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  1. same problem for me with garmin etrex H, and garmin etrex venture. tried switching compatibility mode? not sure if I did that correctly or not, added Groundspeak to "list of websites I've added to compatible view" even put garmin on there. I used to have a compatibility button/tool I could click on to change the view of the page, but it appears to be gone? when I try to install I just keep getting led through the same loop with no resolution. I use internet explorer, and changing the port had no affect either. any suggestions?
  2. thank you much, however I thought it was 10 finds equals 1 favorite point earned? I currently show 12 favorites available with 10 logs until my next favorite point is earned.
  3. I think you still have your bug on upgrading to premium membership. I was just upgraded, my finds total is 1175 I have 0 favorite points remaining, and 10 needed to earn my next favorite point
  4. at one time I had a "free" map that you could check counties you had found a cache, or done what ever in. you clicked on apply and it spit out a map with your selected counties shaded in. you then copied some text/code/script, put that in your profile and could see the map. not sure what happened, probable formatted wrong, but it no longer works, and I do miss it as I track my progress on filling in the map.
  5. thanks for the input, guess i'll have to go with that for now. it was much easier when all I had to do was look at the map. hopefully it is a bug, and it gets back to where I can see PMO caches at a zoomed out level.
  6. still an issue for me. as a basic member, and a hider it is nice to know if say a small cemetery or park i'm looking at hiding in is occupied or not. I don't want to waste my time putting one out to be told a PMO cache is there that I can't see at any level of zoom.
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