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  1. This is not a question of ethics. Either log it or not. You've got my blessing to do either one with no hard feelings.
  2. Someone's got to be FTF. I've noticed the cachers in my area that hate FTF hounds are the other FTF hounds that consistently get there second. I am a FTF hound. And when I don't make it on time I have only myself to kick.
  3. A little presumptious, don't you think? It's an all-about-me world out there and I can apply it to your complaining and to the seekers of your caches. Consider cachers that do pocket query dumps and literally do unplanned drivebys seeking out caches near their route...
  4. I did the decoy thing last year and was finally stolen a couple weeks back. Search geocaching.com for "Foul Water".
  5. This was attempted in MN. Maud's Secret Library.
  6. In Minnesota, I've seen them on highways, sidewalks, and even near sewage pumping stations. There's a smaller X (about 5' across) on a sidewalk just a few blocks from my home.
  7. Conclusion understood. But I think what you might be asking for is a Web Service. Amazon.com has a web service for free use which is pretty darn cool.
  8. It'd be easier to search by cacher Posen.
  9. There are two types of people that have MySpace accounts. Pedophiles and people that want to cheat on their spouse. At least that's what my research is finding..
  10. Trip Computer menu, delete, gives you option to delete all waypoints, tracks, etc.
  11. Go textured paint. Even your Shale won't stay bonded very long with the elements and handling by fellow cachers.
  12. Something similar was done in the Twin Cities. Although the cache is no longer active. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...cb-6f7ba238f14e
  13. What kind of a car do you drive and where do you go jogging?
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