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  1. thanks for the map search post, i didn't know you could search that way as i hadn't search for much that way. it seems to be slow and clunky, which is why i had avoided it, but i guess that's better than doing 21 pocket queries to search for any nearby birthday caches going back to 2000 on any specific date. i guess i'll be doing that and checking back to see if my preferred filter search comes back. 

  2. this problem was resolved, yesterday, today is is doing the same thing again. when i attempted to locate a cache hidden on 10-9-20 i can select a "find date" not a hidden on date and i once again get a list of the caches nearest to me that i haven't found. 

  3. yesterday i was able to search for caches by their hidden on date from the home screen. now when i click "on" and select my year month and date i want to search i get a list of caches nearest to me placed on any date not say a cache hidden on October 7 2020 that i was searching for. i could do this as a pocket query as i have done that in the past, before i found out i could filter that info. 

  4. I must have attempted to change the date or delete that log at least a dozens times before I posted the last note above. just attempted it again and was able to delete that log and re-log it with the actual date that the event occurred. not sure what the problem was, but at least I got my issue fixed. 

  5. I just got the same error 500 page while logging in an event I attended last week. I thought I had adjusted the date to when the event occurred, but it logged as todays date. no big deal right? well that event was my 8th different cache type on that date, now it is not because it was not logged as found on the correct day. when I attempt to change the date I get the error page, and when I attempt to delete the log to log it again on the correct date I get the same error page.  

  6. once again this minor irritant is back, I participated in a CITO event the other day and earned a souvenir I don't care to display on my profile. no matter what I do to remove it, short of deleting my attended log? will hide it. I'm stuck in the refresh page and try again loop. do I have to now avoid caching on certain days to not clutter my souvenir page with unwanted artwork? 

  7. I've been trying to get rid of mine for weeks. only the first one stays hidden. once in a while I get the error message, most times I don't, when I check my public page souvenirs there they are again. finally I had success hiding them one at a time with a page refresh after each one was hidden. it took several tries, and I had to change the order I hide them in but eventually I got them all hidden. 

  8. I currently have a yellow circle with the number 1 inside it indicating I have one new message at the top of every page I view. my problem is I viewed that "new" message 2 days ago and that new message indicator won't go away. I tried clicking on every message in the message center, and it still won't go away, I've also tried refreshing the message center and it still remained. I know it's nothing big, but if I keep ignoring it I might miss something I should see.

  9. i think i'm having a similar problem with broken links, also while on IE, 9 to be exact. while looking at a cache page the click to "view larger map" is not doing that, works just fine on google. earlier, yesterday, i had some half loaded stuff on some cache pages. some had no profile image with a log, another was the D and T rating was gibberish. not sure if those where just an IE problem as i managed to work around them, so i didn't have to go to google.

  10. I was having the same problem of not being able to click on a cache icon on the map, same problem in IE and chrome. just checked now before posting this note and it is working? have seen it run slow before but it would always start to work after a couple seconds. makes me wonder why I keep my premium?

  11. I think it sounds like a great idea. I'm a motorsports fan and find many caches along my route to and from events. if you have a good historical route, and bring up points of interest about the circuit along the way it would be something I would try to do if I was aware of it. I do agree with others in that the final should be something appropriate, and with some effort.

  12. 263 within 10 miles of my home on the edge of rural northeastern Ohio, Doylestown to be exact. I've found all but 42 which includes a couple puzzles I usually don't do, and you can add the 33 that are my hides to get to 75 not found. cool thread, thanks for starting it interesting numbers.

  13. WOW! thanks IN VINO VERITAS, I've had the same problem with IE for about a month now. I also had Groundspeak in the compatibility view sites, and not geocaching, it never dawned on me. I've been using google that whole time, but just to load caches in my gps, just added geocaching to the list and it works again.

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