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  1. Anyone know if it's possible to access media properties in code? I can't seem to get Description or alt-text to work while in code. Media (image) description always returns an empty or nil value, even though it has a value in the Earwigo media properties. The media object itself does pass through as the image is shown in the MessageBox function call. function HitObstacle(points, media) Wherigo.MessageBox({Text='You hit obstacle ' .. media.Description .. '. You LOSE ' .. math.abs(points) .. ' points.', Media = media}) end
  2. bflentje


    The moment cellular phones and SMS texting were invented.
  3. bflentje


    Proper grammar helps too ;-)
  4. Maintaining a streak just isn't that important enough to change up my entire lifestyle for. If you have to cheat then what's the point? The moment one cheats the idea of a streak becomes completely 100% meaningless.
  5. Way to misguide noobie cachers with this complete platinum nonsense. Isn't this joke, what, 15 years old now?
  6. We don't need an attribute for virtue signaling.
  7. A very unnecessary off-topic rant. Why not just start your own thread.
  8. I encourage you to follow whatever philosophy that suits you. I won't judge you or jump to conclusions, and I for sure won't exaggerate a reaction to any of your posts. But for me and for those that think the same way as me, I won't be guilt-ed into maintaining other peoples caches when I have my own to worry about. But one thing is for sure (not directed at you), I will not be bullied into when or when not use NM or NA. I am pretty sure I have a good handle on when to "use those weapons that I have in my arsenal". :-)
  9. There's reacting to words and then there's jumping to false conclusions.
  10. Easily triggered? It was just a phrase. Please over analyze someone else's posts.
  11. For me there are two very important reasons.. 1. A cache owner agrees to take on the responsibility. Why should the rest of us have an obligation. 2. I find about 1250 caches a year. If I carried materials and stopped and repaired EVERY cache that needed it, that's all I'd be doing. When I was a younger and a newer cacher I used to have the same ideals. I'd carry baggies, logs, pencils, toys, until I realized I was footing the bill and wasting my time on things that others had an obligation to. My weapon is now NM and NA. It works for me. You do what works for you.
  12. That's when I will have the privilege to visit Spain again.
  13. Greetings my Spanish friends. I am surprised that there is not a geocache (or an earthcache) hidden here: N43.268097, W1.549786. Perhaps one can be hidden before October 2020 ;-)
  14. This. Or redesign the door so that paper can't be slipped in.
  15. Wasn't a joke. I was laughing at my own struggles.
  16. Was it Ireland or Germany? LOL.
  17. I wonder if this has anything to do with history and American sailors? BTW, I was an American sailor in Japan.
  18. I contend that if landscapers are finding your cache then you might be doing it wrong. LOL.
  19. Maybe I am not the best one to answer how to save money. :-(
  20. I am just wondering what you have against banjos and shotguns.. ;-)
  21. What I carry or don't carry shouldn't concern you. I realize that many of you like to sensationalize and exaggerate the posts of others just so you have an opportunity to extend threads for days and days but you all know I was referring to the notion of geocaching evolving into game that was predominantly or strictly required cell phone use. There is no doubt that the geo-stalkers here have already seen that my profile contains Wherigo and Adventure Lab finds.
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