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  1. HAHA Knowschad fanboy. Isn't his latest hobby woodworking?
  2. Probably not a world record for derailing a post but at least a weekly record for sure.
  3. THIS. Not crazy. I award favorites because they were my favorite. Not because I need to feel a phony sense of virtuousness for making someone else feel good by awarding an unearned favorite.
  4. I don't care about the relationship to challenges but I do think this might be one of the most useful suggestions to come out of the Geocaching Topics forum in quite some time. I'd use it as I pre-solve multicaches on many occasions.
  5. Oh good grief. If you met the challenge and there is no doubt as to the cache that owns the abandoned container, I say log it. Now go solve a third world problem instead of looking for a problem to shoe-in your ready made solution. ;-)
  6. This happened to me. Once I dumped all of my cookies it started working properly. Could be a coincidence but it's working now.
  7. Using a rare fringe example where the answer is obvious is a false argument. I've found MANY archived caches where the container was fully in tact with a viable paper log.. one as long as five years after archival. I get the feeling that someone left an archived cache in the woods and is upset because someone found it and logged it.
  8. Maybe. But a last will and testament to survivors containing your geocaching handle and password, and of course your intentions, would solve just about every possible problem arising from someone's demise.
  9. LOL. This. I pass more caches on a cache outing than I actually find. A sweet problem to have I guess.
  10. Late to the discussion.. I been busy. But they are your favorites and you get to do what you want. But I never would and consider it mean spirited. If you need more favorites to award then go find more caches.
  11. LOL. This is my favorite post of the day.
  12. First world problem. Just delete the message.
  13. Perhaps start a new thread about platinum membership instead of replying to my posts.
  14. Oh no, nothing I do is out of spite. I have a problem with the "designated experts" doing things out of spite.. such as deleting a legitimate Found It log or throwing around accusations of unbecoming behavior. And while you may post much more frequently than some, the content very rarely adds anything useful to the discussion.. which is why I rarely participate.
  15. Because if you're not first, you're last. The sweet thing is, the side game can be completely ignored if it doesn't suit your fancy.
  16. The future of our sport isn't helped by casting aspersions of vandalism by signing a bunk container and it certainly isn't helped with cache maintenance by the village. The best way to protect the game is to only hide something that you're willing and capable of maintaining yourself.
  17. A broken plastic container with a log so wet that it's unsignable, by a cache owner that 9 times out of 10 has left the game.. if that's vandalism, then I contend you just replied just to hear yourself talk. But with 10,000 more posts than me I should have expected that.
  18. If your log is mush and unsignable, I am signing the inside of the container with a Sharpie. My photograph will always provide proof to the appeals process. And while a favor to a delinquent cache owner every once in a while might be a nice thing to do, it SHOULD NOT BE THE NORM. Your caches are not my problem. If you can't maintain them then please stop hiding them.
  19. THIS. And worse, Premium Members that have been around for years that you'd think would know better.
  20. Anyone still mentioning the non-existent fabled platinum membership at this point just might have serious issues. But perhaps not as many issues as I have with actual reviewers publishing their own caches. Who reviews the reviewers...
  21. Those examples are not bare feet. Nice try though ;-)
  22. It should be a crime to post pictures of bare feet ANYWHERE on the internet.
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