the right direction if someone is taking a trip somewhere. I personally have had no success with my owned trackables. Am hesitant in placing any more but thankful for the people that do send them out Always feel bad when one comes up missing and it belongs to a child or a classroom etc. What does this teach the kids? Well, maybe it teaches them not to take something that doesn't belong to them because they now know how it feels. Maybe a life's lesson I guess but sad that they were the victims of theft.
  24. You don't open any cache smaller that a film container? What about the rule that log is to signed. Don't try that around in my area because your log will be deleted by several of the cachers around here. I can't believe that you would have the nerve to tell another newbie that the signature on the log is not important. Why sign any of them then. Are you in that big of a hurry that you can't put your name on the log? Wow, I think that was really bad, bad advice.
  25. Yes, there are snobby PMO members, but they would be snobby whether they were PMO or regular members. I had over 200 caches hidden and only had one premium only cache. Why? Because it was at a privately owned church and cemetery and I didn't want just anyone going there. I wanted to keep the traffic down somewhat. I too don't care if regular members log the PMO cache. A few months ago I placed a whole series of Letterbox caches that cost me quite a bit to put together and I made them PMO. I was starting to have problems with the free app cachers that didn't understand about regular caching let alone about letterbox caches. They were removing the caches and placing them other places, just taking them as a thrill I guess etc. I wanted to protect the series from such. Since the free app participants don't even have to go to the site to sign up or have a validated email address there was no way to contact them I found this to be a problem when they logged picked up a great coin, my son will love this etc etc. So if they didn't know what to do with geocoins and travelers do you think they would know what to do with the letterboxes which have rubber stamps in them and punches to punch out their caching name? I have had enough problems with this series as is, let alone letting the first time cacher find this neat container with these punches and rubber stamps in them. Since this free app has come out, I will continue to make all my caches PMO caches if I bother to place anymore at all. My hides are not difficult so everytime I get a DNF log I go out to check. With the new cachers logging so many DNF's I have been run ragged. It used to be that new cachers at least came to the site and read about geocaching and checking into it a little before going out after caches. Now they see FREE and load it and head out to locate caches not knowing how it works. They log the caches telling exactly what they found and where it was with logs like 3rd post from the corner, or under the reddish rock, etc. They don't know any better so my thinking is they have checked into it a little at least if they have invested the $30.00 to join and have at least come to the site. I see O/P has only one cache placed and maybe when you have placed more and start having problems with them you may change your mind about making them PMO caches. One cache is not a good sampling of problems that can occur with your caches.
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