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  1. I don't cache with a smartphone. And if i am forced to give up my GPS for smartphone usage, then I will commit geo-cide.
  2. No, never done this. And I am pretty sure I never would either because the chip card would never consistently make it back to its home in my experience. MaNY cachers can't even rehide a cache back in the proper location. To trust them to move the key element of a puzzle back would be asking the impossible.
  3. I've hidden several caches using Arduinos. But mine are primarily multicaches and not mystery caches.
  4. Yeah, heaven forbid if a challenge was actually challenging.
  5. 1,379 DNF's for me as of today. But I am only 99.9% pure.
  6. I am not suggesting anyone leave their trash in the woods, ever. But I am pretty sure that if someone does leave their crap in the woods that it doesn't quite have the impact on the environment that some of you think it does. Let's be real here. By the reasoning ability of the typical person that claims to be an environmentalist, if you really wanted to save the planet, you'd all stop using your phones and shutdown the Groundspeak data center.
  7. Thank you. All very good. But this here is THE BEST piece of advice.
  8. Thanks. Looks like it just worked. At least it thanked me for my entry. Hoping I am on the list of possible cachers. :-)
  9. My first Adventure Lab went public a few days ago. Overall I like the idea, or specifically, I like the potential this may have in the future. The only complaint I have of the builder in its current state is that I wish the 1000 character limit was higher. I know the limitation is probably the smartphone screen size but perhaps a paging function would help get past that. Even a bump to 2000 characters would have helped my specific situation.
  10. I get web server error 500 when trying to Opt In.
  11. I am not arguing for or against new webcams really, even though I believe existing webcams should be made maintainable. And I know some would use privacy as the excuse. But the way I see it is, logging a webcam in and of itself is 100% optional. In this case, if you want your privacy then don't log the find.
  12. Why do we all feel a need to invent more things that serve no useful purpose? If a TOTT is required but you provide it, rate the difficulty and terrain appropriately and move on.
  13. Sorry, your cache is not my responsibility. If you can't maintain it then don't hide it.
  14. I revisit caches all the time and I either log a note stating such or I do nothing. And that works well for me.
  15. Wrong. Your signature is the minimum requirement for a paper log.
  16. These are my numbers.. Favorite Points: 1510 Awarded Points: 689 Remaining Points: 821 I am not stingy but only award them to caches that deserve it. One thing is for sure, some of you above ^^^ sure seem angry about the awarding of points.
  17. It may not be there and annoying if not. Just be sure you (the collective you) have checked the entire log front to back. In spite of it irritating 50% of you, I've been known to sign any open spot I found on the log minimizing how much "rolling and folding" has to be done to put the log back. There's is no rule that I am aware of that says I have to follow some order on the paper. Obvious my philosophy applies more to those evil micros that are everywhere and less so to larger caches where there's an actual, you know, log book.
  18. My favorite is.. "hidden joe-schmo style".. while visiting any locale foreign to me. Who the heck is joe-schmoe and how would I know how he hides.
  19. Doesn't that initiation happen when you view the premium cache? ;-)
  20. I suck at using the quoting.. there was nothing nefarious about it.
  21. Interesting. I didn't think my statement was that unclear but I suppose it could have been. I am an IT guy with a background in chemistry.. certainly not a wordsmith. I meant, a map filled with many multifaceted puzzles. I don't like multi-layered puzzles. And even worse are a bunch of multilayered puzzles littering my map that I don't want to solve for various reasons. LOL.
  22. I think the risk is being exaggerated somewhat. But personally I wouldn't worry so much about locking the cache shut but locking the cache in place.
  23. Still two months to go but thought I'd check my goals since someone refreshed the thread.. 1. Attain 1000 multicache finds (~200 to go) - SUCCESS 2. Complete the Wisconsin county blackout (3 counties to go) (it's not my home state) - FAIL 3. Get to 1000 counties found cache in (~185 or so to go) - EPIC FAIL 4. Add two countries to the found list - 50% but likely to end in FAIL <<< The Ireland versus Northern Ireland topic was my demise.
  24. I think the easiest way to conclude this ridiculously lame thread is just say.. If you need more favorite points, go find (10) more caches.
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